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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Noor

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April 11, 2010

Pretending that I am at the vet Daddy look at that, they have treats! It's nice weather. So mom and dad are outside a lot now. I think that is so cosy. They also worked hard in the forest because the next activity of the Friends of the Pyrenean mountain dog takes place here. I have helped wonderfully. Mom and dad gathered all the dead wood and threw them together in a heap. And I took them off again and dragged them back. And wherever they pulled out a blackberry bush, I dug the hole a little bigger. And when my mommy was raking a trail I had my nose on the rake to see what she was doing. We found it all very pleasant.

And I am now with my dad at the dog school. We have done so for a while already but just now it is light in the evening so it can be filmed and photographed. It is a course "well behaved dog". We do not necessarily need to respond immediately on a command. The point is that we simply behave decently in society. I can already do that pretty good but I just love to go to school. Hence this course. And I am very well behaved as you can see on all photographs. Moreover dad and mom don't know exactly when puberty should begin with a Pyrenean mountain dog, but I am now in the middle it seems. I am so afraid that I have to do anything against my will. And I'm so happy outside. So every time that mom or dad Give me those threats now, otherwise it's 'teasing'  Daddy look! They are sharing treats! come outside then I suddenly pretend that something happened at the gate. And than I have to run to there. Or I go looking if I happen to see my girlfriend Ishea. Or just suddenly run away to bark.

Anyway, at that dog school they teach me to go neatly in and out of the car. Not playing with other dogs. Pretending examination at the vet. That I do not mind. I always jump straight on the table. Brushing. Be careful in traffic etc. etc.
Last week it was very bad weather so it was inside. We had to sit in a group and in the other corner of the room we were given individual instruction. There we got the exercises "swallowing pills and wait to eat until the dad says so". So I knew there were treats there and every time a dog had to go there for exercises than I stared my eyes out. I had no attention for anything else, and everyone thought I was cute. Finally we got the exercise "Do not eat from the hand of the trainer." Everyone was already laughing in anticipation. And the trainer had previously counted his fingers. I tried to pull the treats with my paw. But he did not open his hand. Eventually, I noticed that I got a piece of sausage from dad. Well that's fine too.
We have no pictures of the lesson of this week. But mom has made a movie .

And this week I have decided to take off my winter coat. Because these days the brush is full of hair with every brush they used the blow dryer on me. Well, that was a bit scary but I kept standing still. And mom also made a movie of that.

March 24, 2010

Still quite dull of the narcosis You can sleep very well with this cone I have a cone on my head! I had surgery last Monday. I am not a real woman anymore. The doctor took my ovaries. In the morning my mom took me to the doctor and she was very nervous. Immediately afterwards I received an injection and went to sleep. But just before, I quickly jumped on the counter and I swiped a few treats. My last meal was on Sunday. They had definitely forgotten that. And later I slowly woke up and I was at the doctor. And I had been vomiting a bit...those treats. And I had to cry a little. Fortunately my mom came soon. But I was still too sleepy to greet her. When I came home my instinctive stubbornness was the first thing that seemed to work well. I did not want to walk inside on my leash and remained frozen. Unfortunately I was too weak to offer much resistance. First I was dozing in the hall and then I went lie down. And when I woke I got that cone on my head. First I wanted to push it off but I couldn't. And it is really not so bad. Bended it feels quit good Nice outside and recovering from the operation It is a Comfy Cone. You can bend it sideways when I should eat and when I am close to my dad or mom. The whole afternoon, evening and night I was alternately asleep or very restless and wheezing. And I would almost crawl into my mom. She slept on a mattress in the living room and at times I had to lie on her legs, between her legs, on her belly, on her head. And on Tuesday my dad was home and it went a lot better. I had nice walks with daddy and slept on the couch with him.

And today I feel good again. Fortunately, it is warm, 20 degrees and sunny. So mom and me sat outside all day. Sometimes we took a walk and the rest I was tied to a leash. My cone is no longer a problem. He's pretty good. I can still drink from the fountain, play with my toys, chew on twigs and have a good sleep. And tomorrow my dad is home again and it is also nice weather. In this way it is not so bad to undergo an operation. It really is not nearly as hard as the OCD. And in about a week I can do everything again they say.

Last Saturday I also had my last swimming lesson. I think Jiry and Adrie will miss me a little. She had also written that in the report for my doctor. They find me charming and will-powered. And yes, that is correct of course. And she got to know me well. For I will secretly give a quotation of what Jiry wrote to my doctor: "Noor likes space and will definitely work independently. Only a few quiet instructions are enough to make her perform an excellent exercise. She is very intelligent and can obey instructions as well as give them!" Mom and dad found it very nice to read that.

March 21, 2010

It is spring. Actually, that started a few days ago. And I'm a real outdoor dog. If I can than I just want to be outside all day. Explore my forest, play or bark with the neighbours and especially have good outdoor sleeps. With my family members With Comedy I can really sleep everywhere: on the path, in the chair, on the couch, on the sidewalk, under the carport. And if I hear the word "here" that means I have to run away very hard.... I think.
And then I played a lot last week. On Sunday we drove all the way to Belgium. I stayed there when my dad and mom where on vacation. And then I had to stay in the cage. So mom and dad had said that I would return to play once I could. And that was last week. Celice did not want to play. She would show that she is the boss there by standing in the middle quiet and dignified. But Caitlin, Cath and Comedy wanted to play.
Then mom and dad went inside to eat. But I did not agree. So I tried to break out. That was impossible they said. Yes, yes, but than they do not know me well enough. So after a while and some thinking I could open the gate though. You had to pull it a little first and then simultaneously lift the lever and then quickly push it along a door, or something like that. So simple right? So there I came running with a string of other white dogs behind me.
And then they locked me in with the puppies. Well, I did not like that at all. I also wanted to go inside for lunch.

