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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Noor

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March 24, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a day. It was the second day in my life that I was alone in the house all day long. The cushions have exploded! So in the morning I got extra food because I would not have lunch that day. When I finished breakfast mommy and daddy were in the bathroom. Not much later they came back into the kitchen and I was eating my third sandwich. Suddenly there were three sandwiches missing from the kitchen and I had a very full mouth. Just like that, suddenly.
Anyway, it was on the second day in my life that I was alone in the house all day long. And the rings of my Bouncy Bone where out of stock. I didn't have much to do and was asleep really sweet and peaceful. And then suddenly, out of the blue, the garden cushions fell of a 1,80 mtr (6 ft) high cabinet and exploded when they hit the ground. That was a really loud bang! How is that possible, spontaneously exploding garden cushions?
When mommy and daddy came home in the evening they reacted even as surprised when they entered my room. I was very excited by their reaction. And then suddenly, just out of excitement, I tried to jump on the kitchen counter with four legs. And I succeeded.....just ...... not (yet). Yes, once upon a time….. you have those days .....

March 22, 2009

It's spring. And that means discovering new earth habitants: I do not go into the water insects. Bumblebees to hunt, ants that surprise you (and climb on your nose). And then all that poultry that flutters around. And suddenly two ducks landed in the pond, just when I was about to look at the fish. What a wonderful world!
And those toads. I also have to examine those. But they are poisonous. One time I was already shaking my mouth after I touched one. So now I may no longer go outside when it is dark. Playing with Anglade
Even the sun shines more often now and it's getting warmer. That means that the three of us are outside. I think that is so nice! I lay in the vicinity of the terrace and chew on a flowerpot. Or I'll be lying on the terrace with mommy and daddy. I really enjoy that. Oh, what a great season we'll get.
It is also nice that the door is more open now. I can walk in and out as I want. Or I lay with my head inside, and my buttocks outside.
Today I visited two colleagues. They are called Peluche and Anglade and they also have a website . Peluche thought that I am a little too young and too wild. Succeeded, succeeded, succeeded, succeeded! But Anglade is only twice as old as I am, which means 1 year old. So we played all the time together. We always tried to lift each others legs. We also ran on a beach near a pond. Anglade loves to bath, but fortunately she has not taught me that today. And I drank and drank and drank. So I peed and peed and peed. (Outside this time.) They have a stone fountain and a water pump with running water. I find that irresistible. At home I always drink from the fountain as well. Delicious!
Oh yes, and then a memorable event. After three months, I finally did it! I lay on the couch! I thought that I would succeed because mommy was never very convinced when she moved me away. In fact they think also that it is very cosy. Oh, I knew that for long. Now they are trying to tell me that I can only go on the couch when they are already on it. Yes, how long would they sustain?

March 15, 2009

Mommy and daddy think that I get more and more mature. I do not grow so hard in height anymore, but I grow in length and also my body shape gets more mature. It is now a bit difficult to determine the proper quantity of my food because I may not get fatter than I am right now. Yes, I am clearly in a different growing phase at the moment. I guard the house with my arrogant face
And my face looks mature at times and deliciously arrogant. The spots on my face are very dark so I do not always look friendly. But I am friendly though. My mom's markings were at its darkest at 5 months (according to the pictures) and later she became white, so mommy and daddy hope that I go that way too.
My behaviour is also more mature. I do not have to chew at mommy and daddy the whole day anymore. I can now keep myself busy pretty good. And I'm already a real outdoor dog. Outside I'm feeling very well. I prefer to be outside the whole day.
Then I stroll along my property, I go see if my girlfriend and neighbour Ishea is outside, and then we run together up and down along the fence. Or I am pruning some shrubs. Mommy read recently on various pages on the Internet that many of our plants are lethal like the laurel bush, holly, broom, ivy, foxglove, rhododendron, lily of the valleys and buxaceae. Would that really be true? We have half a forest of those and some of these things I have already chewed on. And my neighbors have been chewing them for years. But mommy hopes that I quickly lose my puppy habits because taking everything out is not possible.
And when I'm not playing outside then I lie at the door. My instincts tell me that this is the places where I should be. The front or back door, that does not matter. The back door is not as easy though since it opens towards the outside and sometimes they don't see my lying there. Ouch!
I also lie on the bed this week. And mommy and daddy did not realize that the door was open so I had a nice long time on the bed until I was finished. And when I was finished, there was nothing left of the quilt cover. And now there is an old red cover on the bed. That colour really does not fit the new interior, my mommy says. But what does that matter? Dogs are colour-blind to red. (But not blind to the colour red, so if I get another chance .......)

