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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Noor

11 januari 2015

I have made New Year's resolutions and that means that I want to keep up with my diary better. However, I will not do that here. But I have created a special blog for this. From now on I'm going to write it at the blog of Noor. Work is still in progress there.

22 February 2013

I done something nice! We have been a few days to Switzerland. But this time not in the summer but in the winter. We drove a different route because Raya first had to run some laps on a show.
So I had not noticed that we were in Switzerland. Or did I? Because even during the show days I was completely happy. More happy than usual when we go away for a weekend.
It's like I realized that we had already been in my beloved Switzerland.

Me at Moosalp

After Raya had finished running laps we went to the Alps. At the moment we saw the mountains I could no longer sit in the car and I had to stand in the back. And Raya was the same.
We are very lucky with the weather. We had every day a cloudless sky. Sometimes the sun on the snow was a bit too much and Raya and I had to squeeze our eyes.

With Raya at Moosalp

But we didn't mind couse I found it totally awesome! Mom and dad haven't seen me so elated and joyful in years. I had to roll on my back every day a dozens of times. That's a sign that I show when I'm happy.
I had carried twigs and pine cones during our walks. And I was also very much frolicking with Raya. Then I bit into her legs and I jumped on her back. I was just another little puppy again. Mom and dad were so pleased about that.

View over Feschel

Raya occasionally thought: "What is wrong with Noor? Is that my girlfriend?" And then she stayed away from me a little but very often she found it funny that I was as mad as a hatter. Then she provoked me, which I could not resist.

I had to play so much with Raya!

Then we had a B&B room which consisted of a bedroom and a sitting room but there was no door in between. And the owner did not want us in the bedroom, and spread hairs on the carpet. So mom had put an overnight bag in the hole. And we did not go over it! That was a big surprise for mom and dad. We knew exactly that it was meant as a barrier and thus we remained to stand still in front of that bag if we wanted to see the bedroom.
What good girls we are!! Mom and dad are so proud of us!

The days were very tiring for me and dozing on the couch with dad is awesome!

15 January 2013

It's been a long time since I wrote in my diary. I had far too little time because I was very often to dog shows with Raya. That is always fun for me. Especially the attention and treats that I always get from everyone. Raya has done very well this year. The judges are usually very excited about Raya. But the spectators usually find me prettier than Raya. So it's good to come along with Raya, get lots of sweets and get lots of attention from all the people walking around there.


Furthermore, I am more and more talkative. Yes, I say something like: "Wha wha wha wha whoo whoo". That's because Raya always makes noises to get attention. She squeals and cries a lot. And she manages often to get hugs and cuddles by doing that. Well, of course I have to do the same than. And so I also talk in recent months.
If Raya then rushes to mom and dad I start talking. "Wha wha wha wha whoo whoo". Louder and louder. And than they laugh. And I always get attention too. Thus Raya and I are now two chatter-boxes.

With Raya in one of the many hotel rooms where we recently stayed.

Furthermore, mom and dad are really very proud of me. I can obey so well!! Luckily, I frequently am also really very opinionated. Otherwise they would think I was not a Pyrenean mountain dog.
If Raya and I are out we must always greet them when they come home by car. Then they open the gate, drive through, and then close the gate. So during that drive, there is a risk that we run on the road.
Therefore they always put us on leash and put us in the car. And than we need to sit in the car while driving through the gate. Raya must still do it that way but I did not feel like it any longer. So now they tell me that I must stay a little further on the path to sit and wait. Then they say "sit" and "stay". And I do that! If the gate is closed again may I come and get a hug.
But lately I do it all by myself. Then they arrive, and I'm all by myself in the middle of the path within about 20 meters from the gate. They can simply open the gate, drive through it and close it. All this time I sit there by myself until they call me. Just completely out of my own free will! Mom and dad are so proud of me. I look like a German shepherd, they say.

With mom and dad at the Belgium coast

And then I have been good this year New Year's Eve. Mom and dad did some things very differently this year. So we had no fireworks near our house and they did not watch the clock on the television at midnight.
I was stressed out all night but it turned out not bad. When in the distance the fireworks started I told them I wanted to lie on the bed. And that was good. So I was lying on the bed and watched an AC/DC concert. Mom and dad came regularly to look at me and I lay there quietly and later I went to sleep.
So I was not panicking like before. And this without pills and without thunder shirt, without therapy but simply all by myself. I am such a good girl!

Snow fun with Raya