And today I finally played with my neighbour Ishea. Ishea and I are close friends from the beginning I was living there. But there is always mesh between us when we play. Ishea does not like every dog and the neighbours want to keep me in one piece so they are carefull. With my neighbour Ishea  With my neighbour Ishea Because Ishea is not so good with the other dogs in her pack. But us life stock guarding dogs we understand each other. So today the six of us went to the field around the corner. This is a huge and completely fenced area with grass, bushes, trees and a fen. Ishea and I where there and the moms and dads. First they had to see if we still were nice to each other without mesh between us. What a nonsense. We are saying for over a year now that we're friends. So we may run free. And we had so much fun together! For an hour we ran around and played. And Ishea found everything I did OK. I could even stand on her shoulders as she stood in the water (because I still don't like water) and she went lying on her back for me. Ishea played like she has never played with another dog. Well that was about time! Now we may often enjoy playing with each other. We just understand each other very well and we know exactly what we can do together and how far we can go. Well, very far. And for Ishea it's very nice that she has a girlfriend, and also at her size, to play with.

March 12, 2010

Zwemdiploma It's been a long time since I have written in my diary. That's because there are not so many new things happening in my life. But that will change soon they say. Therefore I will tell you some old stuff.
Resting Sometimes I make mom and dad very proud and then sometimes they find me very annoying. I cannot imagine the latter at all. They are proud of me because I've got a very nice swimming certificate. I will still swim for a few times and then I quit. Which I find very sad because now I am already crying of joy when we park at the swimming pool. I like it so much! But there will be other fun things instead they say.

Further more I walk more and more now that I am completely recovered. I also have learned the phenomenon of "the big loop". This is a loop around our house and that is a tour of four kilometres. Then I walk four kilometres ahead on my leash. Let's go! Hurry up!
Don't you forget someone?
And then mommy went with me to the moor again. She unleashed me as I always could before I was operated. But this time, she loosened the leash and I ran in a straight line and went off like a rocket. I was gone. And I did not return. My mommy totally panicked. So then she thought: "I will show that panic because then someone might react." So she yelled and shouted my name. And it helped because there came a runner who told mom that her dog was playing with a big sweet white dog. Mommy was overjoyed that she had found me again. But now I no longer may run free when she is alone with me.

And then for a few weeks already I am going with my dad to the dog school. Last spring we had to quit because of my surgery and now we started again. I am always very good at school. I can obey very well when I want that. But lately I start to have a mind of my own. Why must you lie IN your bed? This is also very nice? Last Wednesday my mommy attached a new dog tag to my collar. She had bought me a very nice luxury, and therefore quite expensive tag. At the dog school we had to do the exercise where you have to run to your dad amidst a line of other dogs. I always do so well. First the trainer holds me down but he rarely succeeds. I'm really much too strong. And then I run like a rocket to my dad (and to the cheese that he has in his hands.) This time there was a dog that did not run to his mom but who was running around the field. And his mom and the trainer called and called. But they could not get that dog and then we went on with the lesson. So I had to run to daddy. But I thought, "I can do what that dog can do." So I went like a rocket after that dog. And then we ran together on the field. We ran through other classes and between the other people who were shouting. And when we nearly were caught then we ran away again. "Catch me if you can ..... swish!" Well that was quite a spectacle. And dad felt very much like a fool. And that other woman had given up already. And when I finally came back I had lost my beautiful, pretty Feliz and I expensive tag. I had it for exactly two hours. Mom regretted that very much. But the nice gentleman from the store is going to send me another one. Mom and dad think that this is very good service.

Mom and dad were very proud of me when a new dog came to visit me. She is called Feliz and is 11 months old. My grandfather and grandmother took her from the shelter. She is very afraid of everything really, but she does like to play. Because grandpa and grandma have just old dogs they took Feliz to me, to play and run. But she was still very scared and did not want to play and definitely not run. And I noticed that so well! And again I showed that I am a very social dog. I adjusted my behaviour to Feliz so she could go her own way. Mom and dad are so proud of my character. I am so good in understanding dog language. So I let Feliz sniff quietly. I thought it was a pitty that she didn't want to play because I wanted it very much, but it will come down later.

February 7, 2010

Then and now

I have not much to tell so I show a few "then and now" pictures. One is from my swimming. I have learned so much. I already told about that last week but now there is a movie, where you can see how well I can swim nowadays. I still don't like to go into the water myself. ... Makes the wheel. (And has to pee.) Uncle Aad, I use you as a stepping stone. Is that alright? But you can see that I already make swimming movements before I'm in the water. And what is better seen in the real than on the movie, is that if I may swim free than I turn and push my legs to the side and swim as fast as I can towards the treats. The people always laugh about that.
Click here for the movie about my swimming lesson.
Hopefully soon will I get more muscle and volume. Because I've already been to a show a few times, and good judges still see that I am running behind in my development. And that is of course because of my recovery. I'm still a little bit of a small doggy, even compared to my younger colleagues. But with my face I got every ones nice attentions. And that's actually the most important for mom and dad. They themselves are also completely in love with my naughty but sweet face.

Today I had "very good" but I got two things to highlight. Mom and dad were pleased that for the first time my report said: "Makes the wheel". With our kind of dogs it is a plus when you make a circle of your tail while running a lap. But me myself find that rather useless. Furthermore I did not want to run laps. Later mom and dad realized that I really had to pee. During some shows you are only allowed to urinate on the sidewalk and I don't want to do that since I'm clean! So on our way to the car I ran fast when I saw the first patch of grass: "That's a relieve!"
And then there was another thing mentioned in my report. I need to have more substance and weight. Well, I know how I should interpret that: "Mom and dad, the judge says I must eat more, so what are we waiting for?" I have already demonstrated this after the show when I climbed on chairs and laps to get to the syrup waffles and dog treats.
For now we finished showing. But in the future we will go again. And who knows by than I am very beautiful and fully grown.

