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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Noor

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September 13, 2009

The watering can and me, free in the woods It's really impossible for me to keep quiet. Although I do not mind being in my cage too much, but once I'm out I am so very energetic. I have to just really play. And mom an dad do not have the energy to always keep me calm. So basically I have much more energy than they have.
But if I am out of my cage I want to play or just lie on the couch and enjoy myself.
When I walk on my leash sometimes I quietly walk along with mom or dad and one-tenth of a second later, out of nothing, I jump and dance.
Mom and dad do no longer panic at each jump that I make so that helps. But when The watering can and me, free in the woods I'm too wild they still grumbling at me. And that just makes me wilder. And then I usually have to go back in my cage.
But there are also times when I can be pretty quiet. And then I go into the woods. Well, not in the whole forest. They have fenced off a little area for me. And there they The watering can and me, free in the woods stay very close to my. But if I can play nice there, than it is not necessary for me to run around. And am I so happy that I finally just can be free! And that makes mom and dad very very happy too.
So I recently rediscovered my watering can. That was the watering can that I always played with when I was a small puppy. Back than it took about a month to break small pieces from it. Now it took ten minutes before it was completely in shreds. But I had so much fun!

Do you know that mom still keeps a diary about my condition? Here is the diary of mom and dad.

September 4, 2009

At daddies office My days are not very exciting lately. I do exactly the same thing every day.
But today was different. And I really noticed that from the start. you can't fool me! At daddies office Daddy acted quite different when he prepared to go to work. And before he went off to work he lifted me in the car. And my bench was there, and a big shopping bag full of toys, my drink bowl and the camera.
Today I went working for the first time, earning my own bucks. I had to guard the office of my daddy. Almost all colleagues of my daddy were out on a day trip so daddy was almost alone in the office. Therefore I kept him company. And of course guard the office. The one man who still worked today and unsuspecting came into my office scared himself a lot. Because I barked against him very loud. At daddies officeUnfortunately I was in my bench at that moment. But I was soon let out and then I jumped on the man. Of course I as not allowed to do that, but I don't care. The man thought that I was pretty big when I looked him in the eye.
And when a business relationship was on the phone with daddy I started crying because I was in my bench. What would the man on the other side of the line have thought about this sound?
And here I also know exactly the best place to sleep: under the desk, just like home. Only here it is at the feet of my daddy.
And then of course I have sniffed all around the office. Every paper I checked. Well you get very tired of that you know.
When I got home I could barely greet my mommy, but that was it. And I didn't mind that I had to go in the bench because I was so tired. I had a really long sleep before I was ready for my dinner again.
So now mommy and daddy know what to do to get rid of my energy. Bring me to a new place every day where I never have been before.

August 28, 2009

Mommy and daddy find me one weird chick. Well thank you. I may sometimes be a few hours out of my bench. Usually I am pretty calm. Especially in the morning and evening. And then I look at a nice place to lie down. And that's under the computer table. OK, that spot has the same size as the bench. Yet it is quite different though. You just do not understand that.
You can often find the feet of my mommy there. So therefore I think this is a very important spot. And even if she's not there then I lie there while it is delicious. But not too long. Because I must check regularly where my mommy is.
My daddy is also very nice. The days are already shorter and the last walk is on him. Because when I walk in the dark I am more alert. And then sometimes I hear a cat or dogs. And then I have to protect my mommy. My daddy can take care for himself a little better and with him I am not so very fanatical.
But when I recently came out of the gate and up to 7 neighbouring dogs started talking to me from different sides, even my daddy had trouble to keep my legs quiet.

August 20, 2009

Top 3
After so many days in my bench I can deduce a top 10 of toys that keep me busy. (And you can see, the tastier the better.) Main criterion is how long I can keep myself busy with it. (Not in order of calorific value). And we have a shared 3rd place.
But to be honest, after so many days in my bench nothing is really fun anymore. There are days that I simply have no desire for toys and I just cry a lot because I want out of this cage.

1. Dried beef chin XL
2. Kong with chunks of dry food and melted cheese
3. Dried beef chin half
3. Stuffed marrow pipe (long and narrow rather than short and wide)
5. Large pieces of Rawhide (from Farmfood mostly)
6. Kong with rice-liver ice
7. Bristle Bone*
8. Bouncy Bone*
9. Dried piece of meat (lamb ear, lung, etc.)
10. Nylabone*

Bouncy Bone and Bristle Bone I knew already and were therefore a little less interesting. Nylabone is really not fun at all.

And now you think of course, rehabilitation = snack. But that is not true. Rehabilitation is snack, rest, walk, eat, sleep, and lie. Really, só boring!

August 15, 2009


In the absence of tripe my mommy thought of a different Ice Kong for me. She starts to be really creative. Here's the recipe:
Stamp a significant quantity "Jean Peau rice drops". Mix with a tablespoon liver spread. Knead with the hands until a nice dough and plug it in the Kong. Then put it in the freezer for a while. Mommy froze it for about one hour but I had fnished it quickly. It was very nice!
So if it is frozen longer than it might be harder and not so easy to finish. They say that you need to wash down a frozen Kong to avoid a frozen pasted tongue. But this one was not so cold.

August 14, 2009


Look how beautiful I represent the Dutch Red-White-Blue with my new Kong and new T-shirt. Nice! The recipe remains the same because it still tastes good. In the weekend mommy might think of something else. Tomorrow perhaps a frozen one because tomorrow will be hot.
And then my mommy is really surprised by my intelligence although that should be common knowledge. I have discovered that if I got my Kong in my mouth, and move it up against the bars of my bench and then drop it, that sometimes pieces will fall out. And so I am now with great regularity scratching my Kong against the bars and then "bam" on the ground with that thing.

August 12, 2009

Nice! Cooking for the KongNice!

Luckily I may go out of my cage more often. But being in my cage has its advantages as well. Because you get a lot of nice snacks. (Disadvantage is that your normal food gets less.)This way I already ate a lot of nice chew bones. And I had a baby Kong once but I have never thought that this was a jolly thing. But for this occasion mommy threw herself on Kong recipes. To start with this one: Crush some normal dry dog food. Add some cheese (preferably low fat). Put this in the microwave for about 1 to 1,5 minutes on 600 watt. Mix this to a sticky mass and push it in the Kong. Cool it off well! And then give it to me.
And I must admit, it does keep you of the street for a while. And I don't want to go out of my cage for a walk. And if I have to, can I then take it with me in mouth? Oh well, lets go. I walk to the gate, turn around and walk back. I don't have to sit down to scratch my shoulder. The itching suddenly disappeared. Isn't that a coincident?

August 8, 2009

Mommy told me that some of you are dying to know what is going on. So she worked very hard to translate it all. Please don't blame her if it is not perfect and not totally finished.
Here is the diary of my parents.

August 6, 2009

A room with a ViewA gift from my brother!

It goes very well with me. In fact, I don't know what could be wrong with me. You cannot see anything extraordinary with me (Well, besides that fashionable T-shirt.) So I just want to run and jump. And I want to lay on the couch. I miss that so much. I can do all those things. So let me out of that cage already. But no, even worse, they have bought another one. Ridiculous! Although, I secretly think that the second one has beautiful views.
And then today a special package came to me from Finland. It is from my half brother Giusto. That was such a big surprise! I think that is so cool of him! Thank you Giusto! Giusto knows from personal experience how it is to be a little sick, and not to do what you want. So he gave me a couple of nice things so I do not get bored in that cage.