March 9, 2009

Knoet and IKnoet and I Saturday I visited my brother Knoet. He is 2 ½ weeks younger than me. Actually he is called Alta Colina's Iver Iskrem. Our mothers are litter sisters and we have the same dad. In Norway we played a lot together. But did I still recognize him? Mommy and daddy had previously said that it would be a sign of recognition if I would squeak. But I was not squeaking. But I still thought that it was very nice to see him. Knoet and IFrom the moment we saw each other, we no longer noticed the people around us.
But I have embarrassed my mommy and daddy as it suits a Great Pyrenees. Together with Knoet I knocked over a cup of tea twice, I have beaten a tooth from his mouth (which was already loose), and I peed in the kitchen 5 minutes after mommy and daddy said that I am housetrained. But that was after I had emptied half a rain barrel out of excitement. We have played for 3 hours. I just could not stop. Knoet could, but then Hissige (fiery) Hedvig jumped on his head everytime. Sometimes he really thought: "What did the cat drag in this time?" But later we went outside to play in the park. There was more space and we made good use of it. It was so cool!
In the evening I was so tired! Mommy and daddy went out to dinner and I was glad they did because now I was able to rest. The next morning I had to go to school. So busy busy busy. On Sunday I was so exhausted of this busy weekend. Mommy and daddy never saw me so quiet before.
But I find it very nice to have a brother in the Netherlands. I think I'm going to see him more often, because we are a nice set together they say. In my pictures and videos you can see more of this visit.

March 6, 2009

Don't tell me that these containers with heath bushes were for decoration? That looks bad in a forest! I know now what I want to do when I grow up. I want to start a demolition firm. Really nothing in the house is safe for me. I recognize everything that deviates from the normal. And I must examine it and test it for quality. Well, I have found nothing that can't be broken. But the best thing is that I'm big enough now to be able to reach anywhere except for the high cabinets in the kitchen. But they are not large enough to put everything on them. Mommy and daddy simply have not enough high storage places to secure everything. Even anything in the middle of our large and high dining table is reachable for me now.
And if it's not a demolition firm than I can even start a gardening business. It is spring, so pruning time. But I must still learn what shrubs should be pruned and what not. I have 6000 square meters (1,5 acres) of forest to cut. But those expensive garden plants that mommy planted last autumn to blossom in the spring, are picked out by me instantly. Oh should these not be pruned, then? Put a sign in then that says "Do not prune"! How else should I know? Oh, you say that I also eat the signs at the foot of the plants? Well, you should buy better quality then.

March 3, 2009

Last Friday, I was exactly 5 months old. There are still things that happen for the first time in my life. For the first time I have licked the plates on the sink. And a few days later for the first I have licked the plate that was left behind on the dining table.
I also drueled for the first time in my life. I really drueled very much, of excitement. That was when I was visiting La Joie Blanche. They have pups and we went to look at them together. But first, I got to know all the other dogs. Really big pyrs. One was my cousin Noël. And there were also Shanay and Romy with whom I ran around the garden. And Bjuly. She is already old and a bit sick. But when I was a little more accustomed I did tease her. But she didn't like that so I kept my distance. And the people who were there all wanted to pet me. They found me pretty sweet I think. And I was very brave and did explore the whole house.
We all went to see the pups
Then mommy and daddy went to see the pups. They were outside playing with their mama Dewi. I could not go there. Dewi doesn't like it when other dogs go to her babies. But I was allowed to look at the pups through the fence. I thought they were really cute. And thought that I was very interesting. They saw how they will look in 3 months. Well, then they still have to grow a little.
And then I went on a walk with Noël, Shanay and Gaida, and Chris and Marjolein and mommy and daddy. That was fun!
My ears are really getting worse. I find it so difficult to use them. But according to my teacher at dog school this is very normal for older pups. But on one evening, when I was about 20 meters from the house under the trailer, to hunt for hopping toads, suddenly pieces of food fell in my bowl. The windows and doors were closed but somehow I found the toads no longer interesting and I was at the door in 2 seconds. That will be telepathy since my ears are really bad, and that's the truth!

February 25, 2009

I have to write something about my morning ritual. I always sleep in the corner of my bedroom. I like to sleep late these days. I taught myself a method how I can do that very well. Actually I am not allowed on this couch. But as daddy is chatting too long with the neighbour outside then I grab my chance. If they come to wake me up then they have to sit down with their legs apart. I step with my feet on their shoulders and then I turn to the left so I'll be in their arms. On my back between the legs with my head and upper back in their arms. Then they have to put their hand deep into my mouth. And this way I can doze for 15 minutes on my back between their legs with their hand in my mouth. And that's not weird.
This week we had another morning ritual. Two nights in succession I had severe diarrhoea and had pooped in my room. It was even under the skirting boards. Also, I tried to get out so all the doors, walls, cabinets, freezer and window sills to 1,5 meters (5 feet) high were covered with poo smears. I have diarrhoea on and off for about six weeks now but there is a descending line. So after those two mornings, where they had to clean my room they brought my poopy away. The doctor has looked at it but there is nothing inside: Me no bacteria, no worms, no parasites. This confirms what mommy had already thought and that is that the large amount of antibiotics for my bladder infection have upset my belly. Mommy thinks that all the good bacteria are also dead now. So now I get probiotics in my food. The first days it got even worse but now I'm good for two days already. With Carnibest it was always better but the last weekend it was bad even with this raw meat. However, the vet said that I now have to eat Carnibest every day for a while. Great! And mommy and daddy call me a "Monday morning model" now. But I feel fit as a fiddle. I still have plenty of energy and I'm super happy. I have no problems but mommy and daddy have sometimes problems with me.
I didn't eat normal food for dinner in the past two days. They gave me rice with chicken and a hard boiled egg for my last meal of the day. That was to stop my diarrhoea in the night. And then I had to sleep in my bench with the door closed. The door of my bedroom stayed open and mommy or daddy slept in the living room. If I was going to cry than they could take me outside at night. But I (obviously) did not cry. My bowels are now good. But when they let my out of my bench in the morning than there was still this bed on the floor. Instead of dozing I flew to the bed. And then I lay wonderfully with my head on the pillow and under the blanket. Because that is how it should be done. That is how mommy and daddy lay in the bed.