Then and now

January 30, 2010

I can swim all right! Swimming along the edge is a bit safer
My mom has recently been so busy with the Friends of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog that she has almost no time to type my diary. And even while so much fun and exciting things have happened.
First I have finally learned how to swim. Those stupid people finally understand what I've said all along: I do not want to swim with a swim vest. I find that scary. But without it I can swim very well. I won't say that I like to swim but I sure can do it very well.
I'm not going into the pool by myself. Not even for treats. It is not that I want to do swimming. But the attention, the atmosphere, the treats, the massages, make it very worthwhile. Once they have lifted me in the water I can swim very well. And on my own. I have to swim a lap and than I get treats. And I've also learned that if I turn, I have to push hard with my legs against the edge and than I reach the standing-platform and the treats much faster. No, I'm not stupid huh?
Playing with Knoet Run and make heads turn And then on January 24. That was such a nice day! Then we went hiking with 26 white colleagues and a few different colored colleagues. I loved it! We have all enjoyed this so much. All other dogs thought it was great. And the owners loved it. It was a fantastic day. We went hiking near Apeldoorn. All of us! And many of us were free. Me too! I've had so much fun. Do you know that this is the first time in seven months that I could play with other dogs? I've played with my half brother Knoet. And I ran behind many other dogs. Even five weeks after my "womens thing" the men still found me very attractive. They all really wanted to crawl on me. I was so fed up with that at one point I went angry with them. Because I just wanted to play. Since my legs still need a little rest and the men needed some rest as well I was put on the leash. But the fun was not less. And later I walked a little more with just Peluche and her mom Marjolein and with my mom, so that I could run free again. Peluche and I have played tirelessly with each other. I hope we have more of such nice days in the future. And now here in my diary are just a few pictures, but there are more than 100 photos on the picture page of the Friends of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog .
With a lot of colleagues
And then it became winter again. It is nice that it returned now that my legs are totally fine again. Normally I really like to sleep late in the morning but today I was so eager to go outside. And my dad and I can now enjoy a snowball fight together. That is so cool!

Winter again Snowball fight Playing with dad

January 21, 2010

It's been a while since I wrote in my diary. And quite some things happened in the meantime. The most important thing is that I lead a normal life again since a week. I am really happy about that. Mommy and daddy have removed the barriers, the ice has melted and I can go outside now, where I want, as much as I want and do what I want.
Mommies favourite picture I am the happiest dog in the world!
It was still exciting since on December 13 I strained my back leg. Mommy and daddy were totally frustrated. Since my surgery in early August, I have limped for just one day. And when I finally, finally, could be free I hurt my leg and it takes (took) many weeks.
Here's how it was. When I went running, or playing, or be crazy, I could do that well and I was fine. Then there was nothing noticeable. Then I went resting. And when I got up I limped. Sometimes a little stiff, sometimes I could hardly stand. And when I started walking it was soon well again. Usually after 100 meters of walking, the limping was gone. For days there was nothing wrong and then I ran for 5 minutes and limping after resting again. I could only walk on a leash. As long as I walked on the leash, all was fine. But if I was free for just a few minutes it started again.
Mommy and daddy were very depressed. Three times in the past weeks we have been to the doctor. And every time that he saw me I walked perfect and I had no pain. The doctor thought every time that a muscle or tendon is strained. We had already made X-rays of my good hips and knees. But mommy and daddy thought that this strain takes then a very long time.
But we now assume that nothing can damage permanent.
With daddy in the ring in Hoogstraten Mommy and daddy now think of a chicken-and-egg situation. For six months I have done almost nothing. So my muscles are weak and not flexible. And so I injure soon and therefore I need to rest and my muscles remain weak. So after the third doctor's visit, they let me go.
And as long as my neighbours dogs are not outside I am calm and I can recover slowly. But if the neighbours are outside I get crazy. Then my ears shut down and I run along the fence. I am not to be caught until the neighbours go away. The first times it always went wrong with my leg after this.
But today I had the ultimate test. Mommy and neighbour wanted to see if we could get calm by ourselves. Well, that worked if it was not 5 to 1. Because every time I had set it straight with one neighbour, another neighbour came over to instigate me. And so I have run for 15 minutes. I was broken. Completely exhausted. My condition is still not what it once was. But no limping! And I was even outside for about the whole day.
Mommy and daddy now think they have done well by letting me free. And I totally agree. Things are clearly going better and better. I get stronger physically and mentally I'm much happier and mommy thinks that this happiness also contributes to my physical recovery.

With mommy in the finals Furthermore I again participated in a show. That was in Hoogstraten in Belgium. Showing is tiring, but cosy This time daddy tried to go with me in the ring. And that was a success! I got an "Excellent" for the first time. That is the highest you can get. And because I was the only junior of the Pyrenean mountain dogs, I was also the best junior. And so I could go in the ring for the finals at the end of the show. That was fun. Even when the judge did not look at me once, it was still great.

And to emphasize that I live a normal life again, yesterday I went to school again. That was so cool! I was crying from happiness. And I also went swimming again. This time they did not put that scary lifejacket on me but a simple harness. And it went so well. I swam so well! My swimming teachers, mommy and daddy were screaming with enthusiasm. More on the swimming and the school later. Otherwise this will be a very long story.

The only thing else I must tell you is the aftermath of the fireworks. That was a while ago and it made the depression of mommy and daddy even bigger. It was on January 6. Mommy went with me to the library. And outside of the library there was an ice track with many skating children and music. And there was a "bang" in a truck. What exactly happened we will never know, but I was in complete panicking. Such panic! I almost put my mommy on the floor, I just wanted to flee. And when I couldn't I shaked like a leaf. Mommy first attempted to be a little therapeutic and went with me to the ice to watch and be pet by the children. But nothing helped. She needed all her strength to drag me forward. And I did nothing but tremble with every muscle in my body. At home it was not better. I was shaking, pacing, panting and staring at the ceiling. There was no contact possible with me. Mommy and daddy did not recognize me. It was like a strange unfamiliar dog went into the house.
The next day it was not quite over, but it all went a bit better. A day later a bit more better. The owner of Lana even came to bring me special pills. But they were not needed. Because after two or three days it was over. And so far it has not returned. They took me to many places on perpose but it is all over. I am not afraid of sounds anymore.
But they still keep the pills for the coming New Year. And tomorrow we receive a CD with noises that we've got to practice.

