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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Noor

30 June 2012

I have a job. And that is called "protectress". I protect the house. I will protect mom and dad and I'll protect Raya. And now I also protect the car. If I am in the car and someone walks from 25 meters along than I almost bark the windows out. Then mom is a little angry because she says there are limits.

                                          It really is pure coincidence that I am lying here in the food cupboard

Since we have Raya I take my role as protectress even more seriously. Mommy is sometimes thinking what the similarities and differences between Raya and me are. We are both very sweet and each in our own way. Raya has a sort of carelessness and joy about her. Raya is an incredibly cheerful and happy dog. And she can be like that, partly because I do take so much care for her. Raya knows she can always count on me in all cursomstances. Miss Anita of the daycare says always: When we are together then Raya is much bolder and freer than when I am not there.
Recently we saw that when Conan, Raya's brother, was here. Raya is really a girl. She challenges Conan because she knows that he is going to jump on her then. And then she starts barking in a special way: "Noor, Noor, he does it again!" And then I interfere. Conan may be a lot bigger than me but I roll him on his back just like that. And then Raya, from a distance, is laughing.
What I find a bit irritating about Raya is that she is always literally leaping in when I want to greet mom and dad when they get home. And I should be greeted first because I am still the boss here. But she always pretends that she doesn't know that. She literally jumps between us continuous and then I chase her away. But she keeps coming back. So the greeting ritual now has become that mom and dad get home and that Raya and I do a wrestling bout. Then we get a pet on our head, but mostly we are mainly involved with each other. But when I'm home alone as mom comes in then we still have the old greeting ritual that I liked. Then I lie on my stomach on the couch with my Chinese Peyrac smile. And my buttocks go up and down and then we kiss and kiss and kiss. We find that delicious!

                             Me with my beautiful collar of hair

But I cannot miss Raya at all. If we haven't been together for a while then I'm also so happy to see her. Then we run together through the woods and forget about the rest of the world.

                         A very typical pose of me: arm in arm with mom or dad

Because I have a task I am also more serious than Raya. I am much more profound and I seem really to think about things. And now I am just over three and a half years old, I am totally matured. Mommy thinks I'm beautiful! I can lie so elegant and with such a regal look with my beautiful collar of hair around my face.


5 June 2012

We are back from a holiday in my beloved Switzerland. I enjoyed it as always. And I've been very sweet. I did not run away!
But I thought that there was no reason to go away.

Here you see a movie of our garden and how much we all like it there.

Playing with Raya in our garden

The irrigation canals were of course again delicious. There was even one in where there was snow instead of water. I love snow. Especially when it gets warmer. Then I dig and roll in it.
But water in the bisses has to be the best there is. I must walk in the water the whole time. Then mommy and daddy walk up the path and I walk just below in the water. Only if there are many trees that I may not because it's awkward with the leash.
I still need a leash because if I get some ideas in my head then my ears won't work anymore.

I can never get enough of this.

On viewpoint 'Stand'

So this time there were sheep in the meadow through which we must walk when we go to the car. And Raya and I were very excited about that.
So mom wanted to get pictures of us with the sheep. Therefore dad had to hold us both. But the sheep were running, and we wanted to go there. And daddy could not hold us anymore! So Raya and I ran through that flock with our long leashes behind us. Mom and dad shouted and whistled with the dog whistle but our ears were closed.
These meadows around the house are very large. And there are fences anywhere between them with gates that are mostly open. And then it is hilly and super steep. Within a second we were out of sight and it was not clear whether we were above or below or left or right.
Raya was soon caught again and had to wait inside. She totally did not agree and was screaming and yelling.
And then they went looking for me. But where? Mommy and daddy were worried but not panicked. Even though it is large and indistinct terrain, the sheep cannot leave. And therefore I would not go away either.
So they had to listen to the bells where a herd of sheep was running. And then finally my dad got me in sight. I was playing with a lamb but the lamb was afraid and ran up and down. So dad just had to stand put until we came along and then he grabbed me. I was so thrilled. And I had fun! Great! What a fantastic day!

Here you see a movie of the path through the sheep pasture that we always have to walk to the car.

In the Alpine meadow next to our house

Later I tried again but mom had said, "you never let her go!" So I tried again to run down the slope and dad held me tight. He fell, just not in the poop, but he did not let go. I'm really very strong.