5 August, 2009

Me with my trendy T-shirt I stayed for a try out at my Uncle Aad and Aunt Marina. I had an overnight stay. Well they are children of the night! I had to stay up until 03.30 in the morning. But fortunately I could also sleep in late. I found it very nice.I did not miss mommy and daddy too much. I was very sweet sleeping in their home. I saw my cousins again. And of course big Caldo and the little puppy-kids. But I was not allowed to play with them. I thought that was so bad of those people. You know why that is? You need surgery they said. I had no idea what that is. Well, now I know. That is something terrible! That is something no dog wants to experience. First you have to be terrified the whole day in a hospital. Then they make you so sick! Unbelievable. Then you come home and they put you in a cage for weeks. Really, it is horrible! The only advantage is that I wear a charming T-shirt. And my mommy and daddy spend a lot of time at home.
Mommy has now a diary on the website with their experiences about my illness. But it will take a while for her to translate it in English. Because she wants to explain what I have so that other people can learn from it. But it is a long long story.

July 25, 2009

I have a piece of tape on my body. And so I am stuck to mommy with that all the time. But she doesn't mind. Mommy and I find that very pleasant actually. During the day it is not so bad. I am still independent then. But fortunately, the weather hasn't been so nice lately. So mommy and daddy often sit in front of the television. And then I have to lay with my mommy. Where my mommy goes, I am too. Is she As a Pyr you need to lie at the highest point going to the kitchen for snacks or drinks, then I come from the couch and go into the kitchen. She goes back on the couch, then I will too. Is she on the left side, then I'm on the left side. And when she is lying on the couch then I lie against her. And if they go to bed ...... then I lie against the door of the bedroom. They have to step over me because I lie right on the doorstep. And daytime I also lie there now because I have discovered that this is a good place. Nice tucked away in a corner with a large window in front of me so I can look outside without lifting my head. And oh, yes, daddy lives here as well.
Two weeks ago, my grandfather and grandmother where married for 50 years. And I was also invited at the reception. I drew a lot of attention of course but most people did not want white hair on their clothes. Unfortunately I had to leave just before the buffet was opened. Well, that is really ridiculous. I came especially for that.
Since May I have grown no longer. But it seems like I'm growing still. I can even steal things from the high shelf in the kitchen.
And I think it is still delicious to be on the table on the porch. But mommy and daddy do not want me to jump off. So every time they have to fold the garden chairs when they get up so I can not use them as stairs. Still I regularly see my opportunity. And mommy has now discovered that she can still lift me off with my 38kg.

July 8, 2009

As you get older there are fewer things to write in the diary. But today I have set another big step towards adulthood. Mommy had to go away for two hours and she decided that it was time for me to stay in the living room and not in my bedroom with the door closed. This is a really delicious and strategic (and mischievous) spot She first cleaned the house and especially the kitchen sink and than she left. That was really very strange. I thought, "Hey she forgets something." Then two hours later she came home and I was not even asleep on the couch. I was just going to sleep in the hallway. And I have not destroyed anything. Good of me, huh?
I also have showed no interest in the old garden cushions for two months now. So mommy and daddy have bought new ones. At a discount for 10 euro each but they are nice and thick. The porch looks neat and colourful again. The garden cushions are no longer interesting. But I find the garden chairs still useful to climb on the garden table. Because I lie there every day if I get the chance. Yes, I am a real mountain dog.
Mommy also tried to lay back the old throw pillows on the couch. But that is not possible yet. I still believe that they are far too interesting and I have already chewed off quite a few pieces more.

June 27, 2009

They have made me so tired today. We took a drive and then we arrived at Uncle Aad and Aunt Marina. I also want to play with the puppy (You know: MacThree) I already know them well. Because it was really hot we sat on the porch. There are sofas and you know what they had hidden behind them? Mini-dogs! One by one they came from behind the couches. After two minutes I was drewling from excitement. Just like a while ago at La Joie Blanche. But now I am a bit older so I was allowed to stay with the puppies. And I loved it! Mommy and daddy were very proud of me. Sometimes I was a little bit too rough but mostly I tried to play with them without touching them. I even jumped with my legs apart so I would not touch them.
And you get thirsty from that. So we got some water. But these kids also where thirsty and wanted to drink. They just pushed my nose away from the water. I let them go and waited patiently until those babies were ready. Isn't that great of me? Mommy was so proud of me.
Later I decided that I also wanted to go on the field to look at my cousins and Caldo, the Gentle Giant. Look who is the biggest, Celice left, me right.Caldo had to go away because he can not make babies with me.And when I saw cousin Caitlin I thought indeed: "No, I do not want babies." Getting babies is not good for your looks, as it is with all mama dogs.Are you finished drinking? But they say that soon she will be nice and full again. But for now it seems as if the babies have sucked her a bit empty. I saw that. Because the babies may still drink with her and I stood closely to watch. I thought that was so interesting. And Caitlin let me. Because Caitlin is just as sweet as me.
Celice could smell that I am no longer a pup and she thought that it was necessary to show that she is the boss. She put her paw on my back and jumped half on me. Then she threw me on the ground and she walked away. Well, I thought that was clear language and thought: "OK then, you're the boss here." Then we had a small battle of giants just for fun. Furthermore, I was challenging Caldo. He could not go on the field and I said to him: "Take me, as you can." And then he was put in the henhouse.
Well, that was really a tiring day. But I think that I like it if I'm gonna stay there. And today I showed again how well I know the dog language. Human language is sometimes a bit difficult for me.

June 24, 2009

This is a good spot To prevent that mommy and daddy doze in I think of new things all the time. The latest is that I climb on the garden table by using the garden chairs. And if there is nothing tasty for me than I sit on the table to enjoy a good view.
I am still a whiny. If it gets night then I go to sleep on the mat at the front door. Once mommy and daddy fall asleep, I suddenly see and hear something. And of course I have to bark. And I have now developed a very loud volume. After midnight all those weird things go away and I can finally go to sleep. But I really do not see ghosts or something. Because do you know what runs through our woods and swims in our pond? A duck with eight chicks!
And then in the morning at six I like to see my mommy and daddy. So have to cry at their bedroom door. I snuff under the door, try to push it open and if that has no effect then I try to scratch it open. The scratches are now up to 1.70 meters high on the door. But I didn't manage to get it open so far.
And now suddenly mommy has put a round button on it. Right at the place where there was another rectancular thing. What is that for?

June 21, 2009

Gosh, what now? I started to pee inside again. On my last day in Switzerland, I did a pee in the house. But that could be clarified by mommy and daddy. I drank a lot there and I could not go out and had to stay inside a lot.
When I came home I did a pee on the porch. But that could also be explained as the entrances to the porch are closed. It is a kind of large outdoor cage now where I cannot go out. And the porch is still outside, right?
But today I just did a pee indoors. Mommy heard me go outside through the porch door and then enter immediately. And soon after she heard water clanging on the floor. Oh oh.
On the internet she read that this may have something to do with my heat but how exactly that is not so clear. If I go walk outside our gate than I do a lot of pees. But these are obviously domination pees or marking pees by which I'd like to say: "To all young men from the neighbourhood: I'm ready!" Would I suddenly be not be able to hold my pee? Would I have a bladder infection again? Do these hormone changes give me a little growth setback? We just have to wait and see. As it is now usual with me, everything happens at once. In heat and a leg that needs resting. We will wait a few weeks until these things are healed and than we will see. Mommy thinks she remembers that all these pees were directly after I finished a chewing bone. But she is not absolutely sure about the first two. If I have to stay in my room all day while mommy and daddy are working I have no accidents.
I do hear that mommy and daddy occasionally talk about a great cage outside. They thought before that it would be nice if enclose a small piece of forest with good fences and solid foundation so that I certainly cannot escape from that. It seemed useful to them when they go to work or if there is a visitor etc. But they see now also benefits for the periods that I'm in heat. Because although I'm pretty neat, there are quite a few times that they need to keep a mop at hand.

