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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Noor

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March 15, 2011

I girl with red It's already 2011 and it has been a long time since I have written in my diary. Mom just yellow with girl after birth
And that is entirely up to my mom. Who has a few very busy months behind her. She was not much at home sometimes and it seems that I got some stress about that too. I licked my leg increasingly but now that she is back back to normal that seems to be all over. Yes, I'm quite a sensitive girl.
So now I mention quickly what happened in the meantime. Let's see. On 23 January we have a hike with the Friends of the Pyrenean mountain dog. That was very nice but mom and dad are chickens and they did not dare to let me walk free. There are many pictures made that day and you can see them in this album.

Let's see what else? pink girl at birth Well, I passed the exam for"behaved dog 2." I did this with my dad. Mom Caitlin with Miss RedAnd because I love it at dog school we do it over just one more time. Just for fun. And also because they have no courses that suit me well. And now my mom is going to do "behaved dog 2" with me. At first I did not really like that. Because I'm always there with dad so why change? But since mommy trains with more cheese and sausage, I think it will work with mom as well.

And I also have done well twice in a dog show. Mom and dad are finally going to learn this since I had an Excellent twice. That's the highest you can get and that's very good of mom and dad. (I myself was escellent every befor of course.) And once I was even first in my class, which is very well done of me. And I got another CACIB. That means I'm halfway to be called International Champion. But for now we do not consciously hunt for that title.

Girl beige 5 days old. It is not yellow but hear it's a little wet from the drink milk But the most important news is that my new friend was born. At kennel MacThree on 8 March there were 8 puppies born. My cousin Caitlin gave birth to 8 babies Yep from the Dutch Garden. And mommy was present when they were born. She found that a great honor and a very special experience. Now she seen our own new baby coming into the world. But we do not yet know who she is. There are four girls born and they have no name so we call them to the color of their collar: pink, beige, yellow and red.
And last Sunday I was also going to look at the puppies. Mom and dad hope that over the next few weeks I will know which puppy suits me the best. I have seen them for the first time and there is a movie made of this. This can be viewed here. You can see that I am very careful with such small puppies. But I find them very interesting. And I had to pant of excitement. Over the next few weeks I may visitthem a few times to choose. And in May, she may come home and live forever in our home. We think that's all very exciting!

December 28, 2010

Me in my snowy domain I said that I would write in my journal every month but I didn't succeed.
I'm really too busy. And my mommy is too. But now it's Christmas so I have a little more time.
To start, I first have been on vacation in October and November. That was because mommy and daddy had decided that they needed to go South Africa themselves. I have stayed two weeks in my daycare. At first I did not like it too much that my dad did not show up there. The first five days I was a bit distant. But then I remembered that I had to make the most of it. And then I challenged the people to have fun with me. I have really had a nice holiday there.
And since then I'm still wagging and squeaking when I go there. That squeaking is a bit worse since I've stayed there, so I just find it even more fun now.

Rolling in the snow Since then, nothing much special has happened in my life. It's just become winter. And whether or not it's freezing in the winter I always roll myself up with my tail over my nose. Because your nose has to stay warm right?

And then there's still our pond. That is frozen. I'm crazy for ice. Water that was water yesterday, and today quite hard and cold, I can find so interesting. And annoying! And also very tasty. This arouses my curiosity completely.
So mommy and daddy are a little afraid that I will drop through the ice. And thus they will break the ice on the pond every day. But if it is really hard like it currently is, than they leave it. And that's not a problem. But when it was half frozen, I once fell through. I step always very careful with my feet on the ice. And then I suddenly fell through because on one side it is not as thick as on the other side. I was so shocked! Since then I have not even looked at the pond at all. And mommy and daddy were so happy that I was so shocked. Ridiculous huh?

I'm a big girl so I can have a beer with the holidays And now it is the last week of the year. And it has snowed here so much! It was abnormal. I had sometimes go through the snow up to my belly. And although I am no longer as crazy as when I was a puppy I still love the snow. Especially to run through it with other dogs. A husky has taught me how to behave like an ostrich in the snow. And that you can shovel with your nose through the snow while running. And he taught me that you can eat snow.
With my Tug-a-Jug from Finland Do you know what mommy and daddy think that is so cute of me? Every time I see other dogs then I very carefully observe their behavior. And if I like it I'll go copy it. So since the visit of Lana I still pee with my leg up. During a walk through my neighborhood I have to do 20 pees. "Noor was here"

And then end of the year there came a present for me. That was bought by my brother Giusto. And Jukka and Sari of course. One of the presents was a Tug-a-Jug. At first I did not get the treats out and I was a little frustrated. But then mommy put smaller treats in it. Now I am verry happy with my new toy. And of course with all the other goodies. Thank you Sari, Jukka and Giusto!
And with Christmas and New Year I may drink a little dog beer. And if people now think they give me alcohol: nope. Dog beer is a kind of beef broth and delicious!

And last but not least. Mommy has finally found time to update my photo album. Because there were only pictures of when I was a young lady. And I am a mature lady now.
Click here to go directly to my beautiful new photo album.