At Jeizinen

With Raya very high on a mountain where there was still snow

And what I really like is rolling on my back. The best way is to do this on a slope on your back and then slowly slide down. I have as much fun as a child on a slide. Last year I slipped out of my harness this way. So mom and dad now take very good care when I start rolling. I may only slide down towards them when I am higher and not slide downward away from them.

Here you see a movie of my fun in the snow and how much I like it to slide down.

Cuddling with my daddy

After two weeks it's always fun to go home but we come back here again. As often as we can.

8 April 2012

We have a new grooming table. The old one was broke and now we have exchanged it and received a new one. But this one is a bit higher than the first. So if I step on that table I lift my hind legs just not high enough. And so I always fall a bit on that table. I really need to get used to the new table.
But I want to necessarily be on that table. So if Raya is also there I need to be fast. Because only if you're on that table you get treats. Raya and I both know that very well. If I stand on the table than Raya wants to go on it as well. And if she must stay outside than she remains in the vicinity for half an hour and occasionally jumps up against the doors and windows. "Me too, me too."
And if you're in the shower, then you also get cookies. But I really don't like showering.     
Last week we walked along the river Maas. We thought that was wonderful. I always have to pull my leash terrible in the beginning (Raya also today) of the excitement but after a few kilometers, I do better.
Mom and dad think that I can understand the navigation system. Because it is always so striking that five minutes before we arrive somewhere I start crying and turning out of the excitement.
Even in places where I never been before.
Raya and I can walk like Siamese twins. We find that delightful. Very often we walk side by side with our bodies against each other. Raya is now almost as tall as me so that fits exactly. Especially at the end of a walk, we walk next to each other very often.
Mommy and daddy are still so happy that we are such good friends.
Even if we are at the daycare we cannot miss eachother says miss Anita. For when I am there Raya immediately is a lot tougher. And when I am with Raya I am not so afraid of loud noises that are regularly be heard there.

11 March 2012

Today was the first birthday of Raya. And of course I could participate as guest of honor. I am probably the only dog ​​who thinks she is MacThree when it is not so.
I saw all those puppies again that I have seen so often a year ago. But I think Raya of course is the sweetest of them all.
Kosmo was also very funny. He tried occasionally to do naughty things with me, and I am an adult woman of course, and I don't want to do that with such a puber. I told him that briefly but firmly. Well, he did understand that.
Of course I tried again how mcuh will fit in my mouth. Well that did work. But Henriette had brought delicious chocolate cake that I did not get. That is not fair.

25 February 2012

Today we visited Raya's brother Floyd. He loved to see me and Raya again. He was completely crazy when he saw us. Raya found him in the beginning a bit scary but I am here to protect her. And besides, Floyd and I both love to play it rough. This is much too wild for small Raya. But we did have to laugh about her. For Floyd and I were really playing a lot and only had eyes for each other. And Raya also wanted to join us but could not and dared not intervene. So she ran around us and attract attention. And occasionally she jumped on our behinds. That little funny girl!
Furthermore, we have tought Floyd something. They have a very low coffee table. No, that looks nothing like a coffee table. It looks like a threshold that is in the way if you quickly want to go somewhere. So we just use it as a gangway. And now Floyd seems to do that too.

11 February 2012

Mommy sometimes places photos of us on Facebook. And there's a lady that finds our pictures very pretty. She has also a little crush on Raya. This lady paints pictures of dogs and makes jewellery. Because she is in love with Raya she has a couple of times painted a necklace with Raya . And she puts them for sale in her shop.

One day mommy saw a necklace of Raya that she really liked. So she has bought it. When it arrived there were two boxes in the package. How could that happen? When mom opened the second box there lay a portrait of me. So beautiful! That lady wrote: "You cannot have Raya without Noor." Well she was right of course. Mommy is so happy with the jewellery with painted portraits of her loved ones.

This is the store where you can buy that jewellery: Jardemiel

Should mom and dad be in any doubt how important Raya is for me is, then they don't need to doubt anymore. (They didn't anyway). But Raya must remain to sleep in the hallway because in the early morning she still starts investigating things and destroys them.
I have slept there too for a while but mom and dad thought that maybe it was better for me to sleep in the living room. I have much more space there and I can relax on the couch.
But they had so misunderstood. The more I slept in the living room the more I was barking. Until one evening I had been barking for an hour. They slept for just 10 minutes and then I began. Then I had to stop but 10 minutes later I started again. Then they let me back into the hallway to sleep with Raya and since then I stopped the barking.
It took a long time before they understood that I just even at night want to be with my girlfriend.