June 20, 2009

I may choose a chew boneIt's going to be the rawhideAn update for all my fans. All is still fine with my leg. I haven't limped now for over a week and I didn't have any painkillers for a week. So hopefully it will not come back. I still have to go outside on the leash, even in my own woods. Well I find that so terrible. I now always go sit, look very naughty and lick my leash. By doing this I say: "I can bite through this. You know that I can by now." When my mommy once forgot that I should be on the leash, I quickly took the opportunity to do a big poo.
Because I do not lose my energy this way, mommy bought me some chewing bones. I get them occasionally when they go crazy because I am going to chew on them. I could now choose from a filled marrowbone, a smoked bone and a rawhide. I chose the latter but that was perhaps because the other two were in plastic.
I am of course still in heat. It seems that I get a bit more whiny of that. I have occasionally a little cry for nothing. And I also want to be with my mommy even more. Once she's going to sit down I'm there. On her lap or at her feet. If she has a book she reads nothing. And if she wants to watch television than there are always big white buttocks in the picture.

June 16, 2009

I am a few days at home again and doing well with my leg. I'm actually started to decrease my painkillers right from the beginning. On Saturday morning I had a half dose, and since then nothing anymore. And last Thursday (the 11th) I almost didn't limp anymore and from Friday I walk normal again. Yesterday I went to see my own doctor. He did a much better examination. I had to trot at the parking lot. Then he bended and stretched me and then I had to trot again in the parking lot.
The bending and stretching was painful. I was really wheezing a little while I never do that. That frightened my mommy. But when I had to trot after that the doctor could not see anything wrong. The doctor Another nice holiday pictureeven had to ask mommy which leg it was that I was limping with.
The doctor could not tell for sure without x-rays but the chance that I have OCD seemed very small to him. And the probability that they are growth pains is also not so big because than normally I would not walk again so soon. So he thinks I have sprained something. And now I have to be taken out on the leash for another week and then slowly build it up again. I hate that! Recently it took 48 hours before a did a poo.
But I had such a weird experience this week! I knew already that I do not have such a smart mommy and daddy. But that they are not even aware of the birds and the bees is the height of stupidity. My thick as mince mommy said Sunday to daddy that I suddenly have such a mature thingy down there. Also they found some drops on the floor of which they did not understand where they came from. Well from there of course! Only when I licked my thingy a lot the penny dropped. I became a woman! But they had only expected that around 12 months. And I'm only 8,5 months old. That is very young for a Pyrenean mountain dog. But yes, it fits well with my character. I always want to be first. Yes, and than more pennies dropped. For example, I urinate more. And in the waiting room at the vet I was so whiny. I'm never like that.
Can you even be more sensitive in your legs in this situation? Mommy secretly hopes that a bit although she has never heard of it.

June 14, 2009

Mommy put my pictures on the internet.
Click here to see my pictures of Switzerland

June 12, 2009

Yesterday was a bad day. It rained until noon and only than the clouds moved higher and we could see the valley again. But the rainstorms stayed all day. We made a car tour to the Lötschental but none of us really enjoyed himself. My leg is much better with the painkillers but I am not allowed to walk much. Mommy and daddy emailed with my first mommy Beate. She reassured us. I enjoy my vacation Even if it is something serious then it is not insurmountable. Fortunately is mommy Beate always very cool in these matters. And also yesterday mommy and daddy went out to diner and I had to stay in the car.
But today was a very nice day. This morning the temperature on our terrace rose in just over one hour from 6 to 21 degrees. As I am longer in this house I am more calm since I am more at ease. Still, mommy and daddy made a barricade of a double row of garden chairs so that I know where I have to stay. But knowing, wanting and doing. Those are three totally different things. And you are a Great Pyrenees or you're not. So regularly I try to break through the barricade and sometimes it works. But usually mommy and daddy lie in the barricade as guards. Two against one, that's not fair. And sometimes I'm going to lie in there myself.
With my chew bone in an Alp meadow Today we drove up the mountain again. We walked to an Alp meadow and mommy and daddy even timed it: 8 minutes walking. There we lay down. Mommy and daddy with a book and I had a delicious chew bone. I have entertained myself for over an hour with that. Than we walked back and we had lunch on a terrace. Well, mommy and daddy ate and I tried to prevent that. It was my first visit ever to a restaurant and I really still have to learn how to behave in this situation. I don't want to keep lying under the table. I just jump with my feet on the table over and over again. And than they have to push me back while I'm standing on my hind legs. They are hardly able to do that. I am so incredibly strong. It's unbelievable. And when I understood that this is not the intention I just walked again and again around the back of the chair with my leash around it and everything started to wobble.
Tomorrow we are going home again. We have to drive for 850 km and than we are back. I wish I could say that this was a nice vacation but is had some defects. But we assume that we come back next year. And then I will recognize the cottage, I will be a little older and I am sure that I will enjoy it. Because the first days I did enjoy myself so much in the mountains and along the bisses. It was certainly a vacation that we will never forget.

June 10, 2009

I slept wonderful again in my corner at the door. And for the last hours of the night I slept at the feet of daddy. And I washed those feet as well. After I got up it seemed that there was not much improvement with my leg. A kiss for my mommy So mommy and daddy decided to see a vet. Not that they expect much but at least they will know a little bit more. We could see the vet only at 15.15. So mommy and daddy first waited until I was to lively to keep hanging around and around 9.30 we drove up the mountain to a little village close by. It is called Jeitzinen. Looking at the viewYou can have beautiful walks there. It is an easy path and after 500 meters already you have views and an Alp meadow. And after 200 meters more there is a breeder of life stock guarding dogs. In this case Maremmas.
I am a problem child though because at this walk I got exploding gush poop and had to throw up. After I got rid of all that I washed my mouth at the grass. Yes, I am a clean lady. I probably ate too much sheep poop or perhaps it's the heat. These are the first really warm days in my life. We lay down in the Alp meadow and after that we made pictures at a seat. At the moment the Maremmas came outside. They sure took my attention as I did theirs. After a while we walked back again. The thermometer at our sheltered terrace said that it was now 30 degrees.
After lunch we went to Visp to see the vet. She was not un unfriendly woman but we are used to a different approach at home. As said, she was not unfriendly but also far from friendly. A typical Swiss so to speak. She wore a white coat and every time that I moved my nose in her direction she made a dirty face and bended her head back. The assistant was much friendlier and she gave me treats. With my mommy in an Alp meadow The doctor was a real specialist you might say, like the ones that mommy met in a human hospital. (Hopefully) capable but no heart for the patient as a person (dog). She couldn't say much about my disease but that mommy and daddy hadn't expected that. She did feel some backpressure in both my shoulders and in my right elbow. Three joints! And especially the backpressure in the shoulders is one of mommies nightmares. She gave me painkillers and I am only allowed to walk just four times a day for 15-20 minutes and only on the leash. And that for two weeks. Fortunately mommy and daddy did this quit well in the past days. That is a relieve but it's the only one. For the rest they are worrying sick about me. They completely lost their appetite and have still to go grocery shopping.
Also they ask themselves about what's the point in staying here in Switzerland. After an hour or two, when they were a bit obtained of the shock, they decided to stay for at least another day. Because we can do the same thing as we did today. That fits nice in the vets schedule. And I loved it there. Laying in an Alp meadow and looking down at viewpoints. I enjoy that very much and so do mommy and daddy. And perhaps mommy and daddy will take a book with them and for me a chew bone. But it costs Mommy and Daddy a lot effort to keep the courage.
For the rest I enjoy myself with stealing kindling for the fireplace and bite these one by one on the sofa.