February 18, 2009

I had a growth spurt last week. Mommy and daddy didn't notice it initially, because they see me every day. Computer Work But on Friday, they weighed me and I gained more than 3,5 kg (almost 8 lb) in 10 days. The next morning my collar suddenly didn't fit anymore. And on Sunday we went back to the dog school. They had not seen me in a week. Well, really everyone said something. The teacher checked my name, looked at me and said "wooow, she has grown!" Another person said that I became a totally different dog. A third one said that my head was completely changed, and someone else said that my coat was different. And one person said I'm just totally changed. And then there was someone who said that the markings on my face look different. And finally my friend the Leonberger came outside. Well, it seemed as if he was washed too hot. It was as if he had suddenly shrunk! The markings on my face are indeed darker again, mommy and daddy had noticed that. And when they looked at my coat, they saw that I indeed suddenly have adult "curls" in my hair on my backbone. Today I was weighed again and now I just gained 800 grams (28 oz) in 5 days.
I totally love dog school. I am so happy when we go there. Last Sunday we droveOn my outside sofa in the direction of my school and I became very impatient in the car. And when we were out I had to wheeze and pulled my leash to get to my friends as soon as possible. But learning new things is also good. I like to learn and I always pay very good attention in the lesson. Only last Sunday we had to walk on a frozen puddle. That was not good so we went to another part of the field. But I like to eat ice. So then I walked all the time with my nose on the grass to find new ice.
My ears get increasingly worse as I age. Especially the word "here" is sometimes difficult to hear. But yes, I am very smart. The teacher of my school said that dogs always get a treat when they listen. Even if it takes half an hour. Well, that is something that I did hear very well.
Another trick of mine is to pick the right moment. I find my own poo very tasteful. But mommy and daddy take my poo away immediately. So now I wait until they leave me alone and I quickly do a poo. Sometimes they manage to trick me. Then they hide in the garage for example and they come out as soon as I am busy. But I am smarter than they are. I now poo more often in places where only dogs can sit and where mommy and daddy just can not go. That is funny!
I think it is so great to be outside. I play with branches and see if the neighbours are outside. And I regularly look from the outside to the inside to see what mommy and daddy are doing. But I do not want go inside myself. And if they have lost me than nine out of the ten times I lie on my sofa on the porch. Wonderfully covered from the wind and the rain and still outside.

February 13, 2009

My teeth are beginning to fall out. Mommy thought one of these days: "What she is chewing now already?" I am quit big don't you think? And for the insiders: look at my arroundera. And than she reached in my mouth. You will not work again? And there she found a little molar. Now she bought a nice box to keep my milk teeth. Mommy and daddy are happy that they finally get rid of my sharp milk teeth.
I still grow larger and larger. I am now 57 cm (22 inch) and it goes on. To visualize: if I am on my four legs than I just have to lift my head a little to look on the dining table. Well, you will understand that arouses my curiosity. But that is the high table of 79 cm (31 inch). The computer is on an old dining table of 74 cm (29 inch). Well that is a piece of cake! I am now interfering with the typing work and hammer with my feet on the keyboard.
And then we have a sideboard. That is 1 meter (39 inch) high. Since this week I can jump on it with my front legs. So I have viewed all the family pictures.
I had already discovered the window sill of my bedroom. I can now watch my mommy and daddy go to work.
Today I was on the moor with my daddy. I had so much energy that we have been there twice. And I have a made a friend. It is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and we played until my tongue hung under my feet. That was so cool!

February 8, 2009

December 2008: a vague and blurred glimp of the Little China Girl As you get older there are always things that happen for the first time. This week I cuddled up against my mommy for the first time to have a good nap. Previously, of course I also went to her a lot but now I really slept against her for a long time. So cozy!
I have finally found something to keep my busy, long and safe, while mommy and daddy are working: a Bouncy Bone (in the largest size) And this morning I slept late for the first time. Until 8 o'clock! Previously I always jumped up fast when they entered my room in the morning. But now I stretch myself out a little extra. I like to sleep late more and more.
I have really guarded the house for the first time. The neighbour walked over the meadow and I really felt that I had to chase him away. You can watch a movie of that and hear my amazing strong voice. And there were also men who returned the repaired sofa. Well, my mommy had a hard time holding me, because I felt I had to examine those men. Once the sofa was in place I could. I also immediately jumped on the sofa to show: this is mine, not yours!
Unfortunately, there are also things that disappear. But they go so slow that you do not know when they were there for the last time. My mommy and daddy find it a pity that the Little China Girl went away. That was my smile by which I greeted them. I made slit-eyes and pulled my nose so I got apple cheeks. I mad a very round nose that way. But my face is matured and the Little China Girl is gone. We never really could make a good picture of it.