4 February 2012

It's become winter in the Netherlands. For three years we had real winters. Which of course I had brought from Norway. But since that we have a Belgian girl we have drizzly weather.
But now it is finally winter.

We have a small layer of snow and I love that! I like nothing better than rolling in the snow on my back.
I show Raya how to do that too but she will mostly run and romp. Well I think that's nice too.
If we just have fun, that's important.

Today there was still lots of snow. Real powder snow. So soft. I have never seen such snow. And the sun shone so we went for a walk in National Park the Loonse and Drunense Dunes. And there it was still so beautiful! We enjoyed ourselves so much. And after the walk the fun was not over yet. Because then we went to a cafe. We drank coffee and hot chocolate and ate fried eggs. Well, "we". Mommy and daddy did that and I have showed my best side. I could sit down so neatly. Of course I had to keep an eye on the plates. And of course as a reward I got treats. Let's make more day trips someday, all four of us.

Here is a video of our day trip.

14 January 2012

Last week I had an unexpected visit from my best friend Jukka! All of a sudden he was back again. I was of course overjoyed. Mom was home and cooked a lot of food. And dad was away with the car. Suddenly when he came home, mom and us had to stand outside like a welcome committee.
I thought that was weird. But then Jukka stepped out of the car! And he also had taken Sari. I haven't seen her for really a long time but I still recognized her.
I also had a long cuddle with her and of course we all sat on the couch together. Unfortunately they could only stay for a short time but I think I will go see them some more in the future.

And Floyd also visited today. His mom and dad told that he was not in a good condition. But he has really played all day. His mom and dad also told that he does not like beds. But the day ended up that he, temporarily, took my bed home with him.
Yes Floyd likes us. He likes Raya sometimes a bit too much. Then he wanted to climb on her and of course I could not allow that. So I chased him away and he obeyed me very well.

So I played with him. If you want a rough play then I am your girl. We had so much fun.
Later in the house Floyd wanted to play with a Kong that once held treats. And I did not allow that so I was a bit angry with him. Well, he did understand that. Since after all I am the leader in this house huh.
And he was fine with it. We had a great time and soon Raya and I will go visit Floyd.

4 January 2012

I survived New Year's Eve. And much better than other years!
I namely have a fear of fireworks. Well it is not that bad but I start being afraid of other things too because of that. Normally I'm in the first weeks of January still very panicky, and I must constantly look up in the sky. And in the months afterwards I also fear machine sounds or loud noises.


So this year we did it completely different. For two months I have been every week to the acupuncturist. I thought that was weird at first but once I knew what was happening there, I was very calm. I always got some treats by this nice vet and then I went into a room with mommy for a nap. And I got pins in my body. But one time the vet was not very smart. She had a dog in the treatment room next to the acupuncture room. And she asked that dog if he liked a treat. Well, then it appeared that I was not sleeping too deep because I was up immediately!

I also bought a thundershirt. I've worn it often in the recent months. I get very cuddly when I wear it. If I wear it then I need to stand close against mom and dad and give kisses and be petted.

I also have had homeopathic pills for a few months and on New Year's Eve I got other pills too. I was a bit calmer but eventually the anxiety won over the pills. I panted more and more. Then I had to lie in my bed and mom calmed me down. But after 23:00 I was not really quiet anymore. Because I know exactly how these evenings go.

So when at 11:59 pm the clock came on the television I began to tremble. And when I heard the first bang, I stood up. Mommy took me straight to the library and laid on top of me. I soon ceased to tremble and a little later I no longer had to pant. This way I lay quiet under my mom during the bangs. And after the fireworks were over I was soon completely quiet. Only when mom and dad finally went to bed at 2:30 am I had to bark. I wanted that my mom stayed with me so she did. She was so sweet to sleep on the couch with me.

And from 1 January on I again am completely calm. We are very pleased. So have not stayed in my panic. Mom made sure that I did not completely lost myself in fear, so I have now for the first time from 1 January no more problems.