October 24, 2010

Sleeping with my damaged nose I am getting a little older and you can't write in your journal every week. Every month is the aim.
A few weeks ago I stayed a day at my daycare to try it out. I like playing there so much that mommy and daddy also wanted to try if I could stay there during vacations. The vacations that I cannot go with mom and dad. One of the house rules there is that the dogs have to sleep in a cage at night. But I did not want that. So when my vacation miss came into the room in the morning I was sleeping next to the cage. And the cage was totally closed! And the door was not bent. But my nose did have scratches on both sides. Luckily the black tip of my nose is not damaged. I am a big little Houdini. For the rest I found the stay over very nice but I do not want to sleep in a cage. Eating in a cage I do not mind but I do really not want to sleep in there. And now I even don't have to do that anymore because I'm so social that to other dogs.
My mom has become quite nervous. Should they now see this as symbolic and did test night not quite been successful? But every time she whispers in my ear if I will love to go there during vacations than I turn around and I lick her face: "Yes, Mom, don't be afraid."

Lana and me Lana and I on our mountain An my nose is now really damaged. For the first days there were scabs and it seemed okay. But along with those scabs all my hair came off. So I have a sort of wax hair removal and it takes a while before that grows back .... as all of us women know of course. And because it is so bare, it now begins to turn black from the sun (dogs turn black, people turn brown.) And then when I play my skin is not covered so I get little wounds faster.

And boy did I play! Because Lana was on vacation with me for two weeks. I thought that was very nice. Lana is a little older so she would not play with me too much. And I respected that. But when Lana walked through the woods then I followed everything she did. And we are very nice together. Lana has taught me how to put your leg up to pee and I try that now and then. Especially when I go pee on her.
But when we went to rest then we had our own places. I still lie in my chair on the porch or in the forest to look at my girlfriend Ischea. And Lana is always under or near the carport. My friend Lana and Ischea do not get along. And if they quarrel and then bite in the fence that makes me crazy and I also participate in biting the fence. I do not want that my two friends are fighting. But fortunately we have very nice neighbors, and so we made a schedule that Lana and Ischea each had their separate time outside.
Totally exhausted after Lana's visit

I myself was nice for 99% of the time but not 100%. Lana is not allowed to go near my food. And then mommy and dad get angry with me and drag me into the pantry. We can go very well together but she should not come near my food bowl! So than we each got our own dining room and that was no problem. And my mommy thinks I'm very good. Because she told me what I must do and I did that. I may not eat like a maniac and empty my food bowl within 10 seconds and then run at the door of Lana's dining room and try to crawl under the door trying to get in. But I just have to wait quietly on the couch untill Lana finished eating. So after two days she did not have to tell it anymore and I did that myself. And when Lana then came into the living room I went to her mouth to smell what she had eaten. And Lana, mom and dad did not mind that.

Lana is now back home and I must do without her now.
I saw her driving away and realized that the sleepover is ended. And only then could I fully admit to my fatigue and handle all the impressions in my head. I find it unfortunate that she's gone because the two of us are very good friends.

September 27, 2010

Two years old already Happy Birthday to …….ME!
Today I am two years old. My mom put a hat on my head and I did not like that too much. My cakes with nakis, liverwurst, sausage and cheese! But then she went to make special dog cakes. She filled them with cheese and sausage and the remaining nakis that Jukka gave me. I could hardly wait to eat them. And yet I still ate them pretty quiet. And also all the crumbs that had fallen on the floor where eaten too. It is a shame to leave something behind.
I also rested a lot on my birthday. It rained all day and I slept in my bed outside on the covered porch. Because I've had such a busy week!

Yesterday was my grandma's birthday. She turned 80 years old. And mom said I had to visit them on her birthday. Daddy had his doubts about a busy home with many people and lots of food on the table. But mommy thought it was actually a good occasion to learn to remain calm. And you can really tell that I've become an adult woman. I first started with the nakis but finally I chose to eat the cheese first For I behaved very nicely.

I had to remain next to the chair of mommy. I found it difficult and I sat down a few times but that was not the intention. People first looked a little uncomfortable when a big white monster entered in such a cramped living room. But when they saw how properly I was raised they all found me very sweet.

Jukka takes a picture of me and my doll ... They found it so neat that I did not drool at all the food on the table. Well, that was okay as long as the food stayed on the table. But if someone went around with a plate of snacks and waved it just over my head, than it was hard not to think that it was for me. But luckily mom had some dog treats in her pocket.
The biggest compliment came from a family friend.

Walking on the moor with dad, Jukka and Pekka. He had had entered, and had made the entire round to shake hands with everyone. After half an hour, someone commented about the dog (that was me of course). And he reacted surprised at first because he had not seen me yet. ...and this is the picture he made He said: "Oh, I had not even seen that they brought the dog with them." Well, that's quite a good proof of how sweet and calm I can behave.

And that was not the only birthday party this week because last Friday my mom had her birthday as well. So there were many people too. And then there was food on the table also. Then I had to stay in my bed all the time. I found that quite difficult and I was half outside of my bed. But even though it was very difficult for me, I did pretty well. Yes, you can tell I'm already two years old and learned some things in those years.