1 February, 2009

Since last week I have an extra gear. First I was just full speed ahead, or fast asleep. Now I can be quiet and look around. I can only do that outside. Inside I don't like that yet. But inside, I also do very well. Mommy and daddy are constantly telling at each other: Walking on the moor without a leash "She is doing so well!" As if that is something special!
Look how well I can run if I need to come here. And I lick my lips too because I know that I get cheese. They think that my toddler-puberty is over. But everyone warns them for my real puberty. Fortunately that is still a long time from now. I will than forget about thing that I do know now. Such as come here when I am called. And I can now walk independently during a walk.
Daddy had first tried it on Thursday when mommy was working. Mommy is such a woos, she would never had allowed it. My daddy has practiced it on the open moor which has a good overview. So when mommy knewthat I can do it she tried it on Friday. And that went well! So on Saturday we went back. I always keep my mommy by my side. And if I'm walking away then she turns around and she walks the other way. Then I think "Oops" and I quickly run after to her. And than I get cheese. Yammie! Daddy has made a movie about how well I do. You can see that at my videos .
And oh yes, my bladder infection now seems have cured. Sometimes my mommy and daddy really have to encourage me to do a pee. Sometimes I still pee inside but mommy and daddy always know what the reason is. If I have to wait for my food in the kitchen than that is a good reason to hold my pee. But then as I filled my stomach than it really should suddenly get out. I do not know so well how I have to say that I have to go outside. And if I try to say that, they do not understand what I say, those dumb people.

January 27, 2009

I am completely wet from falling in the pond Hip hip hurray! Today I am exactly 4 months old!
There are no strange cells found in my pee. So now I must still finish my antibiotics. Well, let's do that. My mommy thinks that maybe this antibiotics could help. Let's hope!
Then something of my bench. Previously when I was still young, when I was three months old, we had borrowed a bench. I found that a very nice bench.I always got in there when the door was open. So we bought a new bench. And an all-weather bench cushion because I still do a pee sometimes. But this new bench, I do not like it. I like to sleep in the corner now, on the tiles with my legs against the wall. When I drink a lot it is still difficult for me to hold my pee. But I will not do that where I sleep. And so now I do my pee-pees in the bench. I do not see that as a bed but as a dog toilet. Therefore mommy and daddy: "Thank you for buying me this nice toilet with a special pee-proof cushion.
And today I finally fell in the pond. There was a very thin layer of ice on it and I thought I could stand there. Well, no! I plunged into the water. It was no ice! It was just fake ice. It scared me a lot, and my mommy even more and she was ready to dive in there. But that was not necessary. Because now I've proven that I can swim! Mommy and daddy have always thought that there would come a time that I would fall in. And now they hope that I am so shocked that I've learned my lesson and never like to swim again. Well, time will tell.

January 25, 2009

A difference of just 7 weeks Unfortunately we still do not know the results of the tests. But my mommy thinks that I'm doing better already. I have new antibiotics. They had still found coli bacteria in my pee. They should actually already be dead from the previous antibiotics but they are persistent. Just like me, so that suits me. I think it is not so good, for such a young dog to have so much antibiotics, but we certainly do not want it to spread to my kidneys.
And the laboratory said that they had found "some cells". My doctor was angry because you send the urine to the lab to actually know which cells. Monday I get to hear more from that. Hopefully, they are just normal inflammatory cells. The doctor thought there is not much chance that they are other cells.
Yesterday I was a lot outside. Sometimes I was alone outside for an hour. And mommy and daddy did nothing because they were peeping through the windows all the time to see what I was doing. And then I went inside to rest or eat. And then outside again. And I have helped my daddy with gardening. He had to sigh a lot. Would that be a good sign? I also enjoy playing outside with mommy and daddy. And you know what is so striking? This was the first day that I was not nibbling at my mommy and daddy. The great outdoors give me psychologically everything I need.
Today, I went to school for the first time. I thought that was quite cool. I wanted to play with other dogs all the time. Mommy's hands are all red because I had to pull my leash so hard. And you know what is so much fun with this school? The dogs never do anything wrong! If the dogs do not do an exercise well enough than that is because the owners are so stupid to teach them the wrong way. Then, the owners get comments from of the teacher. The dogs never. The dogs just get cheese and cookies. Well, I hope that we often go to that school. You can see a movie of this day at my videos .

January 21, 2009

There seems to be nothing wrong with Me in my forestme. Digging holes My pee-pees and poops are just right. I have pills for my bowels and I have painkillers. And we already have the result that there are still bacteria in my pee. No inflammatory cells, but bacteria, so that is strange. They have now sent it to the laboratory to study the bacteria to exactly know how to kill them. Hopefully tomorrow we will finally know what is wrong with me. From the outside, you notice nothing about me but from the inside it is still not quite right. But the advantage is that I may eat Carnibest every day, because many people say that this is very good for dogs. And I like it a lot. Jammy!
I play, run and rest and I am very naughty. I can now also take stuff from the table and bite it. Fun! And I also grow psychologically. I now arrived at the stage that I think that I'm the boss sometimes. So when my mommy took my bone away from me I bit and growled to her. Yes, I'm really a Great PyreneesEven before she really could grab my neck, I ran away. Yes, she had not expected that. Then my mommy and daddy had to work real hard to it get out of my mouth. It seemed as if it was stuck. And when it finally did, I still had to lie on my back. Oh my! What a fuss they make of this. Today, my mommy gave me another bone and took it away again. I was not amused but I kept my mouth shut. And then I got it back.
And today I have played a lot outside. Digging holes. There is anything and everything underneath the soil. And it smells so good! I have to dig deeper and deeper. And then drudging with my nose. I look like a truffle digging pig.
And I remain jumping on the couch where I am not allowed. And than I get attention, an I do it again. And than I get attention and then I do it one more time. And so on and so forth. And now they think that they have invented something new. They say nothing when I lie on the couch. But they go lie in my bed and hope that I will do too. And then I get attention. Well, I just pretend that I do not understand this and I play the game along with them….this week.