26 December 2011

And then it was Christmas. Unfortunately not white this year. But still the four of us went for nice walk in the forest. There were so many animals! I had to pull on my leash quit a but. There were sheep and cows.
And then suddenly there were horses. And instead that they were afraid they came towards us! mommy was a bit anxious at first but they were lovely horses.
And now I did not have to pull on my leash anymore. I found it a but exciting in the beginning. And yet I was curious and I wanted to sniff them.
And then we went back to the car. But these horses were still following us! They all came after us. All the way to the car! Well, almost because at last there was an electric mat and we went through a gate. And those horses were well aware that they cannot walk over the mat.

25 December 2011

Here I lie like a queen on a throne. This is my favorite chair. On many mornings after breakfast I rest here for a moment. And I'm almost invisible. I have a wonderful view over our garden and meadow. And there are many birds to see that gather for food. Mom and dad find me very funny. Because I lie here really often just looking out and enjoying my domain.
They also suspect that I do this many times when I'm home alone during the day.

And I have found a new spot. For a while now there is a bed in the pantry. The beds were in fact on offer and so we bought some more. (Sometimes they get destroyed you know, although I wouldn't know how.) And where do you keep such a thing? So that's why it is in the pantry. I used to never lie there, but since the bed is in there I go lie there regularly. Mom and dad are curious of why I do that, but I won't tell them.
Could it be because it is nice and cool? Or because it is so quiet? Would I just need some peace and quiet sometimes? That's what mom and dad find good but because sometimes I'm so busy in my head. Especially now that we have relaxed Raya the more they see how curious I am. And how much I need to think about everything. And keep an eye on everything. I am always so afraid that miss out on something. Frequently they say: "Noor now relax for a minute", but that's really hard for me.

I have done a massage course together with mommy last week. I find massages great but during the course, my inquisitive nature resurfaced. I just need to keep an eye on everything. The other dogs, food, people. I really could not lie down relaxed enough, even if with relaxation massage. But I found it very fun to go with my mom. And she now knows a bit how she can do more than a little petting. So we go practice that at home. At home I really get drowsy eyes from a massage.

8 December

It has become winter. But it's not a nice winter with cold and snow. It's a wet green winter. But although it is not so cold I'm moved in winter mode. And that means I'm more inside. And I roll myself up like an arctic fox. Then I put my nose in my tail and I lie comfortably in a sleeping roll.

And then we have received gifts from Finland! Nice. I know that by now. Then a box is put on the ground and I can see what's inside. I am obviously most interested in what is edible. This time there was stuff to bake cookies. Well, I know that very well how to bake them myself now. Since I was there the whole when mom was making them.
And of course we could taste the cookies. It was delicious!

27 November 2011

There is not much to tell. But there are beautiful pictures made of me and Raya.


8 October 2011

My friend Raya is a big fan of swimming. I am not so fond of it, but when the two of us go in the water together I find it fun. And so mom and dad took us to a little lake. And Raya was loose and I was not! That is ridiculous. "That's because you're not listening", they say. Why would they think such a thing? But still I enjoyed it very much.

25 September 2011

I've had a visistor. My uncle Jukka has visited. I saw him one year ago, for the last time. But I never forgot him. And on Wednesday we went very far away. Then we arrived at an airport. That was weird. I have never been to an airport before.

We had to wait between many people. And of course those had to take pictures of us. Suddenly someone came towards us. I had not expected it so I did not recognize him right away but then suddenly I did. I was so pleased and happy!

When we got home I had to crawl with him on the sofa and you can easily see how I enjoyed that.
Uncle Jukka has stayed with us four nights. In the morning I went of course straight into the guest house to see if he was still there. And that was of course allowed.

We have also made ​​many trips. We've been together at the sea. I had once seen a bit of sea, but I had never been to the beach.

It was such an experience! There were other dogs and of course lots of water. Salt yuck! I do not necessarily need to go into the water, but Raya did. And mommy too, so even I have made my feed wet. And I had a good run with daddy from a dune.

The highlight was of course the terraces. The weather was beautiful and out of the wind it was absolutely fabulous.
I've eaten sandwiches and delicious fish. And a bolus. And of course also normal dog snacks. I have enjoyed it so much!


Furthermore, we went for a walk in National Park Groote Peel. There were Aunt Marina and Conan. And Liesbeth with Belle and Iska.
And there were snacks and sandwiches. And when we were finished we went to eat pancakes on a terrace. And of course I was not forgotten and got some pieces too. And here I was again comfortable with my uncle Jukka. I must enjoy him as much as I can.