But the best thing was of course Wednesday. Then Jukka and Pekka came to visit me. Well, they also came to visit mom and dad. They came down from a photographic exhibition in Cologne.
We went to pick them up from a train station in Germany in the morning. And I recognized them right away! I was so happy to see them. Well, I was already quite remarkable at that station but when I enthusiastically jumped up against Jukka really all eyes were on us. And Jukka brought nakis for me. These are Finnish sausages that I learned to eat in Finland.

Pampered by my friends And at home they also gave me a monkey toy! Excellent! We did do many fun things together. We have been away by car, and then eaten soup and sandwiches together. And of course I got something to. We walked together on the moor.

After that I had very little rest because we also had to go to dog school. Jukka and Pekka had fun to watch that. They both made pictures and the teacher at first asked at daddy: "who are all those photographers?". They found it very nice to have Finnish spectators. And of course I had done very well in school.
And then we went to eat gourmet. But I was now so tired that I really could not stay awake for that. Fortunately, Jukka and Pekka understand that and they let me sleep on the couch.

And the next morning I immediately wanted to go to the guest house. I really did not sleep in like I normally do you know! I had been sleeping all night in the hallway so I could keep an eye on the guest house. Unfortunately, they soon went back to Germany again. But Jukka said he will try to see if Giusto likes to come on holiday with me some time. Well, I think that he would like that.

So now you understand why I slept all day on my birthday. But I love that and on your birthday you may do what ever you want to do.

PS. My mom has put some photos of my birthday cakes on Facebook. And there are many enthusiastic reactions to that. In fact there are many more dogs all over the world, who in the future also get these cakes on their birthday!

August 17, 2010

I just do not know where to begin. It's been a while since I wrote in my diary. During the driving in the camper That's because I've been on vacation for a long time. More than three weeks even.
With Beate and my sister Hilde I've seen lots and done lots. Far too many things to tell them all. It was on one day, July 10, the daddy suddenly came driving up with a large camper. Mommy went to pack the camper and the next day we drove away with it. I first thought it was strange. They made a bed for me from the table but I did not want to lie on there. So they put it back to a dining area with table and that was good. For if I could now relax on the couch with my head on the table.
And if I wanted a different position than I went under the table or in the aisle or at the door.

I must say, it was a bit tight and I had to get used to it. But after a few days I began to feel much more comfortable in that thing. And I thought it was especially nice that we've been together with the three of us for such a long time.
I was more and more guarding the camper.

In a Norwegian lake First we had to drive a long way and then we arrived at Kennel Alta Colina in Skotselv, about one hour from Oslo. I was born there and there mom and dad picked me up when I was 10 weeks old. Mom and dad wondered whether I would recognize something.
Walking in the highlands Well ..... nothing! But I found it fun. Yet there was actually something of recognition but that was more subtle. Because normally I'm a little reserved with strangers (that's part of my breed). But I was very open to all the people who live there. That was probably because deep in my instincts something was telling me that this is well and safe.

I have played with my sister Hilde and my brother Harald. My brother Henning was also there and mom thinks that he looks like me the most. And of course there was my mother Lucy and I have seen my grandmother Gunda. That was very special since two weeks after my visit my grandmother died at the respectable age of 13 years. With a troll My first mommies Beate and Berit took a good look at me and they thought that I am now a nice young lady. Mom and dad think so too.

On a ferry through the fjords After I have played and looked around for two days, we went further north in Norway. We passed mountains and lakes, fjords and highlands. We had nice walks and I let myself drive around in my bumpy house. In Norway it was raining more and more. So we walked less and drove more.

Then we crossed Swedish Lapland. I have seen the sea for the first time in my life. That was salt! Also we encountered now really the mosquitoes. It was horrible! I could not even eat outside because they bit me in the nose constantly. And they even came inside through the closed skylights.

On July 22 we had an appointment at Santa Claus. As all of you know he lives on the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. There I met my half brother Giusto for the very first time. And his mom and dad Sari and Jukka. We were very good friends at once. Together we have stayed in their winter cottage. There Giusto and I enjoyed playing together. And together we walked to a hilltop with a magnificent view. One day mom and dad went up on a mountain with a ski lift. And I had to stay down with Jukka and Sari. I had done well but I was very happy to see my mom and dad again.

Playing in Sweden We had a perfect time in Lapland. And the weather was wonderful. It was a shame to go further but it would still be fun. We drove along the Russian border in the province of Karelia. There it was also still very wild and uninhabited. There are still many bears and in Martinselkosen mom and dad went bear watching. On the Swedish coast I had to stay in the camper on my own for 6 hours and I had done very well. But the next day I escaped from the camper right in that place! I just not wanted to be left alone anymore when mom had breakfast so I slipped through the door. Mom was in panic, but fortunately I just wanted to play with the dogs that were there, so I did not run away into the bear filled forest. Thank God!

Then we drove to the south of Finland. Here we spend a day at the summer cottage of Jukka and Sari and their family. I met all the relatives of Jukka and their dogs. Situated on a private lake with a quay so I had to go into the water also. I have a habit of trying to empty all the lakes of Finland.