January 19, 2009

Well, well, well. It was a strange week. From Monday to Friday I had to walk on my leash all the time. And I became very frustrated from that. Mommy and daddy then decided on Saturday morning to open the pond with a slash hammer. The ice was still 5 cm (2 inches) thick after a week of melting. But since they have broken it the melting goes faster and I may go off my leash again. I had to see immediately how it all was and with my leg I touched the water. But I cannot go under the ice now. So I can be loose again! I celebrated with lots of madness on the grass.
Well, and then my health problems. It causes my mommy and daddy a headache. On Monday after I got no more medicine and my bladder infection got worse from Wednesday on. And on Friday it was all bad. Many pees inside and even more small ones or nothing outside. So on Friday I got my painkillers again and immediately it went quite well. But on Friday I got diarrhea which got worse. And now I also have to sit down at dinner. And I do eat a lot slower than usual. What is wrong with my?
In my 'Sabro Kudde', with my mommy and a good sleep on the door mat

And today I had a bladder puncture. I did not know what it was but if I had known then, I had never agreed with it! First I've got no food this morning. I thought that was strange. And so I did not drink. And my mommy had me let me outside after 7, so at 9 I did a pee in the house. Then I was obliged to drink. But when we were at the doctor at 10 I still had too little pee in my bladder. And therefore I had to stay there! They put me in a cage and my mommy went away. I was crying so hard that my mommy heard me in the waiting room. But it made no sense that mommy waited until my bladder made a pee. It could even take half a day the doctor said. At noon my mommy could come and get me. I was so glad when she was back.
Then I finally got to eat, and since then I sleep. I am completely exhausted of all the emotions. The doctor had said that he had seen something on the echo that should not be there. But that could be anything. So that is still scary.
This afternoon the doctor called again. There are no inflammatory cells in my pee that was achieved directly from my bladder. So the inflammatory cells from the soup spoon pee, might be of a little uterine inflammation, which often occurs in pups. And I seems that I have giardia parasites (or something) in my bowels. But those results where vague and therefore it is not certain. This is something that is also quit common in pups. So there is a big chance that the doctor saw my slightly swollen bowels on the ultrasound. And now my pee is still being examined by the doctor and in Utrecht. Because it is a bit strange that with just painkillers I'm fine and I do have signs of a bladder infection without them. Especially now that I show no inflammatory cells have my pee. So I probably have a few normal things all at the same time that's been making it very scary for my mommy and daddy. At the end of the week I get the results of my urine analysis. And hopefully we will finally know what it is.

January 14, 2009

Running through my forest together Time flies. I'm already more than a month in the Netherlands. Lana visited me last Sunday. I can still learn a lot of Lana I thought that was nice! Lana has stayed here when I was still a very small baby in Norway. So Lana was thought it's very weird that I live here now. But she tolerated me and we enjoyed running in the snow together and walked on the moor. That was very pleasant. I also took very good notice about what Lana was doing. I can still learn a lot of her when it comes to chewing branches, digging and backrolling. And she bought me a lot of toys and sweets. Later, I am also going to visit Lana. I'm going to do my best to make us best friends. Even more pictures of Lana's visit to me you can see in the photo album of Lana's mommy and daddy.
And since Monday it's thawing. I have to walk on my leash all the time. Even on my own property. That is because the pond is defrosting Lana, I copy you exactly and I may not go there until it's completely water again. Well, I think that really sucks! I want to be loose! And run! Walking on the moor with Lana and Merel
For the rest I'm doing great. There is only one small downside. After my antibiotics, I still have inflammatory cells in my urine. Nobody knows where they come from. So I still have a bladder infection. But it is weird that it hardly shows, only in my pee. For the rest everything is well. Sometimes I still do much pee-pees but than none for hours and I can stop my pee if necessary. It's a mystery for my mommy and daddy (and for the veterinarian as well at the moment) and they don't know what they should think of this. In about a month I go back for another check-up.
I still think that my mommy and daddy are very sweet. I load them with licks, bites, scratches and nibbles. Ears, noses, chins, hands and toes are a favourite. And they should not nag that they look so wounded sometimes. These are just signs of love.