We also stayed at home one day. We went to the centre of town and have been eating herring. Because that was something that Jukka needed to do to become really Dutch. And guess who also ate herring? Me, of course! And Raya too. And Jukka had a very good tradition added to the trip. We've got backpack-sticks to roast sausages. And he brought the saugages as well. And we own a fireplace ourselves. I thought that was so fun! Delicious. Later, mom and dad did this is often with Raya and me. I myself was quite content and was a good girl and watched it from a distance. For I know that I will always get something to eat as well.

And than Jukka suddenly left again. Mommy is so sad for me. A dog life is not fun in this matter. You like someone so much and than he suddenly appears and dissapears and you don't know why. And as a dog there is no way that you can really keep in contact from a distance. That is so pity so we really need to go to Finland again.

17 September 2011

Mommy was packing yesterday. I really know what that means. I lie quietly on the floor but keep my eyes open.Playing in a bisseThis means that the holiday is over and that we will soon go away by car. And daddy can now carry all our rubbish back to the car.
The day before yesterday we have been to Stand. Mom and dad thought that Raya could handle that by now and we were there as fast as the signs indicated. In 35 minutes we were on top.
This is where mom can always take the best pictures of u. But it was quite busy. It was really elderly day. And 'our' bench was occupied by four people At the Nufenenpass that stayed there for hours. But they were great and they moved away a bit for us to take pictures. They were eating sandwiches and Raya and I were still very nice and posed. That was very clever of us. Then we got a little snack and then we walked back.

On the way back there was suddenly a very strange man running around the corner. He looked like Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies. A great big fat man with lots and lots of hair and beardNoor on 'Stand'. He had no shirt on and looked very wild. Mom and dad found it a very strange man. And I did too because I immediately stopped frozen and stared. I did not groan, but he should not have taken one step closer in our direction. That was clear. And for him too. For a few seconds we were all so still and then he turned quickly and stood on the tip of the corner. We walked on. Mom and dad had to laugh very hard afterwards.

For two weeks I have slept on the bed in the second bedroom to lie. But last night I spent the second bedroom. But tonight I needed to sleep in the main bedroom under the curtain in front of the door. Because I was quit sure we were leaving soon and I wanted to be very sure that they would not do that without me.
Next year we are going back because I'm at home here. On some walks you could clearly notice that I consider it my domain heAt the Rhone glacierre because I did a lot of peeing and pooping. For example Moosalp and the Bisse-Neuf. And of course at our cottage. I am so watchful that mom and dad occasionally where fed up with it. Because in the mountains you can hear everything from far away. And I hear so much there and gave mom and dad pain in their ears.

In the car on the way back home, I sit down panting and turning. Raya took all the space. She just took her room her to sleep and play so I could not lie down comfortably. I endure all this patiently.
Once at home mom and dad put us together in the pantry to eat. (In fact in Switzerland we had to eat separate because otherwise I also ate Raya's because she is so slow.) And here I do not. I'll stand 10 cm of Raya's tray while she eats but I do not touch the food. But once she shows that she might be full I will take the rest.

14 September 2011

At least one sausage is for me right?The things we did today! It looked like Finland. Last week we discovered a new Bisse and it runs through a little forest lake. And there are some places to make fire for roasting sausages. So when we stopped and the sausages came from the pack, I recognized it immediately. I was very focused at what was happening all along. And of course Raya and I got a sausage.
I knew exactly when eating was over. In one second, I had to grab the sticks and had to chew the points from which I remembered the sausages had been sitting.
Furthermore, today we have been once more to the same restaurant. This time we were inside. But today it seems that I am not 100% healthy (although I did eat the sausages with taste). So we don't know why but I was very sweet and lay almost the whole time under the table. Raya also did well but that was to be expected.

A bisse walkIt turns out there is a large discrepancy between me and Raya in character. Raya is almost always relaxed and she goes to lie down very soon. But I have always and forever keep track of everything. So at a restaurant I just can not lie down. Mom and dad feel lucky if I sit down and not continually remain standing. I'm always so afraid that I miss out on something. And not just with food. But in other situations too. I always want to know what is happening and always want to keep an eye on everything. Mom and dad sometimes thought that it was their upbringing and that I just do not listen but now they compare me with Raya and this is just a part of my character. They try to let me relax but do not complain if I just really am unable to lie down quietly. I am who I am.