On the Arctic Circle with mom, dad, Jukka, Sari and Giusto Then we went to the house of Jukka and Sari and I saw Giusto again. Playing with Giusto It was just a great pity that I could not play with him. Because his leg was hurting too much so he had to rest. They had to separate us all the time. Yet that was just a little minor of the vacation fun. Because I could still be free in the garden a lot. And that was so good after I had been on my leash a lot. And we made many day trips. There was also a garden party in honor of us where there was a boxer as a guest. I had a bit of argue because he took a bone that I started with. But usually I have played nice with the boxer.

Oh I have made so many friends in this holiday. Because I also visited Kennel Chennespace in Loimaa. That is where my dad lives and where Giusto was born. Me The three ladies of Chennespace, Tuulikki, Tuulia and Juulia gave us a very warm welcome and they obviously admired me. I try to empty all the lakes Because they found me a very nice dog. And of course I am.

Giusto lives with hedgehogs that get food. Well, that food should be given te me! I always tried to steal it and once I had eaten some while it was full of ants. They bit me in my mouth and throat. I was quite ill for a while and was coughing and eating grass. So mommy was already quite worried but it went well. Not that I have learned so much from it though.

We have been with Sari and Jukka for almost a week. The last few days, when we went into the fourth week mom and dad noted that it had been enough for me. With Juulia and daddy Stephen My head was all full of impressions and there was no place left for more. When we were in the forest of Jukka and Sari I had to lie down to sleep. That's not normal for me. Lovely on the bed On the last day I just knew that we were leaving. How I knew, mom and dad don't know and how they knew that I knew, neither.
We found it very sad to leave because we had such a great time. We definitely go back again.

But I still needed to sleep on a ship on my way to Stockholm. I thought that was a bit scary and I was just tired. The next day we drove back home at once. And we arrived home at night. I saw my gate and I knew we did not become gypsies. I had to go inside immediately. I had a wonderful holiday but also coming home made me completely happy. Since then I behave like a little puppy sometimes.

Cuddling with Jukka for the last time

There are places on the Internet with some things about my vacation. Below are the links that you can click to view:

My vacation photos

A movie where Giusto and I play at the winter cottage

A video of the bears

A video of a reindeer

Giusto's report on my visit

July 3, 2010

Watching the show With Aad in the ring
Mom and dad call me now "our kakipje". That is a nickname that I've got from 20 June. That day there was a large dog show at my school. I just went back to school but it was so busy! Lots of dogs and lots of tents. And suddenly I saw very many acquaintances there: my grandparents, my swim teacher and that sweet lady from the library, and of course the teachers of my dog school. They all came to look at dogs. And I had to run laps again. I had decided I wanted to run laps with everyone except with my mom.
And so uncle Aad ran with me. And I had also rolled around on my back in the ring. So mom and dad thought "this will again lead to nothing". The judge was very strict and did not just give away the E's. So when I suddenly was placed first in my class with an Excellent, mom and dad where very happy. Finally I am no longer behind in development. We had to wait very long for that. And actually they themselves had already seen it a bit as I finally start to get a nice round butt. Now if my hair still would grow a little more...
And when dad went out to get the showreport there was a card with it that said CACIB. This is an international championship point. To become an international champion I should collect three more of such cards in two different countries. Will it ever come to that? But even just one is still a nice bonus and it gave me the nickname "kakipje".
The judge thought there was a lot "good" at me today:
Good type. Good head with good ears and good pigment. Good tight topline. Good chest. Enough front chest. Good bone, angulations and positions. Good movement, a little loose in front.
1 Excellent / CACIB

With all my colleagues at the walk. And who is that in front? Me!

With my mom after the walk That day, 20 June, it was so cold at the dog show . It was windy and it was just 15 degrees. Exactly one week later, it was a sunny 30 degrees. And that day, 27 June, all my friends from around the country and from Belgium came to walk with me. I found it very enjoyable. Lana came first and she has taught me that on a hot day it can be very enjoying to stand in our pond. And then came all MacThree's to play with me.
Then we went to the woods and there were many more friends. It had become extremely hot but luckily we walked in the shade. It was very nice but very tiring in the heat. And after the walk it was not over. They all came back home with me. Most of us where in the big enclosure so that the people could eat. But first they stayed with us, watching and taking pictures from the other side of the fence. It seemed like we where in the zoo and we're a big attraction.
We played a while with each other but soon we all made a cool hole to put our buttocks in. We have found it a great day. The last one went home close to midnight. That was Lana of course.

Here you find lots of pictures of that day.

And Wednesday I go back to school. The children in the Netherlands begin their holidays, but I must now return to school. We start with "Behaved Dog 2". Well, that will be exciting, with all these difficult exercises.

And then it would be a shame to stay in the house while mom and dad are at home. But it is also far too hot to go outside. Well, than I'll just lie in the garage!

June 11, 2010

I run in full speed to my dad Immediately after the holiday I took a blood test again. And the result came pretty fast. It was much better with me. Inflammation and anemia were still a little there but almost gone. Since I am also very healthy we need not to worry.