But everything will be all right because I finally lead a normal life. And that makes me physically and mentally so good!

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to all the readers of my diary!
2009 was my first year and it started well, and we have very much enjoyed it, but it was also very much about OCD. So mom always says to me that 2010 will be my year. My vacation to Switzerland has already been booked. And maybe there will be a lot more.
I did not do too much in the past weeks but that is how it should be. The holidays started with presents. We got gifts from Giusto and his mom and dad, Jukka and Sari. And we got a Christmas card from them that they have purchased and sent to us from the home of Santa Claus in Finland. Because they were there on holiday in their own winter cottage. They've got very special moments with the sun just briefly above the horizon up there North of the Arctic Circle. Who knows I will stay there too one day. Because 2010 is going to be my year right?
And we had sent gifts to Giusto and Jukka and Sari. They also opened them at Christmas. That can be seen here. At December 25th of course. I'm really happy with my pretty pink pig. And Giusto is very pleased with his Delfts Blue "wooden" shoe.

A Christmas gift A Christmas gift

I had a very nice holiday. I've walked, played and cuddled. I've had a lot of quality-time.

Playing with my dad Cuddling with my mom

And I still had time left to do a comparative study:

Comparative study

I do not like fireworks! And then it was New Year's Eve. We were loading the car. And what we packed! Bull tendons, rawhides, my pink piggy, food bowl, food, leash, another leash, cage, bed, fireworks, gourmet-set, camera. We went to friends to eat and then play games and then light fireworks. I had been really good. At first I lay in my bed for a while with some chew bones. And then it got very smoky and very hot inside so the door to the garden was opened a little. And now I walked in and out as I wanted. There were all bangs and flashes but I didn't care. I had found the bread for the birds and the toys of the cats. And I took them inside to the brand new couch, but I was not allowed on the couch so that was a bit difficult. I was still very good and did not steal. But everywhere and every time I sniffed and when mom and dad said "Ah, ah, ah" I stopped immediately. They thought that I listened very well (except for the couch of course).
And then around 23:30 I had a pee in the garden. I was just about finished and then there was a loud blast! And the sky was completely orange. I was so terrified. I ran against the fence but I could not get away. And then I quickly ran inside. That was safe but I was still looking at the ceiling. That amused mom and dad very much.
But they decided to put me in my cage at midnight to be sure. Blanket over it, because the cage was in a conservatory with a glass roof. So daddy went outside and mommy put me in my cage. But there were more bangs and flashes and I wanted out! I pushed my nose against the doors so mommy took me out again. And I was scared and curious at the same time and I had to protect my daddy. So I insisted to go out into the street. But when I stuck my head out the door and saw all this violence I could not stand it anymore. I was so afraid! I went back inside and I just didn't know where I would be safe. Behind the table? Under the table? Behind the couch? Mommy thought I would throw everything upside down and I pulled her along the house as good as I could. And than suddenly I saw my cage and went in there quickly, and we did not even have the chance to unleash me. Mommy was so nice to close the door and that was a lot safer. This time I did not want to get out. And she put a chair in front of my cage so I could not look outside, switched on all the lights so it did not flash that much and put some music on. I was still gasping from the stress! After a while mom went outside and sometimes they came inside to watch me. I was calmer and had lay down.
But this misery does not fancy me. And at 01.00 hours was actually the plan to go visit other acquaintances on foot. But there were still a few bangs and I was still scared and pulled my daddy towards every house we passed, because within it is safe. So than daddy stayed inside with me and mommy left for a while.
And today I am still quite tired of all these impressions.

24 december 2009

I am taking it easy these days. Playing in the snow, hiking, eating and resting with my daddy on the couch.
Through this link you can look at pictures of my winterly adventures

Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear!

Our Christmas card of this year. How I have grown in the past year!

December 20, 2009

At the judge Today I went to the Christmas Show in Wijchen. Mommy likes to practice showing me. And well, that is desperately needed you might say. She really cannot do this very well. This was also her first time and for me the third already. However I did really very well. And I was alone in my class so it was all made up in advance that I would be first no matter what.
And I did it so well. Mommy is very good in running laps with me and she likes that very much. But letting me stand beautiful is something that she doesn't fully understand and she was already nervous for that in advance. So when the judge said right away during the first minutes that my (operated) foot turned outside she was already nervous. Then she went tugging me and that made it worse. So I wanted to help her by standing correct. But then she went back to the tugging. And then the judge said to my mom that I did it right. He said: "She was not comfortable so she corrected it herself but now you put her out of balance again." And then he also said: "What you are doing is stressing out all the weak points of your dog." He meant very well though. He also told how it should be done properly. Me with my medal And that she should not move me anymore once I come to a standstill. I am standing quit good on my own. Then the ringmaster also gave directions. "See if you pull her a little forward with the leash then she's probably standing right." I was still number oneOr something like that. It took hours all in all (at least in the head of mommy) and she got more and more nervous and sweating, although they were very nice to give advice for the next time. And it went from bad to worse. Mommy got it very warm and could only think: "When can we go running since at least that goes well?" And that did indeed go very well. I did not dance but we have run fabulous together. And then my mom stood behind the plate with the 1. I had done it "Excellent", but mommy had done it "Moderate". So that's probably the reason why together we had a "Very Good". I had a very nice report though, which makes mom and dad very happy, and I took home a beautiful medal. And also a nice big bone. And oh well, it's just like the Olympic Games. Later they only remember who was on the 1.
Mom has probably not much natural talent for something like this (unlike me) so she needs to practice. But mommy is very happy with the fact that there is some progress after my rehabilitation. Uncle Aad and Aunt Marina found that I really have gained a lot more body since the Winner. And they thought that I had done very well today. And they know a lot about these things. So hopefully I get there some day. We need to have patience.