January 10, 2009

Interesting, this open windowRunning in the snow I still have much fun in the snow. I can now sit in front of the door and look very sad. Then often I may go outside to play in the snow.
Mommy and daddy have replaced one good chair for an old one already to safe it from later destruction. And it appears that this old seat fits very good around my body. I can sleep so nice in there. It stands in front of the window in the sun. Actually I may not lie in it but I do this in such a cute and sweet way that I'm on the winning hand.
Unfortunately, my mommy and daddy get to know how to deal with me much better now. They try to raise me into a civilized dog. Well, that will not happen. I promise.
However, I now have learned the command "lie down". I think it's a very difficult exercise. I must dive away from the cheese that I actually would like to have. But the compliments and the cheese of course, make that I am going to lie down.
But they are the happiest with the way I react when I'm called to "come here". I fly as a white cannonball through the woods to "come here" as soon as possible. The fact that I always get a piece of cheese really has nothing to do with it.

January 5, 2009

In the snowI can guard! From today, I can guard. Yesterday I could only bark but now I guard. The difference is in your throat. First, I did small barks, for instance when a trailer was driven on the property. Or if I had to talk to the neighbours. Or if I want to challenge my mommy and daddy. But it was the sound of a puppy "weef-weef-weef". But now it is suddenly In the snow"Wrrrroef" from my throat. I do not yet exactly know what I need to guard. But I find it an interesting sound so I am just acting like I see something out there. Then I go to the door and I say "Wrrrrrrroef. And if I may go outside I walk with my tail up and say "Wrrrrrrrroef. And I get a lot of compliments.
And then there is also a thick carpet of snow. It looks like Norway! Yesterday there was nothing so that was really a great surprise this morning. It seems very familiar to me and I love it! Then I dig myself in with all of my snout. And because it's so good to have fun in the snow, it is hard to listen when they call me.

January 2, 2009

We love eachotherWell, I have a good start of the new year you might say! I appear to have a bladder infection. My mommy was already suspicious before but they don't know me that long yet. What is normal pee behavior in a puppy that needs to be housetrained? And they thought that I might also pee because I want to tell that I live here. You don't know huh? And on other days and times, I don't need to pee that much. But this morning my mommy followed me with the soup spoon. No problem. I filled it all the way up. Then she took it to the doctor. And now I have pills. At least so they call them, but I think it's just cheese. Daddy and mommy are very proud of me that I pee so little inside while I'm a puppy with a bladder infection.
Furthermore, I have finally discovered something that I am afraid of. This is fireworks. Not the sound. They don't bother me at all. Mommy and daddy could easily walk me in a residential area while everywhere around us loud bangs where heard. So they decided at 10:00 pm, when there was no-one in the street, to lit a couple of rockets and fireworks fountains. But even at a good distance I found that really scary. So when midnight came, I was fine that my daddy was outside to lit the fireworks while I stayed in the house. That was no problem but I do not want to look at them out on the street. I absolutely don't see what is so festive about that.

December 30, 2008

I had a lovely day. Yesterday, mommy and daddy didn't have to grumble. I'm (temporarily) a bit calmer and do not have to be naughty all the time. With cousins Celice and Caitlin But that does not mean that I do not have pranks. My toys run out quickly. I find everything that is made of cloth delicious. I can now bite with my corner teeth. That makes a wonderful crispy sound and it ruins everything in minutes. Then I just chew on the cloth. Unfortunately, they rapidly take it out of my mouth.
And outside it is now clear and freezing. I like that very much. I can already tell that I want out and then I play until I drop. Meanwhile, I am now so far that I've explored all the corners of my forest. And I think it is time to go walk outside of the gate.
Last Sunday, I was again abroad. All the way in Belgium. That's where my cousins Celice and Caitlin (and the rest) will soon live. And I may already come and try the large garden. I thought that was totally cool. And I am not impressed by the size of the two cousins. I am very bold and jump on top of them. The three of us played and ran like crazy. And if they got cookies than I jumped in between. And I did not get a bite of Celice. She even didn't want that Caitlin corrected me. My mommy and daddy had hoped that Celice shut me up but Celice has a lot of patience with me.

27 December, 2008

Today I am exactly three months old. And I'm starting to learn all kinds of things.
May I go outside? I'm learning that I Every object is a toy can sit in front of a door and than it automatically opens. I have already said once that I should be out for a pee.
And I learn that the green couch is for dogs. If I jump on to it they let me. I put all my toys on that couch now. And if I'm tired than I am going there to sleep. It is a pity though that the guardrail so high. I have to lay my head so high now.
I also learn to talk. I am beginning to make many different sounds. And sometimes, if I want something, then I look at my daddy and mommy and make Walking on the moor silly sounds. They have to laugh then.
I hope I will learn to fly one time. They have very many birds here. And they even feed them. Sometimes there are a hundred birds. I want to get them but then they always fly into the air!
At Christmas we went for a hike for the first time. I can still only hike for 15 minutes they say. But that is not easy. If you go to the moor, for example, than it is 7 minutes there and 7 minutes back. Then we don't even get on the moor. And I actually think that it is so interesting. I run in front on my leash to see and sniff everything at once.
And I've learned to be very mischievous. If I do something that is not allowed, then I do it again and again and again. And then I look at my mommy and daddy and then I do it again! See what they do. I would like to know if I have easy or difficult parents. And the attention that I get! Huge! So it works. Yes!