This week me and daddy had exams of the course "Well raised dog". The practical part was very good. I was not the best of my class but I did very well. I find lying down still very difficult and so I do not feel to do that. Not while walking and not even while grooming. But for the rest I did very well. When I had to run to daddy while the trainer was holding me, I ran in full speed to my dad, as soon as it was possible. And I sat already on the ground while I had still not completely stopped. They all found that very funny. Exame

And then dad still had answer 20 questions. He could have 4 for wrong but he had only one question wrong. So together we were very successful. Just three of the moms/dads had passed the test and therfore only three dogs were given a diploma. The diploma and my award That's not fair because all the dogs have passed their pratical. But then, if you count up the points of me and dad, than we were shared first in the class. That is quite an achievement for a Pyrenean mountain dog, isn't it? And we will now go for "Well raised dog 2". Mom and dad have already read the book and saw what I need to do next and they have serious doubts if I will pass. For instance I should lie down for 1 minute, without leash with dad at a distance of 3 meters. And while I'm loose, there will be joggers running along and I have to ignore them and come to dad. And I must remain to lie down in a restaurant while dad will get a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom. Well those are all things that they think: "Oh dear! Oh no!!"
But we will try it of course.

Moreover, all dogs had to remain in the room where the moms and dads were taking the test. And I got a chew bone. Also there were all rather small cages. But I crawled in one of them with my bone and then mom quickly closed the door. Mom and dad thought maybe this was because I did not want another dog come near to my bone. Because after a while, a dog came near the cage and I behaved very angry. Then my mom grumbled. Well hey, that is my bone!

And then mom finally put the pictures on the internet. Click here for my photos from Switzerland.

May 29, 2010

Picnic The holiday is over. Last Thursday my doctor called because the results of the lab had arrived. They had found something of an infection. And I had mild anaemia. But that could have all kinds of causes. And the doctor told us not to worry. It was good that I already had antibiotics for that and I was apparently doing well.
Running through a bisse But of course mom and dad are worried. Because anaemia in a dog can be severe.
But they soon realized that have no symptoms of anaemia at all. Well before I had them, but not for a week anymore.
On the contrary. I have so much enjoyed my vacation!

The irrigation canals make me completely crazy. Sometimes I lose my head at all these whirlpools. An irrigation canal is called a Suone or Bisse. And a path runs along. And that is completely flat and therefore good for people with Dutch legs. And the Suone is a footpath for dogs. Or so I see it. Because I sloshed more through the water than on the path. And every time my dad had to cross my leash behind the trees.
And from time to time I had to run through the water. Then I made myself crazy and then I had to take it easy. Biting at these whirlpools is also a big hobby of mine.
And if I run through a mountain meadow I go so fast that my legs hardly keep up. I certainly go mad in my head because of that. At one time I pulled my dad down by this. Mommy heard only a scream and saw us pass by with 70 km per hour and than a fall. That were dad and me. Dad could do nothing else than let himself fall down and I thought he wanted to play.

I really have to stay on my leash. For I am already run away through the sheep meadow for the second time. That was because I saw a farmer walking. And I feel so at home here that I should guard the house. But the farmer had left the gate of the pasture open so soon I walked the streets. Mom and that saw me run through a bend and than I was gone. Dad ran after me and mom took the car. I had to poop and then I needed to see the Dutch Ferrari at the house in a little further down. And then I saw my dad and I came back just as he yelled. I'm really not the worst dog right?

As regards to sleeping habits it was the same as last year. After a few nights in bed, the novelty wore off. And if it is allowed then there is just no fun. So I slept great on the floor. Only in the morning when I noticed mom and dad where not so asleep anymore, I jumped on the bed to wake them with kisses and then I lay down for some nice dozing off. I love to sleep in. In the morning I really do not feel to leave my (their) bed.

Even more bisses And so this morning we went home. I really noticed that it was different than other mornings. Normally we get up, eat, and then they put on the hiking shoes and I stand before the gate and be impatient.
But this time it was just different. They could not fool me. So I stayed put on the path to the gate to make sure that they would do nothing without me. Me And when my mom was inside, I lay in front of the front door. I would definitely want to know that they could leave without me. But then they suddenly went inside both and I had to stay outside on my leash. But how can I know what's going on? So I quickly bite through my leash and I went inside to secretly monitor mom and dad. This time I did not really escape, but I thought it was just all so exciting that I had to stay near mom and dad.

And now we're home. All the way in the car I had to dream of my adventures. I have enjoyed this holiday so much. We really surpassed last years troubles.
The mountains, meadows and especially the bisses are a paradise for Pyrenean mountain dogs.

I can also recommend all dog owners to rent a cottage in the middle of the canton of Valais. And then buy the"bisse bible" "Wandern an sagenhaften suonen" (or the French version):
When you find in there the walks for "Spaziergänger" then you have a great time because they are very suitable for dogs and Dutch legs.

We have made lots of pictures. My mom will soon put them on the internet.
And then there's a video summary of how great I find the irrigation canals. That can be seen here
Next year we go again!

May 25, 2010

We are already a few days in Switzerland and I love it. When there is no bisse than you need to drink form a bowl At the viewing point 'Stand' As I explained last year, I have to sleep in the bedroom with mom and dad. They find the stairs in the living room too creepy. And I must therefore walk outside in the evening to go the bedroom. So the first night my mom picked up my leash and said that we went to sleep. I went directly with her through the garden to the door of the bedroom. I remembered it exactly! While last year I was only a small child of 8 months of age.
And I knew exactly that I may sleep on the bed. I have slept all night between my mom and dad. And I really was better because of that. They have put a thermometer between my buttocks twice and it was always a neat 38 degrees. And of food I cannot get enough. This also has to do with the healthy mountain air and walks. I could use a few holiday pounds and so I may eat a lot.
There are everywhere poo bags hanging nest to the road but they are really too small for my big piles though. I really do my best.