December 19, 2009

On my outside bench in the snow Where shall I start? With the snow, the paper, the tracking or the walking? Well let's start with the paper. I find it wonderful to steal paper. And chew it wet until they fall apart and the pieces fly off. I steal all kinds of paper: shopping vouchers, receipts, money ..... Oh oh.
And walking. Well I think there is nothing wrong with that. But mommy and daddy are always talking about behaviour they know from earlier days, of Lot they say. Look, if you start a walk than your tail points toward the house. And than it goes so well. Then I run and run. So hard that the mom and dad sometimes can not keep up with me. But the second half of a walk your nose points toward the house. And that's such a big difference. I can't walk that way. Then I itch so much. Then I always sit down and scratch myself. And I have very much sniffing to do, many birds to watch, pause to listen if I hear cows, etc. etc. etc.

Running at the field of the neighbours And it is starting to snow! I really wanted to play outside and had to cry terrible. Actually I still cannot really play outside because of my legs. (Always that whining about those legs!) I must wait until February 1th before I can do everything again. But because mom and dad think that I am actually already very much cured they let me play a little. At first I was in my own forest because mommy had seen the neighbours go away to their running field. That was a shame because I was ready to challenge them. But I have entertained myself.
And today I was allowed to go to the running field of my neighbours. And that was so cool! I had to run, run, run. A mountain dog I was only made of adrenaline and legs. My ears didn't work and when I was around then I really did not stop to take something from the treats bag. Mom and dad always felt that I am very good at tracking. And now since there is snow, they suddenly know what I always smell. Because I put my nose in each step of a rabbit, a cat, a dog and anything else.
I also am a "woman" for the second time. I am so busy with that. I must wash myself so well. A few times a day I think: "Oops, what tickles me so suddenly?" And then I quickly inspect myself. But even with a lot of washing I cannot get rid of everything. Mommy must also wash the floors and walls very thoroughly.
Now I am not allowed to swim for the rest of the year. Mom and dad find that a pitty. Well, me not, although I started to find it very nice. And swimming is no longer scary. I still don't like it but I know that once I get wet I get a lot of attention and treats. And the last time I was there, was the first time that I was playing with a toy. So they say it is going to be okay.

December 6, 2009

My (birth) day dish I think the cheese is the best Today I live exactly one year with my mommy and daddy. On December 6, 2008 I still woke up in the morning with Harald, Edda, Helledussen, Hilde and Henning. Edda went away very early with my other mommy Beate and the rest of us went outside to play together in the snow. And then my daddy lifted me up and put me in the car for a very long journey of two days. I did not know then that they were my mommy and daddy but later I did. And how much we have been through together in one year! Housetraining, a persistent bladder infection, falling into the pond, going to the dog school, together on holiday, going through a very long and difficult rehabilitation after an operation, making trips together, we went to the market, walking on the moor, digging large holes, destroying cushions, destroying more cushions, destroying pillows, destroying dog beds, lying on top of the table, going to work with daddy, so many things. But above all, giving many kisses, and cuddling with daddy and (especially) with mommy. We grew to love each other so much this year. We really can't miss each other anymore. And because mommy and daddy had missed my first birthday, they sang "Happy Birthday" for me today. And I got a big plate of snacks. To toast to a wonderful year together.

November 28, 2009

In the hotel room Yesterday we went to Amsterdam by car. Mommy and daddy and I were going to sleep in a hotel room. There were several other dogs in the hotel. And the hotel was situated on a river and across that river were farms with more dogs. So I found it all very exciting. Therefore I did not sleep on the floor this time but between my mom and dad on bed all night. I've slept really delicious. Mom and dad just a little bit but they thought it was very cosy. And sometimes I had to bark a little at night because I heard other dogs barking.
And the next morning we went for a short drive and then we came to a big hall. It was called the Winner Show in Amsterdam. We went parking, along with many other dogs and their owners. Mom, dad and I have all three stared our eyes out. A long line of carts and dogs. So many dogs in all shapes and sizes! And what those people carried with them! Tents on wheels containing dogs, entire dressing tables on wheels, cages on wheels with dogs in it. Big dogs, small dogs and especially many pooping dogs and all those wheels riding through it. And then there were also many dogs that cannot cope with other dogs. Or would they have owners, who cannot cope with other owners? With uncle Aad in the show ring For many times as I wanted to sniff at another dog my mommy got a growl from their owner. "Away! No!" But we were walking head to butt there. How should you stay off of the buttocks of your predecessor?

When we were inside I was put in a cage. That was not fun at first but then came many acquaintances of mine who were also put in cages. And sometimes we were out of the cages. And then we went shopping among endless racks of toys and sweets. And suddenly there was sometimes very loud talking through the hall. This is called a speaker they said. I was startled. And they were playing the National Anthem.
Anyway I thought it was a big happening. I saw poodles in the form of boxwood trees and powder puffs with ladies dressed in silk evening gowns who went drinking champagne and eating grapes. "That's what the Romans did already," my mommy said to me.
I was number 4 And then I had to run circles with uncle Aad. And I thought it was so fun with uncle Aad. That is really my favourite uncle, so I went with him and started dancing and playing. Uncle Aad had his hands full with me. And then I needed to stand at a sign with a 4 on it. And then I was finished. "You've made a mess of it," they told me. That's not true, I'd just enjoyed myself today, only with other things than what the people had previously had in mind. So? I did just much more prefer doggy dancing today.
But what do you want? For the first time in such a huge show with all these new impressions that you all have to process in your mind. That's just too overwhelming for dogs. I was so excited of it all. And oh yes, mommy and daddy still could smile with me. They had thought that I recuperated so much over the last weeks. But when they saw me with the other dogs, they saw that I still need a little more recuperation. But they were happy that I had fun. I'm still a bit of a tiny thing compared to my peers. But if you see me just by myself it is not that bad. We have had a very nice time together. And we went home with pockets full of sweets for me. And a cool toy. So it was a very successful weekend.