June 9, 2009

Sleeping on the bed is not new anymore so I lost interest in that. I have now slept the whole night in front of the door to the garden. There is a nice small corner where I can lay on my back with my legs against the wall. Yes, there is a garden door in our bedroom. This is so weird, every night we have to go outside to go to ourWith a young Saint Bernard on the Grand St. Bernard pass bedroom and in the morning it's the same way back. I will ask my mommy if she will explain this.
"This house is two stories high. Upstairs is the living area and you enter it from the terrace. And downstairs are the bedrooms. And if you walk down through the garden than you can enter the bedroom through the lower door. In the center of the house is a stairway. This is very steep and tiled with white and quit slippery tiles. And mommy and daddy want to prevent that Noor sees them use the stairs so that she doesn't understand the function of a stairway. At we home we have no stairs so she doesn't yet know the object "stairway". And that is also the reason that she has to sleep in her mommies and daddies room."
This morning my limping was almost over. The little that you can see would not be noticeable to someone that doesn't know. Today the weather is suddenly bad but it is as predicted. The valley and the mountains are hidden in the clouds and it's raining hard. Sometimes there is a cloud floating over our house and than we are in the fog. Lucky in accident is that leg can rest even more. So today we are going to drive.
That is what we do up here. With warm weather we do a bisse walk, since there is often shadow and plenty of drinking water at hand. With colder or cloudy weather we do walk on the bleak plateau. And when it's raining we drive high up in to the mountains where the rain turns into snow because that is less depressing than rain.Swirling in the snow But when we were ready to leave at 10 it was quit sunny already and 20 degrees. But we still went to the Grand St. Bernard pass. You know, the one of those dogs. It wasn't a very nice pass actually. But there was a young St. Bernard dog of 6 months old. She was also on vacation and a lot of pictures were taken of her. And when I went to her I was a model as well. And than I went snow sliding to the great amusement of the spectators. I had climbed on pile of snow totally unexpected and I slid down with my front legs forward. The fun I had! I wanted to try it again but I was not allowed. I loved it to whirling in the snow but I was only allowed a very short time since I have to take care of my leg.
For the rest it was such a boring day because I had to stay in the car a lot. Thus mommy and daddy decided to explore an unknown bisse. It got the Bisse de Saxon. Finding the bisse took a lot longer than the actual walk. Because when I was barely on my way when I started limping again. This was after I pulled my leash very hard to look at a waterfall. So we turned back to walk a little bit on a flat path. But they didn't dare to go very far.
Why do I start limping on the second day in Switzerland? Mommy and daddy try a little to reassure themselves because they see that my I do not spare my leg. The limping is only noticeable during trotting. And it always seems worse when I pull my leash. So they hope that it is just a sprain or something like that. During normal walking you hardly see anything. Only if I trot than I do so with a hop. And I would still climb, jump, play, run, etc. But I am not allowed to do that now. Well, I find that quite annoying. Because I just want to run and play and exploring everything. Because I like it here so much in Switzerland.

June 8, 2009

Mommy and daddy think that I am a little bit relaxed since I start to settle down her. But it comes in small steps. En I also start to get what it means when they put on their hiking boots in the morning and pack the back pack. We go out for a walk. And today we go to a plateau. It is clouded and not so warm so the weather is perfect for a plateau. At Moosalp Today we went to Moosalp. That is just past Bürchen. Mommy and daddy rented a With daddy on 'Stand' cottage there some years ago but they didn't like it that much. Too touristy and no privacy. And things only got worse since then. We saw mostly Dutch cars. And everywhere in the forests and mountains you have to pay to park your car. Yak! But Moosalp is very pretty though. I was allowed to walk without a leash and it appeared that I did keep a good eye on mommy and daddy. I was out of side regularly because of the hills but I made sure that I didn't go to far away. The last bit was a short but steep climb. With my four leg drive I made it to the top fast. I constantly had to wait for those lame people. On top we reached the viewpoint "Stand". According to mommy and daddy this is the best viewpoint of Switzerland. Although today it was a bit to cloudy for that. There were more people around. And I made friends with everyone of them. At one moment mommy did not see me anymore but heard me barking.may I have the menu? When they came running they saw that I made my playing sounds. Because one of my new people friends was playing with me with a stick. And than I wanted to kiss him but he didn't want that.
After that I walked around freely. When I came back to mommy and daddy they noticed that I was limping a little. They were totally shocked. And we still had to go down. We did that very slow and with a lot of resting. And back on the flat path they hardly saw it anymore. Until we started running a little. When I walk normal you don't see anything but when I go trotting I am limping with my right front leg. Mommy is very worried now. She has carefully examined all my joints, (but she is not a doctor, huh) but I don't show any pain. But if you look very careful, and know that there is something going on, you will see that I do not fully support on it in standing and sitting. So now mommy has to nervous for a long time to see whether it is gone tomorrow. Yes, I keep them busy.
On the way back in the car I wanted not to be tired. "I'm not tired!" But I could not keep my eyes open. And so I nodded a little in the back seat. And this afternoon I had a few hours of sleep. This time I'm lying on the sun chair of mommy. For the rest my injury does not prevent me to occasionally jump on the sink or on the bench at the dining table. They have a real Swiss wooden dining corner and that means that I easily can also sit at the table. But every time they help me off again so that I am not jumping with my feet on the ground. And of course they do their best to try to stop me. But I do not have a stop button.

June 7, 2009

Tonight I had a good sleep in bed with mommy and daddy. They had made a room for me but for safety reasons the door between their and my room has to stay open. Mommy and daddy always put a single bed next to the double so that they get a bed of 2,5 meters wide. Well, I do fit in there quit well. And they actually find it quit cozy with me between them. They have discovered that I really go to sleep like a sweet girl when the lamp turns off (when the light is on than I have to chew on the pillows of course). So they leave me here. Running through an Alp meadow Outside, I must of course go to the sheep. Or would it be the sheep poop that I find delicious? Both, because bleating and running sheep are so irresistible. I keep on making ongoing attempts to break out. They try as much as possible to make barriers. I drive them mad! After breakfast we went back into the car. But this time only briefly. We went hiking. And enjoyed it so much. The mountains awaken some instincts in me. I find it great to view down. And climbing and climbing, I find that so funny. I wish I had crampons under my feet because then Cozy with my daddy I could even climb the steep rocks. We were walking along a bisse, the Bisse the Déjore. My first real bisse walk, there will be a lot of these in the future. A bisse is an irrigation canal through the mountains. So there is always water. And I love playing with water. I tried to catch growing rapidly flowing whirlpool. But that didn't work. I couldn't catch them Then I started digging the pinecones from the muddy riverbed. I think that is also great. And when we came to a flowering meadow Alp, I was so joyful. I ran like crazy through the meadow but it was downhill. I went so hard that my legs could not keep up with my speed. So I tumbled on my head in the flowers. And when I was lying there I went whirling with my legs in the air. Mommy and daddy tried to calm me down, because my legs are still growing. But that was difficult. We are exactly on the language boundary. So at one bisse mommy and daddy always need to say "Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées" and at the other bisse (then called suon) they always say "Pyrenaën Berghund. I have enjoyed this walk so much. And tomorrow we go back they say. And guess what. In the afternoon I was so tired of the walk that I did lay down for a couple of hours sleep. Mommy and daddy could finally rest on a sun bed to read. But around 5 I was awake and had my energy back. And I went back to sheep hunting. And then there was also a farmer with a sheep dog. Well, I do know how to guard. And it echoes through the mountains. Mommy and daddy have me put me inside for a while. They decided that they will ignore a couple of my behaviors when they ar no threat to myself or to the animals or property of others. Otherwise they do nothing else than saying "No" and "Bad" the whole day. So for me it will be real vacation!