9 September 2011

Well I really thought that today would be time to clean up the stuff. But they did not. At JeizinenWe stay one more week! Well I don't mind because I love it. Meanwhile I have some favorite places even though I only been here twice before.
Because once we approached the parking lot I will cry of luck.
And strangely enough, not the bisses that often go through the forest and the shade, although I still love it. It is more precisely the highland walks. With the space, the sky, mountains and views. Apparently, I love those walks the most.

I also love to roll on my back. And dry grass is most suitable for this. If there is dry grass somewhere, then I roll on my back and my legs are kicking in the air. I prefer that too on a hill so I slowly slide downwards during rolling. Delicious!
However, I once slipped from my harness At Jeizinen. How it is possible that a dog can slip out a harness? For that is why I do not wear collar but a harness for a harness you can not escape from. Well, I can! Mom and dad were shocked. And also because it is close to the kennel in Jeizinen where they breed Pyrenean mountain dogs and Maremmas to guard their flocks. I must always go closer there. And these dogs are only behind a few electrical wires, nothing more. So mom was terrified that I would go to them because I don't know what electrical wires are. And would I than run away in panic?

But I had barely noticed that I was loose. And when I did daddy blew the dog whistle. And then I came right away. For I have learned: whistle is treats. I really much more prefer listening to a whistle than to "Noor, here." So that adventure is thankfully over.

6 September 2011

We are already a few days in Switzerland and I love it here. Bij MoosalpMeanwhile, the garden is already fenced with sheep nets and I have not jumped over it. I can now go into the garden. And I think that's great! I immediately went back to my rolls of happiness. And then I went to play with Raya. We run together from At Moosalptop to bottom. In the beginning we had not so good in mind that this goes much harder than running on flat terrain. We always flew into the sheep net what now has become a safety net. But now we're used to it and take care a little better.

Incidentally, I still eat Raya's food if she does not hurry up. In the afternoon Raya get's food and I get a snack. But I would like food too and even one time I growled at her. So now I get my food outside and Raya eats inside.
But that does not mean that we are not still very good friends. If we have not seen each other for a moment then we have fly into each other's arms.

We have been to Moosalp yesterday but when we arrived it was in the clouds. And it was only 9 degrees and mom and dad only had a t-shirt on. So we drove off again. I had to cry! But today we have made that upRunning in the garden. I think Moosalp is really great. Lot also regarded it as her own property. And now we have Raya with us and she also responds as if this is 'home'.
What is that with this mountain? It is certainly a plateau but not steep where you're surrounded by mountains so beautiful.
It is therefore quite busy and almost everyone finds us stunning. We can not continue because everyone wants to talk about us. And mommy and daddy understood almost nothing of that Swiss German. They say very often Pyrenäenberghund. And 6 Monaten and 3 Jahren.
That was unlike today where we have walked along a Bisse. There they were always saying, Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées and 3 ans and 6 mois.

I have given my mom a heart attack today. Because I was suddenly gone. I was not outside nor inside. So mommy immediately paniced! But dad been not away from the gate and I had not jumped over it. So he stayed calm and thought and what turned out? I had locked myself in the bathroom and there it was cool, so I was sleeping quitly there.

3 September 2011

We are on holiday in my beloved Switzerland. Yesterday we packed the car and we went driving. Only after 22.30 I am happy in Switzerland hours we arrived at the hotel. Raya and I had to eat together in the room. Raya does not eat fast I do. And when I finished I went to Raya and I emptied her food bowl. I've never done that before and mom and dad wonder whether it was the stress.
Because I did have some stress. I could not find my niche in the back seat of the car. I was excited that we went on vacation and I could not sit good enough because of the luggage behind the front seats. And Raya takes so much space! I was gasping and panting. Sometimes Raya lie on top of me and I could no longer lie down.
And in those hotel rooms is always so hot. I just could not sleep. At 4 o'clock in the morning I was awake and woke my mom and dad up as well.

But now we are in the house which I know so well. Even in the car train I had to pant from the stress but when we drove the road to Bratsch there was a load lifted off my shoulders. I was completely relaxed immediately. Mommy could see in my face that a metamorphosis took place in my little head.
I immediately explored the house and it's still the same. Mom and dad have brought the puppy pen, and now I can go free on the terrace. Last year I had to stay on the leash because I run away twice. But now there are no sheep, and we have a fence. So Raya and I can move freely.
And on arrival, I immediately made ​​a big poop in the garden. For nearly two days I have kept that in but now I'm 'home'.