November 22, 2009

At the hairdresser What should I tell about what happened last week? Well, first I escaped, for the first time in my life. I was free in my forest. Sometimes if my neighbours are not at home, or still sleeping, then I may return home from the gate to walk without a leash. Cool! I can run and go to corners where mommy and daddy can not go because there is so much undergrowth. And suddenly one morning I was gone. One minute she still saw me run behind the bushes and then no more. So mommy called and called again and there I came across the meadow to run back home. It appeared there was a tiny hole in the fence behind the bushes. I saw that and I could get through. But on the other side of the fence I could not find it again so it was a bit scary and I was running harder and harder to come back. What they thought that was very clever of me was that while I was on the outside of the fence I ran around our entire property. While I have never been there before I recognized it. I kept on following our own fence. But I had nowhere to go in again. I had to jump over a ditch and then suddenly there was a door open, which I've never known it was a door. From that moment on I think that corner with that door is suddenly very interesting.
A few days later I could be free again but mommy thought: "She does not do that again." So she quickly went into the kitchen for a piece of sausage and then ran back outside to show it to me. I was very good and came inside. An hour later mommy thought: "Where is that sausage? Really a big round sausage! ". And then she suddenly remembered that she had left it on the counter and not much later she came to me because I sounded like I was gagging or something. But when she saw me she couldn't notice anything wrong with me. Hahaha.

Then I also have been to the hairdresser with mommy. Because the hairdresser had been asking several times if she would bring me. But one time I had a half yearly female ailment. And then I had to sit in my cage. So now it was the right time. They found me very beautiful and sweet and pretty and of course with a great hairstyle. I showed myself from my best side. Especially since mommy brought a large rawhide bone. The hairdresser had sometimes to step over me to cut mommies hair. The other hairdresser was petting me while I had my bone. But I didn't mind that.

And I went swimming again. The third time. Mommy and daddy were amazed how happy I was to arrive there. I had to make excited sounds. And I just walked inside. I like it there very much. Only the bowl of water is still not so attractive to me. But I am no longer afraid. I just know now: OK, that's also part of the deal. I must just move through the water with my legs and than I get very much attention, many cookies, a nice bone and great massages. My swimming teacher thought I stretched my legs beautiful. Not from the knees and elbows but all the way from the hips and the shoulders.
This time we have no pictures but a movie. You can see that here. And you see I'm very confident in Adrie. We really love each other.

November 14, 2009

I want out! The safe corner Today was my second swimming lesson at Good Nature in Vorstenbosch . But it almost did not happen, which I really would not have mind. My swim teacher Jiry has hurt her back. And so she looked for other hydro-therapists for me. But mommy was so pleased with Jiry that she really wanted to stay with Good Nature. And she thought that it was important that I would stay here at the same pool and not take a few weeks break. She was afraid that I would dislike swimming even more than. So she called and agreed with Jiry that we are only swimming on Saturdays. Then daddy can go too and than there is also an intern there. Everyone thought that was a good idea, but my opinion was not sought.
I am swimming a little already Daddy went first in the water and it quickly became clear that even cheeses and sausages can not persuade me to step on the ramp, let alone into the water. So I was lifted. The first time I was still panicking and I was struggling very hard to get out. But if I am calm then I may go back in the safe corner where I can stand. I understood this very quickly. So this time it was really much better than the first time.
After the coffee break also Adrie the intern went into the water with me. And meanwhile I was too tired to protest, and between two strong men I feel pretty safe, so I thought: 'Let's not trample but make swimming movements. Well, that made them all very excited. It is not my hobby still but the panic is over. Mommy and daddy can't wait to go again next week. Yeah, yeah ....
It went really so much better than last week. There is still fear, but the panic is gone. And that is quite something. And once outside the pool I do not need to go away. I think it is all still very interesting. And if you get out there is always a nice bone to eat during drying. And because I had done my best and because I am so big, I got two bones this time.
Because I had trampled so much my swim teacher said that I may get muscle pain. And if the joint is hot then I have worked a bit too much. But I've had no problems at all. I was just very tired and spent the whole evening on the couch. I did not get up for anything, just for food.
Mommy thinks that the pictures that she took today are so nice and so well that she put them here.

November 8, 2009

Until this moment it was very nice Yesterday, they fooled me! "We're going to do something fun", said my mommy. And then we went to that nice lady that I had already met on Wednesday. Wednesday was fun. That lady cuddled me, and I had to give kisses to her and I got treats. And they've got a big bowl of water. I found it very interesting.
So yesterday when I came back there I thought it was fun. I got more treats. And then they put me in a weird red vest. Well, OK. And than that lady put on a strange suit as well. Fine be me. Then she went into the bowl of water. Also fine. And I got nice treats. Also good. But I could not reach some of them because she kept them above the water. And well, I really do not go in water. So after I already had half a bucket of treats, they found that it was time to give me a helping hand.
Scary!! She pulled me into the water and I wanted out! I stamped my feet and almost all the water splashed against the ceiling. That was even more frightening and I stamped harder to get out. And then even more scary splashes came. And sometimes I managed to get my feet on the edge of the pool. Then came my mommy and put my legs into the water again. And the lady held me very tight. And then she put me into a corner where I could stand and she cuddled me. There I got calm.
And then I had to go back into the pool. My eyes were quite wide with fear. When I could go out I was happy again. I walked a couple of times from the door to mommy and back again. "Mom, we are ready huh? Shall we go?" But then the lady and mommy talked. There are swimmers and non-swimmers. And I'm with the latter group. For the latter group it takes about three sessions before they are going to like it. But the lady says that all dogs are going to like it. And the lady said that I also need to experience the confidence that she will always hold me close, so that I don't need to be afraid. And then she went into the pool again and tried to lure me with biscuits. Well, I'm really not stupid huh. I did not want any more treats. Mommy says the next time she will bring cheese and sausage. Well, we will see about that. So then they lifted me back into the pool again. Scary! But to be honest, it was a little less scary than the first time. I still had a lot of stamping to do and said "I want out". But I was calmer slightly sooner this time. And in the safe corner I even dare to take a little look around me.
Mommy had meanwhile become soaking wet. That nice lady had said that mommy could wear an apron but she thought it would not be necessary. Well, she was soaking wet. If she had gone in the water too then she could not have been wetter. There are even no pictures of my splashing. Weird huh? Even her underwear was soaked. The next time mommy takes an extra set of clothes with her. But after I was in the water two times I've got a nice bone to chew. I have nibbled it while I lie comfortably on a mat and a towel.
In the evening, I was a little bit limping. Just a tiny little bit, but they say that next time I can better go swimming than trampling.