June 6, 2009

I am in Switzerland and I think I like it here. Although mommy and daddy ask themselves if it was such a good idea to take this large ADHD-pup to Switzerland. But let's start where it began.
on the hotel bed It began yesterday when mommy came home from work and started to drag all kinds of stuff to the car. I got totally excited because of that. And even more when she packed my food and food bowls. And when daddy came home we started driving. We drove for a very long time. It was so excited for me! I turned and turned in the backseat but I was never comfortable. At 22.15 we arrived at a hotel. I had to go to sleep there but I couldn't. I could easily climb on to bed with mommy and daddy. And then chewing on the blankets. At first they got angry but that made me nervous and therefore hyper. So mommy went to sit on the floor with me and started to pet me. A really long time. After a half hour of cuddling I was finally ready to lie down. So at midnight mommy could go to sleep too. But it was hot and the window couldn't open. Because when it was open there was a lot of light and then I thought: "Let's play!" And at 5 o'clock I thought that it was morning so I jumped on the bed. "Let's play!" But that was not allowed so more cuddling followed. And then back to sleep again.
And then finally it got Saturday. And on Saturday we drove again for a very long time. With my daddy at the sheep And the weather even got bad. And I don't pee and certainly don't poop while on the leash. And every time that we stopped I was so excited. I ran over all those parking lots. I just forgot to pee. Only when they insisted I did a small pee. And after a while I was so fed up with all of this. But fortunately we arrived at our vacation house at 3 o'clock. And then it all started for mommy and daddy.
I thought it was fabulous there. The house is an old sheep stack so in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by sheep fields. But those sheep fences seem hilarious to me. They cannot keep me in. In the past mommy and daddy where here with an elderly dog, Lot, but we me it is totally different. I need to go to those sheep and I had already slipped underneath the fence when daddy got barely grab me by my tail. Also I ran down on a very steep area so that I could hardly come back again. And there is a gate with a pole next to, so not flexible, of about 15 cm (6 inch) wide. But I can squeeze myself through if I need to. Unbelievable. A moment a later I grabbed some fire lighters that mommy could take away just in time. I get myself in trouble constantly. Mommy and Daddy feel that they are back in time. Back to a time that they had to be at me side every second.
So they tide me up with my long leash to have a moment of rest. But I chewed it through in 2 minutes. Then I had to stay inside. Mommy lay the green blanket on the couch so that I could lie on there. But I thought that was so interesting that I scraped it off and chew in on it. Then I took some kindling of the fire place and chewed on them. I drive my mommy and daddy mad. They have no vacation at all this way.
Our car is parked at 150 meter (yards) from the house, all the way above a steep sheep meadow. We have to carry all our luggage through that meadow. Mommy and daddy try to carry as much as possible at the same time. So picture this. Daddy is carrying a garden chair, some bags and he carries his vest over his head. He is holding me with one hand. The grass is wet and steep, daddy has no profile under his shoes. And if than the sheep are coming towards us I have to go there. And although daddy just has a small shoe size they are now like surf boards. I pull him 10 meters (30 feet) down over the wet grass. And mommy is carrying the video camera coincidently. Well, you should look at this movie . Mommy is always laughing with tears when she watches it.
And yes, when I finally was allowed off the leash while we were at the house I lay down three large turds. I really had to let it all out after 36 hours of holding it in.

1 June, 2009

Damn, I can not go to that cat! I went to Soest today. Lana and me in the Soest DunesLana lives there. And she visited me in January, when I was still a little roisterer but now I'm almost as big as Lana. And I'm still a roisterer. Lana is a grand old lady so she let me know occasionally that I shouldn't be too active. Well, that didn't matter because there was a cat around there. But it jumped over the fence when I rushed in. I can not jump over it but I can look over the fence and I did>so with great regularity. And they also have a kitchen, where they prepared food for my mom and dad. And every time someone walked into the kitchen than I followed immediately of course. Yes, some time ago mommy and daddy made Lana a cheese junkie. So now Annemieke and Andries of Lana are spoiling me as well. Well, I do love French bread, delicious!
Also I took a bone of Lana. But Lana thought "Pooh Pooh, I better ignore that child" and so I had a good long chew. And Merel and Jasper could also just take it away from me.
And so while I had a good time with the bone, Lana was cuddled by mommy and daddy. Because Lana was glad to see them again.
I also continued the tradition and peed twice at my hosts. But I've been housetrained for a long time now and so I just peed outside on the pavement in the garden. Yes, I'm simply used that outdoors I can do it just anywhere.
After dinner we went to the Soest Dunes. That is a huge sandbox and today a hot desert as well. Annemieke and Andries said that I could just run free and that I would come back by myself. Well, they don't know Hissige Hedvig yet.Lana and I do a digging contest Once I was loose, I had no attention for my mom and dad and I run away as fast as I could. I went to play with all the dogs, and there were many. And because they are dunes, they could not even see me anymore. At one moment they decided to go looking for me but right at that moment I came back running over the hill. I realized that I lost mom and dad, so I was on my way back to the car. But they yelled very loud, against the wind, and then I heard them at last. That was good man, I ran back to them as fast as I could. Then we went hiking in the woods because there was still some shadow. And then we relaxed under big trees in the dunes. Lana is always digging in the dunes so she started immediately. I looked at it at first and than I began too. Lana got a bit grumpy. Because every time I went to dig in her hole and then she said woof. All the mommies and daddies had to laugh about that.
Later we were very thirsty and they all had an ice cream. Well, we had quite some attention as well. "What is that breed?" You know, it's always the same.
Well, it really was a nice day. We should do this again. In the evening I was so tired. At night I did not even feel like playing with my Bouncy Bone.

May 27, 2009

Today I am 8 months old, 67 cm high and 37 kilograms. And lately I have developed a habit that I need to unlearn. I can pull greatly at my leash. Then I use all my mass and muscle strength to hang in the rope and pull it. Mommy has hurt her arm a couple of times when she visited a market with me or something like that. And a retriever leash or choke chain can not harm me. It seems like I have strong neck muscles Mommy and daddy think that I am a sweet beautiful big girlsince I pull just as hard with these if I need to. So now mommy and daddy lent a Halti. That is something like a Gentle Leader. I think this is such a terrible thing!Mommy and daddy think that I am a sweet beautiful big girl Then I can not really pull because it is so annoying to my nose. The advantage is that I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. This is nice. And as I walked along nicely for a while then the Halti goes off. And then I just walk very sweet and calm at my leash. And then I get overloaded with compliments and cuddles. Well, OK then, that is good.
Occasionally they think that I'm a woos. Because sometimes I must cry, cry, cry. The first time mommy was shocked because she thought that I was in pain or sick or something. And then I stood in front of the sliding doors to the library and cried and cried. (We have a library in the living room.) Than mommy opened the doors and I grabbed myself a toy. These are my toys that I've purchased at the flea market, so that I cannot get them all at ones. But sometimes I need to tear apart those toys so bad that I have to cry very loud. But I can now chew it in a way that it makes a very loud cracking sound. It has the same kind of effect on people like your nails scratching on a blackboard. And mommy thinks that I may wear out my teeth quickly (besides the fact that she gets goose bumps from the sound). Because some people say that tennis balls are notorious for that. So to be safe and because of the ugly noise I can not chew my toys too much. But I am still allowed to tear them in pieces and pick them empty.
Oh yes, and then mum was also so nice to leave the remainder of the Bouncy Bone rings on the windowsill of my room. Well, I could really appreciate that.
And the strainer of the Senseo coffee machine that lay on the sink is now destroyed. And the sponge from the sink as well. As are ten wash balls and four pond containers. And also...... and as well ....... etc. .........
Also I hear the word Switzerland about 100 times per day now. I have no idea what it means but in one way or another it seems that mommy and daddy are very excited about.