24 December, 2008

Tonight I have grown a crucial centimeter. And that means that I suddenly behave differently than yesterday. I can suddenly see everything that is on the coffee table…and I can take it. Especially the remote control of the satellite receiver is very interesting. The other one does not fit in my mouth. Not yet.
Suddenly I can jump on the couch And then suddenly I climb on the green couch. Just suddenly, not yet yesterday. And that's good because the green couch is the dog couch. And I think that is cool! Way cool! Then I make acrobatic movements and I fall with my head on the ground. But I have to watch out for my hips as my daddy and mommy tell me. Yes, they are really pleased with such an enterprising and reckless puppy.
They measured me today. My height is 46 cm (18 inch). Oops, that's a lot for a 12-week old dog. My grandfather and grandmother also noticed that I've really grown a lot. I looked it up in a book and I've already exceeded one third of the adult dogs.
Now I have been here for a couple of weeks and I'm settled so my habits start to show. Coming to rest in the bench I prefer to sleep on the mat at the front door. And in the evenings next to the couch with my mommy. And in the scullery, I lie in the bench. If the door is open than I walk in there myself. And at night, the door is shut.
On unsupervised moments I try to go into the bathroom. Because there is a high pole bath mat. That is absolutely irresistible. And if that fails then I chew on the bows of the laundry basket. I also find bra's irresistible. But I find it strange that these things are so expensive and are of so poor quality. Three chews and the band is through!
Yes, today there is something in me that is changed. I don't know what it is but it drives me crazy! I ran through the forest haunted by a flashlight. I grabbed everything I could and chewed that in half. Indoors went totally mad. I did everything that I was not allowed to do. And it looked at my mommy and daddy in a very challenging way. I could not stop myself. Then my mommy has me put in the bench and sat there with me. Well, that finally helped. I was very tired.

21 December, 2008

Today I went to kindergarten for the first time. I will go to the real school in January. I thought it was really very interesting. Totally cool! Me with a few new friendsAnd the amount of attention that I had ..... huge! My daddy and mommy had to tell ten times what breed I am. And the teacher asked if I would run a bit so she could admire my beautiful body. And I was by far the largest of all the puppies in class.
But I had no time at all for the exercises that I had to do. I had to listen to my name "Noor" by looking at my mommy. But I always looked up to the teacher. The teacher said that my mommies biscuits were not good enough. But that was not the case. It's just that I already know my daddy and mommy. And all these other people and dogs are new to me. Why then would I go look at my mommy? The rest is still much more interesting! And then there was an exercise that the teacher held me and when I was released I had to run to my mommy. But I ran directly to that nice man that had pet me all the time.
See, I did learn a lot of pyr-behaviour already. I am really good at embarrassing my mommy and daddy.
Finally we could play freely. According to the teacher I am a very social dog and I always jump in between two other dogs that play too rough with each other and one cries. He called me the policewoman of the whole gang. My mommy does not know whether she agrees with this but I think it is a very nice compliment.

20 December, 2008

I'm now in the Netherlands for about two weeks and I'm starting to become a challenge. I feel at home here and therefore I am full of confidence. That means I think that I can also make my own decisions. For example, my mommy once already lost me. I was just outside in the forest but because They have a really wonderful coffee table, exactly the right sizeI'm quite small she couldn't see me that well. It scared her a lot. Nonsense of course!
And then my eating habits. My mommy almost got a heart attack recently. She found strange things in my poo. Such as a piece of iron wire, but later she saw that it was just the plastic shell. And quit a sharp little stone, but that may also have been in the shoulder of the road when she picked up my poo. And might only just seemed that I had eaten it. But they don't know for sure.
But it is certain that I do occasionally scatter twigs and leaves and eat them. Food is my greatest passion at the moment The vet says that I must unlearn that. But how? And what do you do with a puppy in the woods? And then I think my own poops also are particularly good. I prefer to eat them just as they are fresh. So now my mommy and daddy take them immediately after they fall down. That's not fair!
Maybe I'm just still hungry. Because I eat my food like a maniac. While I have no competition over it or anything. And I get enough they say .... but I think that is not the case! After I finish my meal, the first thing I do is to stand on the kitchen counter to see if there is still more. I'm happy that I'm already large enough to put my front legs on the counter.
And when daddy and mommy came back from the store they found a few drops of blood in the scullery. And blood stains on the wall, door and light switch. But they saw no wounds anywhere on me, so it must have been a very small accident. I cannot tell them. But through the window they saw my jumping against the door to get out. And they even did their best to make the scullery completely puppy-proof already.

18 December, 2008

I'm quite fond of my daddy and even more of my mommy. But I This looks more dangerous than it is but I cannot deny that I am dominantlearn that I can be alone for a while as well. Outside in my forest I think it is not a problem if they are not around all the time. Occasionally I wander away from them because otherwise they watch me the whole time. But I've also been alone in the scullery for a few times already. In the beginning I was a little scared but that was over soon.
And now I've been alone in there a couple of times for one or two hours. And as far as my daddy and mommy can tell that went very well. Only the light in the scullery always switched on miraculously. The fact that the doorknob is just next to the switch and that there are a few scratches on the door have absolutely nothing to do with it. That is pure coincidence. Right? And when I hear footsteps outside on the porch then I already sit upright.
And today, my mommy showed me at her work. I showed them my quietest and cutest side. But I'm still a puppy so I embarrassed my mommy by doing a pee on the carpet. And when my mommy had to use the bathroom without me I stayed quietly in the office waiting until she was back.