15 August 2011

I teach Raya everything I know
Mom and dad are still so happy about how nice I am for Raya. We still eat together in the pantry. And Raya eats much slower than me. She just eat her kibble with taste while mine is gone in a minute.
And as long as I'm done but Raya is not then I just wait next to Raya untill she is finished. And when she is finally finished then we lick each other's bowls.

Same with snacks. I'm always ready much earlier than Raya. And then I go to Raya, and lie next to her. Then I watch her enjoy it, but I do not take it from her. Mom and dad think that is so sweet of me and they are so proud of me.

1 August 2011

Raya is allowed to do whatever she wantsPlaying with my sweet friend Raya

It has been a long time since I've written in my diary. That's because I became a mother. On 5 May, I adopted the little Raya and since then I am a mom. It is the second best thing that happened in my life.
The best thing is of course when I became the child of my mom and dad.
Mommy and daddy are very proud of me. Because I am the best foster mom that you can think of. From the first moment I completely took Raya in my heart.
She is allowed to do everything with me. Well, almost everything. So let me just start with the two things that she is not allowed to do.

First she can not have my toothbrush. Raya copies everything that I doEvery evevening after my dinner I had a rawhide chip and ate that in my bed. And Raya also got a small tooth brush. But Raya was not allowed to come near my bed. At first not further than one meter, then no more than two meters, and so it went further. Until I was grumbling and flying out of my bed like a rocket when she entered the room. And than mom and dad said it was enough.
Yes, Raya is allowed to do whatever she wants
From then on I no longer get my toothbrush in the evening. But Raya still needs to eat around noon. And I do not. So now I get my toothbrush around noon and then Raya gets her meal. When Raya is finished then she goes outside to pee. I always lie on the grass with my toothbrush. Raya knows that she is not allowed around me. At first she came down to one meter and I found that OK. But she did not dare to get closer. And now she doesn't even notice me until my toothbrush is finished.

Exam at dog schoolAnd than to think that mom and dad were afraid that we would fight together over dinner. But I am fine with that. Raya has even accidentally ate from my bowl once and that was also fine. I was a bit surprised about it but if Raya wants to eat my food than Exam at dog schoolI am fine with that.

I don't care about the food and not even about the treats.

I only care about the toothbrush.

And another thing. Raya should not lick the dishwasher. That's my job and I make that very clear to her. And she knows it. Sometimes she tries to get a little closer to the dishwasher everyday, and that's fine. Until she is almost there, and then I chase her away.
So it is only the toothbrush and the dishwasher but for the rest Raya is allowed to do whatever she wants.

The Hop Queen 2011She may pull my ears and bite my legs. She may eat my food, and come between me and my family to get attention. She may lay in my favorite places and in my bed. Her wish is my command. Mom and dad had never thought I would be so very sweet. They eve want sometimes that I would stand up for myself a little more. Mommy sometimes says she misses me. Because every time I comeWith mom and Raya on the sofa for cuddles than the little toddler Raya comes between us. And than I pull myself back.

So sometimes we make som quality moments that I'm alone with my mom. And than we can enjoy together so much.

But enough about Raya. Because no matter how much I love her, I'll still have a life of my own also. So on May 21 I had exams for the course Behaved Dog 2 at dog school.
I already passed the exam before with daddy. But since I like the dog school so much we just did the same course over one more time with mom. And of course I passed with even better points. I did almost everything right. You could get 24 points, and I had 23. The only thing that I had done that was not quite right was brusching teeth. And that was only because I had done the exercise with the treats just before that.

Looking out over the meadow So when mom put her finger in my mouth I thought she still had a treat and I wanted to chew it. Then the trainer thought that I would not brush my teeth.

But then my successful weekend is not over yet. For the next day we went to a dog show in Wieze. There I went in the ring with my uncle Aad. Because I want only to go to shows where I can win cool prizes for our showcase. In Wieze I could be queen. Hop queen they call it there. And I won! So now I'm Queen Noor. And that's good because we now have a Princess Raya also.