May 24, 2009

Ready for the holidays. Or ready for my next outdoor show? This morning I went back to the dog school. But this time it was totally different. First we all got there far too early and then we started much too late. But it was nice to have a long play with my friends. And then the lesson was very different than usual. It appeared to be exam day. And meanwhile all kinds of aircrafts where flying over our heads. My diploma And you can't believe how low the flew! Too bad we did not bring the camera. Because that would be a nice picture. Me doing exam with a plane that almost lands on my head. Because the dog school is about 800 meters (yards) from the runways of a military airport. Today there is an air show going on. But strangely enough, there was no dog that had really good eye for the aircrafts. In one way or another we all had in mind that it was serious today. Because we all graduated with very high points. I had 75 of the maximum of 80 points and was "only" number four.
This is my report:
    Heel with leash - 9 points (I stayed a bit behind after a turn to the right)
    Standing while touching - 9 points (I did not stand up immediately)
    Showing teeth - 8 points (I don't like this and I was too restless)
    Down on the leash - 9 points (mommy walked too fast around me, I did nothing wrong)
    Recall leash length - 10 points
    Sitting with leash - 10 points
    Behavior dog towards other dogs - 10 points
    Contact trainer and dog - 10 points

It is a super weekend for me. And now they say that I deserve a vacation. Soon I go to Switzerland. I have no idea what I can expect but mommy and daddy say it's all going to be great. Well, I'm curious.

May 21, 2009

Yesterday I was brushed and combed completely. And this morning a bit as well. We go to the JoHo-day, they said. I had no idea what that is. I was with daddy in the car and my mommy went with another car. Mommy had to go somewhere else in the morning to make pictures. Well, JoHo-day stands for Young Dogs Day of the Dutch breed club of Pyrenean mountain dogs. There are many young and veteran pyrs together and then a judge says which of us is the most beautiful today. Therefore we must run around in circles and stand still beautiful. Because daddy is not very good at running around with me, Aad (from kennel MacThree) was running with me.
     Best bitch 6-9 months      Best dog 6-9 months      Best bitch      Best Young Dog      Knoet and me. Best Young Dog and Best Male      Knoet and me with our trophies
Aad is very good at pointing out my best sides. Because I was a huge success! Daddies mouth, and later that of mommy, fell completely open. First I had to show myself in the class of "females 6 to 9 months". And I won. Mommy and daddy had taken that a bit into account. The best bitch of 6-9 months (me) has to compete against the best male of 6-9 months. That dog was my half brother Knoet. Mommy and daddy were so glad, that we competed together. And I won this one also! Mommy and daddy had also taken this into account a little bit.
But not with what happened next. Then I had to run in the ring with all the best bitches. And I won again! And that means that me and the best male must "fight" for the title of Best Young Dog of the day. And the best male was yet again my half brother Knoet! So we had to turn against each other as best male and best bitch. Mommy and daddy had fantasized once that it would be nice if Knoet and I would be against each other as best male and best bitch and now this happened on our first show! And guess what: I won! I was Best Young Dog of the day. Mommy and daddy were flabbergasted. And of course, very grateful to Aad. There is now also a movie of my achievement.
The royal couple after work. (You can see who won.) And the judge said this about me (and I hope my translation is correct): You get tired of such shows 7 months, harmoniously constructed bitch, nice head, dark eye, complete scissor bite, good ear, good top and bottom lines, good angulated and good bone, must grow a bit more straight in the forehand, good coat, good dewclaws, good movement, nice character
Mommy and daddy were so busy with all the pictures and I had to enter the ring so often that they barely had time to go around looking at other dogs. And time flies at such shows. Since they still have to get used to this.
And then, when all that showing was done Knoet and I had a wonderful time and played together. We could not get enough of each other. And now mommy thinks of going to Belgium as well. Because mommy would also like to learn how she should run around with me.
There are now lots of pictures of me at the sign with the 1. So if you click the small pictures you will see the enlargements.

May 17, 2009

No Noor, you can not go up here anymore!
Big, big, big, big, big.
Such a big puppy / young dog is really a handfull for mommy and daddy. Huge and at the same time as reckless as a puppy. And sometimes I do things that are not good for me. You know, that stack of rubber tiles of 1.70 meters (6 feet) high, where they had put the squirrel nest box? Well, I can now easily climb it by myself, as mommy and daddy have discovered today. Just for fun, to play with tiles. Because I am a mountain dog. Just because I can. And not through the gradual way. No, just with one intermediate step, hop, on. And again, hop, off. They where shocked when they saw it because it is bad for my joints and also their heart misses a beat when they see me up on those wobbly piles. And so now daddy has quit a task in making more but lower piles.
Compared to that, drinking from the rain barrel is quit normal. You know: an ordinary rain barrel of 1 meter (3 feet) high where I can drink from with my four feet on the ground.
Big, big, big, big, big.

Oh yes, the Great Tits in the squirrel nest box, have survived my actions. And mom and dad Tit fly in and out to the feed the little screamers.

May 10, 2009

The obedience 'Tire' This morning I was again at dog school. Because we have exams in two weeks we had a playful lesson this time. We did puppy-agility. This agility does not contain climbing and jumping, because that is not good for our legs. Well, I found it so wonderful! I enjoyed myself so much! And I was also very good at it. I understood everything immediately. Mommy is very sorry that I'm much too young for the real thing because I would enjoy it so much. You just need to look at this movie to see that. A collage of Giusto and I Daddy also enjoyed my skills so much that he forgot to move the camera with me when I ran. The dimwit.
And if that is not enough, mommy and daddy made another movie of me. It's called Tasting and smacking. They must always laugh at me if I taste something. Then I make these movements with my mouth and smacking sounds, but they are difficult to define. Hence the movie. I do that when I taste something that is really good and I want more. Like the moisturizer on the face of mommy. Or, as in the movie, a nice piece of sausage.
Oh yes, I may be very much similar to Celice (of mothers side). I also look a lot like my half brother Giusto of fathers side.

May 9, 2009

My cousin Caitlin and her baby's My cousin Caitlin of mothers side and my cousin Caronne of fathers side have baby's at kennel MacThree. So today I went on maternity visit. In December when I was still little I enjoy playing with Celice and Caitlin but today there was not much playing. Yes, Caldo wanted to play with me but in a way that the people found inappropriate. But of course I am very attractive. And big. Today mommy and daddy saw how big I have become. In December I was still a nipper compared to my cousins, but now I am about as high as Caitlin and I am even not that much smaller as giantess Celice. But Caitlin has just given birth and did not want to play. My cousin Celice and I. We do look quite similar. And Celice was so dull today that she also didn't like to play. Well, I understand that so I just kept calm. But if they keep me alone on the field with Celice than I am bored quickly. So I escaped to search for my mommy. And the people could not see where I escaped. So then they closed me in one more time and mommy called me. And than I ran quickly to the mesh and sneaked myself underneath it. And Celice was very interested to observe the new opportunities of that mesh. So now Marina and Aad know where they need to do some work before I come to stay over.
Mommy and daddy had a good view of the pups. They are really very small. Just a kilo (2 lb). Caitlin cares so well for her pups that they are all white and have a fluffy appearance. Strange that they will grow into such giants as I am.