I greatly enjoy the mountains and walks. Although here in the valley it gets 30 degrees, in the mountains it's not too bad. And I can very well handle those temperatures.
At home I do not have a lot of interest in water but hereI splash in every lake and every bisse. And then I go completely nuts. At a fast flowing bisse I get all excited and then I dance and jump across the water. Then the three of us have to laugh so much!

I can really pull my leash and normally that is not allowed. But I have so much energy and certainly with my harness on I am so very strong that I pull mom and that up the steep slopes. This time they do not mind.
That harness does not look so nice and is a little too loose. But it has already come in handy. Because I do not worry about small paths and steep slopes. Mom and dad are holding their breath now and then. But I have four-foot-drive. And sometimes if it's not very steep and I'm all excited again then I just run down when I get a chance. Then they are glad they have me not only fixed to my neck.
In a mountain lake In an alpine meadow I know exactly our daily ritual. At morning we get up and we eat. Then the bag is packed and the walking shoes are put on. And than it's time for fun. I have to be ready for that and look longingly at the gate of the garden. We need to go through there to go to the car you know.
Meanwhile, I know very well the sound of sheep calls. When I hear that jingle then I tilt my head already. And the sound of rushing water, I also know. I must then go to it. Splashing and drinking.
At Moosalp there where occasionally even some patches of snow left. Then I totally get wild and don't know how I crazy I should roll into the snow.
Enjoying the views is also a hobby. Along the narrow paths I often stare into the distance. And in the garden of the house I can sit on the edge for fifteen minutes and watch the entire valley.
You can really tell that I am a true mountain dog. I have such a nice vacation here.

May 23, 2010

I'm back in Switzerland. Resting with dad last year I hurt my leg so we were all to ready for a retry. We had all three looking forward soo much to enjoy the mountains and bisses. Near Jeitzinen

But I almost messed up. Because as I said before I did not want to eat. And that remained so throughout the week. When on Wednesday I even had to vomit foam and was miserable, mom went to the vet to be sure. Because on Friday we had to go on holiday.
In the waiting room I was weighed again and I only weighed 41 kilograms. While I eventually had eaten all my meal. So I lost one kilogram in the past three weeks. But the doctor could not find anything so I could feel free to go on vacation.

The next morning, just one day before the vacation I did not feel well at all. And I really did not eat again. Mommy used a thermometer and I had a fever. So back to the doctor. I had 39.6 degrees. The doctor was now worried too. It could be just a virus but also other things. He took blood samples and we had to wait for the first results. It showed that everything was all right but to be sur blood was also sent to the lab for more details.
Now what do with the vacation? Because if it is not justified then we will not go. But if it is only a minor virus it is a waste not to go because I do like it there.
The doctor said, after the first results, that he was not concerned anymore and we could go. After about three days I should be better otherwise we should go home. And if I get a fever over 40 degrees then we also had to come back to the doctor.
Cuddling with mom I can sleep so soundly here I had antibiotics and metacam. At home I went to sleep and that did me good.
My fever dropped to a normal 38 degrees and I wanted to eat again. And Friday it was even better with me. So we first went to Germany to a hotel to sleep.
I thought that was a bit scary. It was small and hot. And I always heard other people talk.
I spent the whole night in bed with mommy and slept in her arms. And every hour I had to kiss her awake. And I was really panting from the excitement. My temperature was that morning a little high again. But that was probably because the excitement. I ate well and I was very alert.

So we drove on anyway and that was quite a good decision. I like it here and think it's awesome.
I arrived at the house and I jumped immediately to sheep that where grazing in the adjacent lower meadow. I saw a sheep that I wanted to play with. I ran him against the fence, and whenever he wanted to escape I wouldn't let him. And I poked him with my leg to pursued him to play but he didn't want that.
Directly after a long drive, in the heat of 26 degrees, daddy also had to jump in the meadow. And then we could not come back to the house. It was too high for him to lift me up into the garden. So after 30 minutes of thinking and trying and climbing up and down, mom and dad had to break down a peace of the fence. I could go out and then mom had to find a ladder so dad could climb up into our garden.
We were all very hot and tired than. And now I have to be on the leash all the time.

May 16, 2010

I have a problem. I no longer like to eat my food. It began on Thursday, May 13 At the judge I didn't want to eat in the morning and I was kind of miserable . So mom was already very concerned. Her eating monster will not eat. But we had to go to the Joho-day (Dutch speciality show for young pyrs and veterans). Also on the Joho-day I was not myself and I was lying on the ground all the time. Mom and dad now know how great it is to have a calm dog. But I was so hungry that I frantically had to eat every crumble that I could find. Fortunately in a show you get free trial bags so my belly was full again.