14 December, 2008

My mommy and daddy think that I already feel at home here. I think that my large forest is really cool! And every day I expand the circle around my house and I discover it a little further.
I'm super lively and have a passion for discovering all kinds of new things. And afterwards I have to dream a lot. Me and Finn I almost fell into the pond. My I have to learn that when I stick my head through something that it also will have to go back mommy really hopes that I will fall in and that I will be so afraid that I never come near again. Well, nice of her!
And sleeping also goes very well. At night I have to sleep in a cage. They call it "bench". Then I learn to hold my pee. The first night my mommy slept on the couch. At first my bench was next to the couch. That went well. Then my bench was in the kitchen. That went well also. But then my bench stood in the scullery. I was crying very hard. Two nights I cried very hard for a few times. This gave my mommy time to think during the night about what was going on. And only then she figured it out. We do not live in the scullery. We live in the living room, we live in the kitchen and hobby room and even in the bathroom. But we do not live in the scullery. Nobody lives there and I should sleep there? No way!
So then my mommy put a garden chair in the scullery and sat in there reading every now and than. And sometimes we go there to play. And if my daddy and my mommy tuck me in at night then they sit chatting until I sleep. And since then I sleep like a baby. My mommy can now again sleep in her own bed without me having to cry. I had to tell them that for two nights before they finally understood it! They are so dumb, these people! That is just my bad luck, having these dumb people ...

10 December, 2008

I'm now a few days in the Netherlands. Me and my handbag Oh my, how my life is changed in such a short time! It's just unbelievable. I live in a forest that is so large that I still haven't seen all of it. But every day I explore it a little further. I chew on everything that grows and that scares my mommy My favourite toys: pine cone and dry leaf since she doesn't know whether I might get ill of some plants.
And I have already received many visits of a lot of people who think that I am very cute and very naughty. And I got a lot of presents. My mommy gives me only a few toys every day because otherwise it is really too much for me.

And I also went to the market, to the store and into the library. And everywhere there are people who want to pet me, big people, small people, children. In the beginning I was a bit scared of all that attention and had to shiver a bit. But later I ran in front of my mommy in the city, because I liked it that much. And in the pet shop I've played with an adult dog that was even smaller than I am. And I could choose a toy myself to play with in the back seat of my mommies car.

We have a pond! I even got a real Christmas package! But that traffic here in the Netherlands. Boy is that busy! Trucks still scare me. But I found it interesting as well. Then I sat on the pavement to watch. And my mommy was standing next to me. And for about 10 minutes we watch the traffic go by. And every time I see something new (such as screaming youth on a scooter, a truck, a tractor) than I fear it for a moment and I run away. But my run stops suddenly because I am on my leash. And then I'm curious again and I go see what it was that actually scared me so much.

And then something about pee-pees and poopoos. I always put my poopoos exactly along the fence that is bordering my property. And then my daddy and mommy jump of joy. Weird people!
I pee inside only a few times. And that is always because my mommy and daddy did not pay attention. Because I can already take a pee on command when I am outside. YES AFTER THREE DAYS I CAN TAKE A PEE ON COMMAND! My daddy and mommy cannot believe it. Then my mommy says "Noor, do pee-pee." And sometimes immediately or after a few minutes I am going to sit and watch my mommy's pocket while I pee. Because I know that a treat comes out of there when I'm done.

December 7, 2008

Yesterday was the big day for me. Farewell to my mother I said goodbye to my mother and brothers and sisters. Two people came all the way from the Netherlands to pick me up.
I had to come with them in the back seat of the car. Enjoying the Norwegian snow for the last time There were all kinds of toys. At first I had to cry a little. But that lasted only for a few seconds. I also did two stress-pee-pees on the papers in the car. But after an hour I thought that it was all fine. My mommy was sitting next to me in the back seat and I cuddled up against her, very cosy. Every hour we made a stop and I did a pee-pee. Then my daddy and mommy were very enthusiastic.
And I haven't been sick in the car at all. I thought it was actually fun to drive in the car. Nice cuddling and playing in the back seat. And great sleeps with my legs up against the backrest. Or what about the armrest that you can use as a headrest. Cool man.

I'd also spend a night in a hotel. Sleeping in the car There I had to sleep in a bench. I cried a little but that didn't help. Therefore I stopped doing that.
I found it very scary to walk along the reception. So my mommy and daddy carried me along. That felt a lot safer I must say.

Crazy in Germany And I had a very good play in the snow. That was still in Norway. There was 8 inches of snow. I thought that was awesome!
And later I thought it was great to lie down on my back and roll around in the grass at every stop we made. And I chewed on all the twigs that I could find. Boy, I am glad that I am going to live in a large forest.
In the evening I arrived at this big house. I did not even view all rooms. I thought that was really too much for the first night. And they have a lot of large windows. Nine of them next to each other and all the way to the ground. It was dark inside and the lights were on and every time I walked by a saw a dog! Sometimes two or three of them at once. He was in those large windows! I had to bark at him the whole time.
Furthermore, my daddy and my mommy bought me a lot of toys. And even an expensive Kong. But the coolest toys I have are the dry leaves, twigs and pine cones from my forest.