May 8, 2009

Bird hunting I am transformed into a cat. Full of excitement I came up on the grass with a bird's nest in my mouth and destroyed it. Mommy and daddy wondered where I got it from but they did not take long to find that out. Because later I was near the squirrel nest box. That was unused on the ground and apparently there where birds in it. Because I tried to enter it with my nose and paw. And when this attempt failed, I tried to push it over. Mommy thought she heard the birds twitter inside it. Well, probably the birds will not survive this but in an attempt to still try this, daddy put the squirrel box on a high pile of rubber tiles. So Noor can't reach it. Well, that's just what they thought. Within 1 second, I made a back track and I walked up through the back. That is called intelligence. So now the squirrel nest box is on the roof of the carport, but there is not much life to be heard or seen.
And the next day mommy scarcely saw a wagging tail in the bushes. She crawled in there halfway and saw me on my belly and in supreme state of excitement snapping at something. Mommy has not seen it but is convinced that there is (was) a bird's nest there as well.

May 6, 2009

I think I hear familiar sounds I must see that movie from close by I have mollified my mommy today. Actually I do that daily but today we have pictures of that. Today I was on the green couch and I was doing the last demolition work to a throw pillow. And mommy took the opportunity to watch some old movies on the computer. She watched the films of the time when I still lived in Norway. Whenever I heard dogs I lifted my head and I listened with keen ears. Then she watched the movies of my farewell to Norway. On my last night in Norway I was in a room with my sister Edda. We had to stay clean since we both had to leave the following day to go to our new homes. Edda went to Denmark I went all the way to the Netherlands. And that movie, I found it so interesting! I came from the couch for a closer look. I stood with my nose almost against the screen. You can see that perfectly in the picture. If you are curious to see which movie I found so interesting then you need to click here. (You seem to need some patience sometimes before it starts to play.) I am of course the darkest dog.

1 May, 2009

I am now 7 months old and mommy and daddy are amazed about how big I am. The last few weeks they see almost daily, in little things, that I am bigger than Lot ever was. For instance this week I stood with my legs on both sides of the sink. And then I bended over to lick the drain. They are sure that this was not possible for Lot. (Besides I bet that you do not succeed as well)
But how can you measure that? Because mommy and daddy have never really measured Lot. So they searched for a picture of Lot that is easy to copy. Lot is just home from the shelter in this picture. Mommy and daddy think now that Lot is 10 months old in this picture. Well, one thing is certain. I don't look so much higher yet, but I'm definitely a lot longer. But my chest size is 10 cm (4 inch) less than Lot. Mommy and daddy can tell that by the harness.
Although I did not gain weight in the last two weeks, I do still grow. My sizes are: Shoulder height 66 cm (26 inch).
Weight 35 kg (77 lb). Length (from collar to tail marking) 79 cm (31 inch).
Lot at 10? months Noor at 7 months

April 30, 2009

I went to the flea market with 5 euros. And look what I bought, 25 toys and pillows:
My flea market purchase

Furthermore, it was a quit task to walk on the market. "What kind of dog is that?" "That is a beautiful dog!" "Can I pet the dog?" "Is she still only 7 months? How big should will she be?" "Hey, come and take a look! This is just a puppy!" "What kind of breed is that?" "Look that is a Tatra Sheepdog." (We did correct the last comment of course.)

April 29, 2009

I find this cover really irresistible I try to possess a four-seater couch on my own and almost succeed Mommy made an attempt to repair my bed. She used duck tape and then pulled the green teddy-cover over it. The first thing I did when I used my bed again was gnawing at the cover. So that bed goes in the closet for about a year and a half. And than it comes on the porch. So I can lay in there during the cold winter.
There is also a curious aspect in growing up. For some time now I really can fart. "Oh Noor, you stink again!" they say. Well, I think that such a negative characterization of my buttocks-perfume. Would it have something to do with the tripe drops that I get since a month or two? Those are just from the market. And those are such delicious treats! Much better than Frolic.
On Monday we went back to the dog school. That was strange. Because I had already been to de dog school on Sunday. Monday we went for ring training. Mommy wants go to a show with me occasionally and she doesn't like to embarrass herself. Well, I felt bored there although I did run nice circles. But I found it so awful that my friends were not there. I was really looking for them! Normally we train outside but this was inside. So I even climbed on the chairs to look outside the windows to see if my friends were there. Well, it was really dreadful. I think the puppy-class is much better than the ring training.
We loved to play together, so it was a whole struggle to keep us separated. (Photo by Marjolein) Playing through the banisters (photo Marjolein) Today I was visited by Peluche. Peluche and me have already met on March 3. It is the puppy in the picture who is jumping against the fence to look at me. Peluche has grown a lot, but so did I. Peluche found me a bit scary at first but later she liked to play with me. Unfortunately, I don't know my own strength and sometimes I knocked her over. Our mommies didn't want any accidents, therefore, when Peluche was on the porch than I was in the garden and vice versa. So we could still play a bit through the bannisters. Look at this funny video. (You seem to need some patience sometimes before it starts to play.) Because we find each other very nice. Mommy and daddy find Peluche about as "hissig" as me. And (almost) as cute as me, since of course I remain their favourite. So as soon as we are both the same size, we will do this again. I have also now shown the first signs of dominance. Because Peluche was very happy in my forest. She has sniffed around and dug holes. And she did some pees. And each time it was my turn to be away from the porch, I ran where she had walked, with my nose on the ground. And sometimes I did a pee where she peed.
Tomorrow mommy goes to the flea market to see if she can spend little money on a lot of pillows and stuffed cuddly toys.

April 23, 2009

For the first time in my life My Bouncy Bone exploded in my bed mommy did not greet me exuberantly when she came home. My exploded bed And I found it so awful! I was lying there with my Chinese smile (the little China girl is back) and wagged and wagged. But she was completely stunned when she saw my bed. She was really nailed to the ground. My bed that costed 145 euro including shipping, and now unnecessary, extra cover. That bed had exploded. I am so happy that there are no injuries.
When mommy looked again she saw that it had not just exploded. I had accidentally dropped my Bouncy Bone. And that is really very heavy. It had beaten a crater in my bed. You need only to take a look at the picture. It is really true. So when my mommy did not caress me, I grabbed a toy, a large piece of white foam that lay around just coincidently. I asked: "Are we going to play mommy?" Well, mommies eyes got even much bigger and she took it away from me! "Are you just crazy?" she said.
Then I quickly walked outside to a recycle a poopy. Then I wanted to lick her mouth and nose. And I also wasn't allowed that to do that! I can never do anything right around here ....
But after dinner, we still did hug a lot. Because I am the biggest cuddler in the world. Giving kisses is my specialty. And therefore mommy can never really be angry at me.

April 22, 2009

I increasingly defend my home and hearth. But I'm still not such a very brave little girl and sometimes mommy and daddy just laugh at me! Once it happened that the wheelbarrow was half in the woods (where it is not supposed to be) and it was twilight.My favourite hang position So when I came strolling on the grass it scared the daylights out of me. I barked and barked and barked and than ran a few feet back. And then forward again and bark, bark, bark. Then, as if I was stabbed by a wasp, a few feet back. And that continued for about ten minutes. And every time I dared to get a few feet closer to the wheelbarrow. And then finally I was so close that I saw that it was just the wheelbarrow. Why didn't they tell me this earlier?!
Mommy and daddy are not going to put up their expensive fly curtain this year. That has a white reason they say. So until mommy purchased a cheap thing, the flies are coming inside. Well, they are so annoying! I look at them with very serious face and try to catch them. But that doesn't work. That is so frustrating. Catching spiders is much easier. There are already a number of them in my stomach.
Last Sunday I was loose in the woods for the first time. Previously, I was loose on the moor, but the woods are different. Because there are narrow paths and you can easily get out of sight. At first I really didn't understand that I need to keep an eye on mommy and daddy. I thought that they would always follow me everywhere. But they do not do that! So the first time they were already hiding for minutes and waited to see if I would look around but I didn't. So when they called me I didn't see them! That was not so nice. But then there came cyclists and I had to chase them and they brought me back to mommy and daddy. From than on I kept a really good eye on them. And this way mommy and daddy have walked for 2 miles and I have run 4 miles.
Oh yes, there is no picture of my nose-nose with a horse but there is a mini-movie.