But in the evening again I did not want my food. I wanted to eat from the hand but not out of my bowl. So they are now worrying what my problem is.
Running in laps and mom has to drag me So they took some Carnibest from the freezer to defrost it for the next morning. Well, Carnibest was good, although I still did not feel very well. But when I woke up yesterday morning I was suddenly back to normal. Mommy even found it amazing that she could see this at me while I was sleeping on the couch. I am very thoroughly happy and healthy. And my Carnibest tastes good.
But this morning the next part was still too frozen. So they gave me back my dry food. Well, I do not want that. I even cried a little. I ran up and down and disappointed I went to lie in my outside chair. Since they know I am completely healthy again, they do not bother now and got I get nothing. Ridiculous!
An hour later, daddy woke up so I had to greet him. Dad gave me a few kibble out of hand and that I wanted. And then I wanted to eat the rest of my food. So now I left mom and dad in doubt about what could be going on.
Since three weeks I have other food because I'm a big girl and am not a puppy anymore. And those are my old food mixed with the new. But they are of the same brand and they look exactly the same and what is in it is about the same.
So now mom and dad wonder whether I might not like these. Just when they bought three bags in Dortmund. And there is little choice because the doctor said I need food with less than 1% of calcium but that is hard to find.
First ;-) in my class Or do I just trick them to try to get Carnibest? Because I do eat my kibble from their hands. I keep mom and dad in the dark about what is going on with me.

But as I began, on June 13 we had to go to the Joho-day. Last year I was the best young dog of the year but this time I had no chance. I'm growing a bit slower than my breed mates. Compared with younger colleagues, I still look very youthful (in the world of people that is a compliment of course.) And I also nearly lost all my coat. And then I was also a bit ill. But yes, mom and dad found that I had to defend my title.
But it was cold and chilly in there And a little depressed. Fortunately there were still friends of me and nice and friendly people. At the last moment my mommy decided to go into the ring with me. She didn't try to put me in different positions but just let me stand as I like. Because then I am usually still quite nice. And that went very well. With the running you could see that I was not feeling well because she had to pull me both up and forward. So hard that she had three days of muscle pain. But she thought, let's make the best of it. And we did. The judge found me a little to young for my age (yes, I said that already) but I also had many good points. And then she gave me an "Excellent". I was also first in my class but that is not surprising when you are the only one.
And then I also had to compete for best dog of the day. Mom took a treat in her hand this time, trying to make me run. And I ran so well! So beautiful! I was so beautiful that mom got the impression that the judge began to doubt a little. But then the judge said: "She has left her wedding dress at home."
Then she pointed to Ilou (with that difficult name: MacThree's Caoilainn) and she was this year's Best Young Dog. We think that is great! And mom was so happy that we had done so well together after so much has happened between my victory of last year and now. But there is not that much changed. Because if you look at the photos of the winner you'll see that she looks quite a lot like me. And yes, her mother is my cousin of mother's side and her father is my cousin of father's side.
Mom has made a lot of pictures of it. These can all be seen in this album.

May 7, 2010

At the show I had my Canny Collar on! I can lie neatly in a restaurant Today we've been to Germany. There was a big dog show. But we did not participate. We went to go shopping. Because it is one of the largest dog supplies markets in Europe too. Chris and Mieke came with us. They wanted to see a dog show. Unfortunately it took a long time before the judging of the Pyrenean mountain dogs was finished so we did not stay. We also wanted to do some shopping. Because everything is much cheaper there. My dog food is 25 euro per bag cheaper here than at home. So we just bought three bags. And then we got two free trolleys with them to wheel them around.
I also got a nice new collar.

I am not always a tough dog. Sometimes I really am a woos. For instance there was a large inflatable dog outside for advertising. That was so scary that I almost wanted to flee from my collar. That should not happen in a busy place. Only when another dog came along I dared to walk further next to him.
Me with my new collarAnd then there was something in Hall 4 where I had great difficulty. It was in one corner of the hall. There was also something that I was afraid of. We passed there even a few times that day and then I put myself in reverse. It was busy and the people behind me had to swerve but then they found that most amusing. Then my mom had to speak encouraging to me and than I dared to try it. Mom suspects that is had to do something with the sound like a vacuum cleaner looks. But I don't think vacuuming is scary. And also there was no sound every time we passed by. Only the first time. However, a while ago when we were in the pet store someone did something similar in an office. I found it was too scary. It seems that I find this kind of vacuum cleaner sounds scary if I do not see where it comes from. But we have not found out what I really feared.

When we had finished shopping we went to sit at down to watch some shows. There were police dogs that jumped through a flaming hoop. That was so weird! I stared my eyes out. When we were all tired we went home and I instantly fell asleep in the car. But on we went to a restaurant. I start to be a big girl (and I was tired) because I lay down quietly under the table. Until I noticed that all the people liked me and wanted to pet me. Then I sat in the middle of the aisle. And no one minded. Well, except my mom, who kept on nagging and said I had to lie down again.

May 1, 2010

With daddy at school and even at school, I am pulling on the leash.