On the grooming tableWe also have purchased a grooming table. For mom does not like to brush two dogs that are moving around in circels constantly. And so she decided to kill a few birds with one stone. She bought an electric grooming table that can go up and down. That's good for her back and we must stand still (well, sort of). And she made a beauty parlor in the garage for us. The shower in there, is perfect for dogs. On the grooming table we can be brushed. And blown dry. That we still do not like but we can not turn anymore.In Paris during the World Dog Show

Yet I would not be Noor if I did not pull a stunt. So I squeezed myself out of the collar and I jumped off the table. And than I was dangling in my waistband. Mommy was immediately there in order to lift me back up so nothing bad happened.
After brushing we get a massage on the massage mat. And on the table, we get tasty treats that we do not get anywhere else. And we understand that immediately. Some things we never actually learn but some things we learn very quickly. So every time the door of the garage is open then we step on the grooming table to get a treat.
And that massage mat is often occupied by me without brushing first and then I look at my mom pleading, begging for a massage. And in a few months, mommy is even going to take a real massage course with me. I look forward to it already.

And then I have been to Paris for a few days. Because in Paris was the world championships. Fortunately, my first mom Beate went in the ring with me. Because mommy is far too nervous for that.
Here is a movie of Beate and me in the ring in Paris. (And if you're thinking: "Wow I see many dogs!", Well this was just the Open Class and there are many more classes.)
At the castle of VersaillesI had won nothing and we did not expect anything. But we have really seen a lot of dogs from all over Europe and even from Canada. With all breeds together there were even more than 36,000 dogs competing! Mommy and daddy have bought prizes for me because I was so well behaved. Raya was in Belgium so we have spend some wonderful days with three of us and enjoyed each other so much.
At the castle of VersaillesAnd I had been so sweet. I'm even a little more mature since I've become a foster mother. I'm just an exemplary dog.
The second day in Paris we did not go to the At the castle of VersaillesFrench Championships, which were then also. But we went to Versailles. In the 17th century, Louis XIV, the Sun King, declared us the official breed of the French royal court. So my ancesters roamed on these grounds once. Nowadays, dogs can not get into the gardens. Only small dogs that fit into a handbag.
So when we wanted to walk through the main entrance we were not allowed inside. They referred us to the forest at the back. But there was a gate to the gardens and was open, and there was no guard on duty. So we just walked through quickly and took some pictures. But no one stopped us. And all tourists found me fantastic. I had so many pictures taken. I was petted and photographed so much! And eventually we came all the way to the castle.With my souvenirs of Paris
It was a really great weekend and all three of us really enjoyed it. You can find pictures of that weekend here.

There are many movies made from me and Raya. You can find them all through the link on my video page. But one movie I'd like to point out. Because you can really see how sweet I am for Raya. I'm always on my back with her to play (because otherwise she can break they say.) And I often invite her to play with me.
This is the movie in which I play so sweet with Raya.

And in this movie you can see that I am very kind to Raya but it sometimes goes wrong with my mom.

25 April 2011

I am now very much in Belgium at Kennel MacThree to look at the puppies. Actually I know it by now: Miss Pink is being groomed it's weekend again, the camera, and not forget the fish treats are placed in the car and then I get it already, we go to Belgium.
And I already know exactly who I find there, With my first mommy Beate many puppies. We're going look at Raya they always say. And I have to choose who is Raya. In my own way I needed to pick out which pup would become Raya. Because mommy and daddy really could not choose.

For a long time they were doubting between miss pink and miss yellow. For they were both quiet and beautiful and very sweet, and above all, they seemed to fit for me the best. But gradually mis Pink became the favourite of mom and dad. But the pink girl became also a bit rougher with her litter mates. And mom and dad lilke that very much. But does that fit with me?
However I really seem to like the yellow girl. But am I able to choose and is moms interpretation of all the videos correct?
No one can make me look more beautiful than Beate can

And then also my first mom Beate came over from Norway to visit the puppies. And she made it even harder. For mommy had to put the puppies in show positon. And than it it appeared that miss pink was easier than miss yellow. Well of course it is intended that Raya will do more than just stand in position, but it seemed that miss pink's temperament is a bit more easy for mom and dad. Earler Pink girl had let herself be groomed very easy with mom. Who had already thought: "How wonderful to have a dog who just let herself be brushed." So now it seemed that yellow girl was a bit more stubborn than pink girl.
And then Marina and Beate started talking about how puppies handle mature ladies like me who are good at educating young girls.

So than mom and dad listened to their own hearts and picked miss Pink. And so miss Pink became Raya.