April 15, 2009

Our house is so neat and tidy the last week. Even while mommy and daddy are not such great cleaners. That is because I recently may stay in the living room during the night. Mommy and daddy think that I am such a big girl now that this is possible. But then the house needs to be very good Noor-proof. So there is nothing lying around. And at night, they put the dining chairs in the couch. And all loose cushions are hidden. During the day they still dare not leave me alone in the living room. During my Easter walk And I can sleep well without destroying anything. Around 10 o'clock I go to sleep on the mat at the front door. And in the morning I am lying there again. Or is it still? Mommy and daddy think that I never get up during the night.
Mommy and daddy think that I am a long and slim little thing I also had wonderful walks. On the moor I had to stay on my leash because there were very many cross cyclists and I found them too interesting. Also, there was a horse that walked by with a person on his back. This I found very weird.
But closer to home they also have horses. And I think that they are really fun. They are only behind two electric wires. I always want to go to them. One of these horses likes me as well and we did already do nose-nose. The next time mommy takes her camera to see if she can make a picture of this.
Oh yes, about 5 garden cushions have exploded already. So now they have, for the same amount of money, purchased two new garden chairs that are comfortable without cushions, instead of buying new cushions. Because I'm so fond of cushions that I grab them as soon as they lift their buttocks to go to the toilet or something like that. And for the moments that they do want a cushion, they now have the ugly old mice soiled cushions from the attic and washed at a very hot temperature. And that I find even more fun because there are a lot of ribbons on them.

April 11, 2009

Sometimes mommy and daddy try to explain why a Great Pyrenees is not for everyone. They obey only if they want to. And they usually want to obey their dear mommy and daddy, but not always. And some people say, "but if that was my dog than I'm sure he would obey me." Well for those people a Great Pyrenees is not suitable. For a Great Pyrenees gets even more stubborn of that. But it is difficult to explain what the problem is. And how it works, that stubbornness. Often they think about aggression but that is absolutely not the case. So here is an example.
My face, hidden behind my tail
Scene from the life of a Great Pyrenees.
It is 8:05 o'clock in the morning and mommy has 10 minutes to go to work. All she has to do is get me to my room. But I enjoy lying on the couch and I do not want to go in my room. She calls me and tries to do that in a very cheerful tone but I don't fall for that. The only thing I do is stare at her stoically. So she is trying to get me off the couch with a treat and some cheese. Each time she keeps it at my mouth I try to eat it but if she keeps it away I think "let it go." Because I really do understand what happens when I come off of that couch. And I don't feel like that.
Mommy knows that she must persist now, but the factor "time" is against her so there is little room for sound educational behaviour. So my mommy tries to push me off the couch. I understand what she's doing so I make myself as heavy as possible and I creep close to the back so that her hand barely gets between. Then she tries to put my collar on so she can drag me. But somehow it seems that it suddenly shrunk because it cannot close anymore. That's because I make my neck thick. But she manages and then she drags me. But I act like I am paralysed. So she pulls and pulls and I flop on the floor.
Well that is where I lie. She tries to lift me but I quickly turn myself on my back and press myself against the couch. I act like I'm a ragdoll of 35 kg (77 lb). She cannot put me on my feet. Then she goes back to lifting me with my collar. But again I act like a paralysed ragdoll and I pretend I suffocate.
She does not want that so then starts to push me and hopes that I will stand up. But she pushes me half a meter on the floor. And then half a meter more. And meanwhile I look at her very indignant. Then we come to a mat and she can not slide me further.
Meanwhile, the 10-minute margin that she had already expired.
She has to laugh a little bit about my shenanigans and I notice that. Mommy is a little desperate because time flies by. And then she decides that I am not actually going to choke and she pulls at my collar and tries to work me up. Then I give up and go to my room. And mommy is once again late for work because of my funny streaks.
And once again the human loses it on the factor "time".
And I am still only 35 kg (77 lb). There are still about 15 (30 lb) to add. And I am not yet in puberty. Since this behaviour is than 10 times worse so they say.
But why are there any fans of this breed? Because it's precisely this independence and willpower without any aggressiveness that makes any Great Pyrenees a unique personality and a loyal friend to his family. And because he really wants to be an equal family member. "Well alright, and if necessary I will accept a fair and respectful pack leader."
And when an adult Great Pyrenees stands straight in all that strength and self-confidence, up on a hilltop to overlook the surroundings than that is a majestic and powerful sight. Mommy has a found beautiful picture of that.

April 8, 2009

I have a habit which my mommy really has to laugh about. Every time I'm outside and she starts the car than I spontaneously pee. I think, no I will assume, that I can join her on the trip. And like all children I need to go pee before we go, just be sure. So I do that spontaneously.
I can sleep like this for hours:  in the arms of my mommy Furthermore, the sink in our house has to be checked by me at any unguarded moment. Really at every unguarded moment. Once mommy and daddy are in the living room there are sounds coming from the kitchen. It is like someone is cooking. They get crazy of me, they say. And every time they call, "Noor, no" then the sounds continue. And every time they come into the kitchen than I am with four feet on the floor. "I did nothing!"
Last Sunday I was really a bit upset. It was when I went to school. This happens every Sunday morning. I know exactly what's going on. Than mommy puts on the rugged shoes, takes the treat pouch and than I am outside already. Daddy opens the car, I jump in (after I've done a pee of course) and then we leave. But last Sunday the road was closed and we had to take another route. Well, it was terrible! I was totally upset. I thought it would never work. I was crying and crying and I didn't even notice that we went to school since I was so disappointed that I lay down. So when we arrived there still it was a very nice surprise.

April 1, 2009

I am now 6 months old and already a big girl. The cotton balls are a little bit gone from my ears. I can (temporarily) listen a little better to mommy and daddy.
Rolling on my back I also still think it is good to be outside. Especially when the weather is nice and the doors are open. Then I take my toys from my toy basket and drag them all out. And then Princess on the Pea I go play with other stuff that I've found outside. Let's see what went suddenly broke this week when I was around? One cushion and another cushion, one wash ball, a flowerpot and another flowerpot, a garden hose and another garden hose. And then everything that mommy and daddy don't know about. And with all these wonderful goodies I lie on the grass and roll around. This is a new hobby of mine: rolling on my back with my legs trampling in the air.
Also I 'm still more and more on my outside couch. And in the evenings I lie inside on the couch. With my head on a pillow of course. And sometimes mommy and daddy are that pillow.
I did a pee inside yet another time. It was at my grandfather and grandmother this time. I've been houstrained for a long time but it is now the second time that I pee in another house. And both times in the kitchen. That is quite peculiar. For mommy and daddy it's a mystery why I do that. (For me not of course but I don't tell them the reason.) Would it be the excitement? Who knows it may say it.
And then all these birds. Some are flying against the windows and they are very dizzy and have a headache. And then I go hunting for them. Mommy and daddy say that it is not allowed. I think this wrong of them because these birds are so easy to catch. I always try to catch the other ones but they are too fast for me.