So happy

On the running field On the running field But this morning my legs were all just fine again. And it is also great weather. Nice cool and sunny. Well my neighbors have a piece of forest of over 10.000 m2. But one block away they also hire a running-patch. Well patch? The property there is over 30.000 m2. All pyr-proof with a solid fence 2 meters high. And I may also use it. Mommy and daddy thought it would be a good idea to go over there. For I can really stretch my legs there for a change. And I can run in a straight line there. It was so cool! I had such a good run. Mommy and daddy felt that it is very good for me. It is completely covered with grass and has no obstacles so good for my legs. There is a small piece of forest there plus a little picnic table where people can have a good view. What a superb place. Hopefully they hire it for a long time. For now at least a few years more. After ten minutes my ears worked again and they could catch me. But I did not run for ten minutes. I needed to sniff the smells of my neighbours a lot.
But instead of loosing energy I just got more energy. I want also run free in my own grove. Maybe I can on Wednesdays, mommy says. Then the neighbors are always away. Not too hasty, they say. But now that I tasted freedom it really tastes for more. And now I walk for hours through the house and cry because I want to go outside.

Oh yes, and mommy has put some more pictures of me here .

November 1, 2009

Mom and dad find it very scary that I am now suddenly allowed to do this I am loose, I am free, I am happy! Wednesday we went to the doctor again. This time only mommy and me. And the doctor would examine me but I found that really scary. The doctor told my mommy that she had to take care for this because I might bite the doctor if this got worse. But that's not true though. Mommy knows I never would do that. And I am not afraid of other doctors. And see. Just a few minutes later the doctor could examine me and I gave him some kisses.
Mom and dad find it very scary that I am now suddenly allowed to do this And the doctor said to my mommy that I could be free again. Mommy got tears in her eyes but I just licked them away. You can read here what the doctor told us. I understood nothing of what they said but when I got home I could suddenly go off my leash. We went to the patch of forest with the hill and my leash was off. And I could run and dig. I was so happy! I just did not know what to do. Then we went inside and my mommy pushed my cage out of the living room.Beautiful girl eh? I stood there staring at her. I know what that means. I don't have to go in there anymore.
And that's good because I've totally rediscovered my bed. I can lie in there so deliciously. Unfortunately I now suffer a week from loud exploding spray poop. Every time when I get boiled chicken and rice it is over. But when I get my meat or dry food it starts again. So now mommy and daddy are going to build it up slower. But because of my spray poop my mommy has slept on the couch a few nights. And then she saw me lying in my bed all night. I can really take any position in there.
And now my mommy has taught me a new word: "bed". Every time she says that word I go lie in my bed quickly and get a treat. I like to learn new things! I am really very smart. And I am so clever that I choose when I use my skills (or not).
I have changed so much in a few days they say. Well I disagree. I'm just back at my good old self. I had just changed when I needed to be in my cage so much but now I'm the same again. And you know what? Now that I am myself again I am not so terribly ADHD when I'm loose. I'm just a lot calmer. Only other dogs. Since I still can not go to them. And then I get so wild and angry that mommy and daddy are very afraid for my leg.
Yesterday the puppies of MacThree visited us. And guess what? Now the pups stayed in the cage and I was free. So when I visited them I must be in the cage and vice versa. I get it: visitors should go into the cage.

October 22, 2009

Lana is lying next to me These chairs are annoying Lana and I could have been girlfriends easily, if I wouldn't be on the leash or in the cage the whole time. Because Lana is sleeping much closer to my cage these days. And when I go walking outside of the gate then Lana is always at the fence barking. Not that she wants to go for a walk outside the gate, because she doesn't like that. But she wants us to come back and have fun together. And when I go back inside the gate, she challenges me to play. But unfortunately I still am not allowed.
And now and then we lie together in the living room on our backs with our legs spread wide. Lana also wraps her legs around her nose very cute. But mommy can never make a picture of that because Lana does not like taking pictures. Then it flashes and then she thinks there is a thunderstorm. And she is afraid of thunderstorms. So mommy always gets just one chance for a photo.
And now and then Lana goes outside for a long time and I can be free in the living room. And because there are seats in the couch and into the hole to the kitchen, mommy thinks that sometimes she can work at the computer with the door open and trust her ears. Wrong! So she came back into the living room yesterday and I climbed on the couch without making a sound. But those seats are really annoying blocking my moves. Why is that? How can I sleep Standing nice Between the legs of Lana like this? Mommy had to laugh so hard and she took a lot of pictures of me. Then she quickly send a couple of these by email. She heard no sound in the living room. A few minutes later she came back. And then I was in another chair. And she was laughing so hard again. Luckily at such moments I am careful with my legs. So that is not so bad. Next week I return to my doctors in Almkerk. We are all very curious what they will say.
And then last Sunday I also went to Uncle Aad and Aunt Marina. They had a reunion of the puppies. I was very calm with the puppies but I was also a lot in my cage. I really was upset by that when everyone was on the grass to do show training. So I had to cry. All spectators tried to comfort me but I could only be comforted by my own mommy. But she was taking pictures all the time. A collection of those can be seen here. And I was allowed to do a little show training too. Mommy ran a little with me. She thought it was not too bad as she would run with me as much as I sometimes have to do at the check up with the doctor. That was cool! Unfortunately it was soon over. And then I had to stand in position as they call it. Well, for me it is just: I stop running and than I am standing beautifully.