At the birthday party of the MacThree's I still do very well at the dog school in the course "well behaved dog". And believe me, everyone's still finds me very sweet and beautiful. And usually I do my best very well. For treats I do really really well. And for cheese and sausage even more. Unfortunately, the course is soon ending. So now we see what I can do afterwards. For I don't want to go to a normal obedience class neither do mom and dad.
They are in school now starting a new "Dog Dancing". Who knows, perhaps we're going to join. Just for the fun without too weird antics.

Today I've been visiting a birthday party. The puppies of MacThree are one years old and they were celebrating that. And I could come to visit. That was very nice. I had to play and run. And this time I was the oldest so I aserted myself. That was allowed to some extent. So I thought, OK, then I just play. And the fun we had!
You could see that they already are becoming older. Especially the boys. They think they're men but they are still boys. Floyd always tried to climb on top of me. Tiring though. Let's just have fun and play dude!
And the daddies and the moms had a good time as well. And there was delicious cake with pictures of the puppies when they were very small. And there was a barbeque. Unfortunately, they had me locked in. I had wanted to eat hamburgers too!
Mom made a lot of pictures of it. These you can see in this album.

April 24, 2010

I took off my coat I do what Lana is doing Today Lana came to visit me. I'm not as jumpy as before and Lana did not need to grumble at me. Lana also liked to see me. We are girlfriends now. And Lana is a grand old lady that I can learn a lot from so I really observe everything she does. Lana had to investigate the whole forest. And than she was hot and so she dove in our pond. Well, I really stared my eyes out. That is something you don't do! Who wants to get wet? But since then, I am a little more interested in our pond.

Lana and my girlfriend Ischea naturally had fights through the fence. Because they always do. But this time was different because Ischea is my girlfriend and Lana too. Kissing Merel So I tried to mediate. I barked at Ischea or put my foot on the back of Lana. And then I showed them what should be done: run together along the fence. And Ischea and Lana just did it. That was fun. Then they sometimes still argued but it was a little different than before. And that was because of me!

Then we all went to the woods. In two months we will again organise a walk with a very large group of Pyrenean mountain dogs and today Lana and I reviewed the planned route. Well, we found him fit for us. Lying cozy with Lana Along the way we came to a fen and Lana when straight in! Since I still find everything that Lana does very interesting, I went in there as well. Together with Lana, I am not scared. And I must say that it is nice to cool down.
At the end of the walk we went to sit at a park bench. Lana went to rest but I still had to show my charming side. So I sat on the table to give kisses to everyone.

Then I found a hole in the fence and suddenly I was standing outside. So mom and dad immediately saw what was coming. Because there you absolutely cannot run loose since Scottish Highlander cows are walking around there. Well, I had seen them of course. So I went running for them. And dad and mom ran behind me. That was a fun game! Whenever they came close to me I ran away again. And chasing the herd was all a feast. Mom and dad where scared to death. Because they also had calves. And big horns. But when daddy suddenly sat on his knees I could not restrain my curiosity, I went to him to see what that could mean. And then I was suddenly back on the leash. Oh no!
Than it was time to hang on the couch and watch TV But after that the party was still not over. For Annemieke, Andries and Merel were also staying for diner. Lana was so tired that she was digging a hole and went to sleep in it. And I'm so comfortable together with other dogs. I always wanted to be close to Lana. Mom and dad found that so cute. They now always ask me if I would want to have a girlfriend. Of course I want that! But that should not be taking away any attention for me huh? Because I would like to always cuddle with mom and dad as much as possible.
Furthermore mom and dad noticed that I'm a big girl now. For I am now almost as high as Lana. So they have measured me. And I'm now 70 or 71 cm. But I'm still 10 kg less than Lana. I am very much a waft wisp again. I have get rid of my winter coat. You can almost see the spots on my skin.

April 17, 2010

You're a mountain dog, or you're not On the lap of dad Not much is going on here. Since dad and I are together at dog school we go cycling together. Since that is one thing we learned at school.
First I had to walk next to a bike but that was not scary and a bit boring. So quickly dad went riding the bike and I run next to it. That's nice. They say it's good for my muscles. Well, there's absolutely nothing wrong with those already.
Indeed, I Am really really really really strong. And I can pull on the leash! Fortunately I do not do that when we're cycling. But I do it when we walk and I see other dogs. Or if I smell other dogs on grass blades. Fortunately, it is usually not so bad but if I really want then people can barely hold me. Then I throw my legs backwards and then mom and dad have to struggle. And I also put my nose forward with the result that I bend over so far that I almost lie flat on my stomach. Almost eh! But not quite. I keep myself on my hind legs just a bit. Do you imagine how much strength in your legs is necessary for that?

Cycling with dad Me And they have nothing for that in dog school? Yes they have. Namely, a method that does not work. Stand still when I pull. A walk again when I'm near to mom or dad. Yes I do find it just incredibly annoying to stand still so much during a walk. But I learn nothing from it. Getting a treat from mom and dad I find delicious. And then I pull again like crazy to go to that nice smelling piece of grass.
And we already have everything: a Halti, a Canny collar, a U-lead, a wacky walk'r. And everything has its pros and cons and if I really want to pull than I do that even with those things. A Halti is still the best. But since I usually just walk without pulling I do not often use them. But if there is, as recently, suddenly a cat that has my interest than it is a contest between man and dog. And then mom thinks "If I just had ......"