October 14, 2009

We have yet to get used to each other We have yet to get used to each other One day you have nothing to write and than suddenly a lot of things happen in your life. I enjoyed a few wonderful days after my return home. Mom and dad were at home so I could stay a lot outside of my cage. I sometimes ran with a toy. And sometimes I was with my legs on the kitchen counter but it wasn't all too bad.
And then suddenly on Sunday Lana came to visit. I know her from the past. I always want to play with Lana but Lana is a bit of an old grumbler. She does not like busy young dogs that much. And I wanted to show Lana that I'm the boss. So I always put my leg on her back. But she won't play. And when she lies down I go to her to sniff. That is sometimes OK and sometimes not. But I should not touch her with a paw. Then she gets angry. But yes, I try to do that every hour anyway. And that ends in jumping on my part and I may not do that. Sometimes I have to get in my cage and sometimes I am calm quickly.
Lana continues to stay with us. I just returned from a vacation and than another dog comes to stay with us. But I find it very interesting and fun. Sometimes it seems that we are going to be pretty good friends. Because in the mornings and when they come home I do not need to greet my dad. Even my mom I do not greet so much. No, I would like to run to Lana. And Lana is as keen to greet me even if she don't want to show that. And today Lana would even want to play with me. She is suddenly getting young again in her old days. I was on the leash outside and mommy had a hard time holding me tight. This is very sad. I may not play, and Lana who now finally wants to as well, may also not play. My mom and dad really curse my disease now.
They find us a comical couple. Lana is eight years older than me and was the quietest of the litter. And I was the most energetic from my litter. So I currently live 20 gears higher than Lana. I am a very small energetic jumpy busy little lady compared to Lana. And I am also much finer built and thinner and a real youngster compared to this grand old lady. And even my hair is now lost by the shedding. Mommy and daddy now call me "wisp". They weighed me but I still gained 1kg in the last five weeks. So it is really because my coat is vanished by the shedding, that I a now look and feel so skinny.
We both very much like cheese I find Lana very interesting And I've experienced a new emotion: jealousy. I find it sometimes difficult when Lana gets attention and me not. Especially when I sit in my cage. But mom and dad find that understandable. Also I am now totally focused on food. I eat in the living room and Lana in the utility room. Lana does not like eating so that takes ages. I eat very fast and then, when I get the chance, I run to the utility room. But that door is always closed. Until that one time that Lana really not ate her food. Then I ate the rest. Well, that brought a change in Lana. She suddenly likes her food as well. And I really should not come near her food because then she gets angry. But well, it's my house and I'm not afraid so I do try it ...
And sometimes I'm inside and Lana is outside. For a while that is not so bad and mom and dad find it nice and quiet. But then I suddenly stand in front of the window crying. Mommy and daddy get also sad. Then I may go outside on my leash to go look for Lana.
Together in the living room is fine. I do not mind if I'm in my cage and Lana is not. Lana is always quiet on the floor. My biggest hobby is now: watching what Lana is doing.

October 8, 2009

So happy I haven't written in my diary for a long time. That's because I've been on holiday because my mommy and daddy were also on vacation. I was with my uncle Aad and aunt Marina. And my cousins, big Caldo and the puppies. Here is where I was. I still need to stay in my cage. That was very sad. Mommy and daddy had hoped that I would have a very nice holiday with my friends where I could play so much that I wouldn't miss them. But unfortunately this was not the case. I did receive many good quality time however. And they took very good care of me. I was a bit of a tie because of my rehabilitation.
But luckily I may still come back. And the next time I will be better again and I can enjoy playing outside. Then my aunt Marina also can go out to the store or so during my vacation.
Last night my mommy and daddy came back. They showed up so suddenly that I first did not recognize them. I just had not expected them. But soon I saw who had come in and then I was so happy! I have never been so happy before. First I had to stay in my cage because I was so crazy but I wanted to touch them. They tried to keep me calm but obviously they couldn't. I was crazy for really 20 minutes, wagging and squeaking and giving kisses. Then I could finally lay down on the couch between my mommy and daddy of course.
Get rid of those suitcase labels Nice grooming And after I said goodbye we went home. I really enjoyed sleeping in the backseat. And how much I loved uncle Aad and aunt Marina, Home Sweet Home. I'm so happy to be home. Last night I had to sniff at everything. And especially at the suitcases that were suddenly in the living room. And when I finished I lay on the couch with a very happy face.
Mommy and daddy now have put chairs in the couch and placed some in the hole to the kitchen. But that's not bad since I find my bed also very cosy. And I don't need to be so much in my cage they say. As long as they are at home anyway. This morning I had to run from window to window though because I saw the cows outside but for the rest it goes very well. I have not lost my behaviours. Because I nicked a nice smelly sock from the open suitcase and that is now in strips in my bed. And the suitcase labels and airport tags in my opinion should not stay on those suitcases so I have collected them.
I've tried every favourite spot again and they are all still equally delicious. We also went to the shop and I had to sit in the car. But I found that terrible. When my mommy and daddy came back after 10 minutes I was completely hyper. I was so afraid they had gone away again. In that shop they bought a special comb for me. Because I am incredibly shedding. Well I think it is very good to be groomed by daddy. You can see that in the picture. Currently everything they do with me is very good.
And while I was on vacation I turned 1 years old. Hooray!