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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Raya

11 January 2015

I have made New Year's resolutions and that means that I want to keep up with my diary better. However, I will not do that here. But I have created a special blog for this. From now on I'm going to write it at the blog of Raya. Work is still in progress there.

16 March 2013

I went to the biggest dog show in the world. That's Crufts and it is in Birmingham, England. As a foreign dog you can only go there if you have qualified. Each country has only one show where you have to win to qualify. And next to that there are the European and World Dog Shows where you can qualify. And I have no less than qualified myself twice!
The first time by being the Junior World Winster in Salzburg, Austria. (That's at the World Dog Show.) And then I was also the mature Bundessiegerin in Dortmund, Germany.
Mommy is so proud of me, that she wanted to go to Crufts with me to run laps there.

I am approved and allowed to enter England by train

Unfortunately Noor could not go with us because she had not qualified and visitors dogs are not allowed there. So Noor had to go to our day care. There she was very well entertained. But I missed Noor very. Luckily we had already been practiced for a day without each other to be so I was already a little accustomed.
I also had to be washed and my hair had to be combed. So I had some distraction.
And so we drove to England on Saturday morning.

In England, the dogs sit neatly in a box, but I was only going to pose shortly on my new blanket

First we had to pick up mum Marina in Belgium. That was a joy! Therefore, I was suddenly a lot happier and I missed Noor not so bad.
Furthermore all the way I was in the back seat with my mom. That was not a disaster though. We really cuddled and hugged together a long time. All that attention without Noor present was more and more appealing.
We had to stop at the vet control to show my passport and then I may enter England. We went by car in a train. This was much more modern than those in Switzerland.
When we arrived in England we had to drive very far and then we came to a Mrs. Penny where mum Marina was staying.
They had a very small cute dog that I really loved to play with.

That pretty little white thing in the middle of that large class is me.

Just before mom and dad went out to eat I had to be walked. They have very different soil there. Very dirty smelly brown clay and some pieces smell like poo! So before dad noticed I was rolling in it. I smelled deliciously dirty! And I had two large greasy dirty smelly spots on my freshly washed white coat. And then also on the side where the judge is watching! I found it delicious but when I looked at the responses I think that maybe it was not allowed what I had done. I had to urgently get a local scrub bath and got all kinds of smells sprayed in my coat.
Well hey! Now I had just done all that trouble for nothing! And then the people could finally go out to dinner.
After dinner we went to a hotel where I slept with mom and dad.

Here we are being judged.

And the next day was the big day. We went to Crufts. There were boxes where all dogs had to sit in. But I really am not used to that. I'm just lie in front of my box.
After a long time waiting, I was finally with my mom in the ring. It was a very large class. Mommy was so proud of me, that we floated through the ring together. Just standing still for such a long time, because it was such a large class, I found a little difficult. At last I got lame legs! Yet the judge found me beautiful enough to let us stay in the ring with the last five while the rest had to leave. Mommy already was glowing with pride than.
Then I had to run one more time and stand nice again, and then I was fourth. This is called "Reserve in Class". Mommy, daddy, mum Marina and Penny were so proud of me that I had done so well.
On Facebook there is a video of Crufts. My class (Post Graduate Class) is at 4:30 and my individual judging is at 4:52.

With my mommy, mum Marina and Penny, my supporters. Everyone was very proud of my beautiful performance!

That night, we went to bed very early. I was so tired that I spent the whole night between mom and dad on the bed. I normally don't do that but I was really too tired to stand up.
And the next day it was time for the return. That was a grueling journey of 700 km long snowy weather, a train delayed and harsh icy wind. (That night and the next day there would even bel cars stranded on the highways of England and northern France so I was glad that we were back in time.)

Watching the Crufts BIS final in the hotel room and then to bed

But at 20:00 I finally saw Noor back. That was a very happy reunion. We were all four so happy to see each other again. There was a lot kissing, dancing, jumping and beeping.
And now I'm just Raya again. And I have made myself dirty again and rolled myself in stinking mess. But now it is allowed.

8 March 2013

Today I am exactly 2 years old.

On the occasion of my second birthday mom made ​​a movie:

Mommy still remembers exactly how my birth went. I was the first girl that was born and so I became Miss Pink.
And actually mommy already knew than that I was her favorite. I went straight from my mother's womb in the heart of my mom. But yes, she still had to rational, oh dear. Noor had to choose me, and I had to fit well with Noor and blah blah.

But eventually her heart won. And then it turned out that all this fuss with difficult and sensible thinking had not been necessary. A better friendship as between me and Noor does not exist.
We just can not live without each other. Every day we have to play and cuddle extensivly. Then I lick Noor's ear and she nibbles on my coat.

With mommy and Noor in Switzerland

I am going to Crufts soon. That's a big dog show. And it's the only time that mom and dad have decided to leave Noor at home. For Noor cannot be entered and visiting dogs are not allowed.
Therefore Noor had a test day and went alone to our daycare. Well, that was a tragedy for me! I really can not do without Noor. I was so depressed that I lay inside all day with my mom. Sometimes I went out but then I did not see Noor yet. And I went back inside.
I even lie on the spots where Noor always lies but I never lie.

And in the evening she came home. That was such fun! For Noor also. Noor was tired of playing and also wanted to enjoy cuddles from mom. So Noor was inside in the evening and I was outside. I had to lie inside all day and wait for Noor to get home, and now I wanted to be outside the whole evening even though Noor was inside! It is enough for me to just know where she is. Then I am happy.

Me in the mountains

Then we went for a few days to Switzerland. I loved it! There was still a lot of snow! I could loved to crawl through it on my belly and eat the snow.
Noor was crazy! She was really mad! She jumped on me out of total madness. Sometimes I went away from her. Because normally I'm the one who is challenging Noor to play and not vice versa. But yes, I like playing with her so usually I let myself be persuaded to go play into the deep snow.

With mommy and Noor at Moosalp

27 January 2013

I'm almost two years old and am still developing.
I was always a very sweet dog. So sweet that you cannot put in into words. Angelic sweet.
Well I'm going to find that cuddling really delicious. Now that I no longer am a tomboy every minute of the day I increasingly want to cuddle with mom and dad. I really live up to my name Khuddleigh. Because Khuddleigh is just pronounced like Cuddly.
And screaming and crying that I can if I want attention before Noor! Mom and dad have to laugh about that. Fortunately they have two hands so they can pet two dogs.

With big friend Noor

And then I have a period of very bad eating behind me. That went very slowly and mom and dad increasingly made a big fuss out of it.
The eating ritual lasted sometimes 45 minutes and that twice in one day. I sometimes ate nothing. So bad that I lost too much weight. Sometimes it seemed as if I was a little depressed and sometimes I had an intestinal infection for which I got antibiotics. It seemed increasingly coming back.
It simply could not go on any longer and I went to the doctor. And a dog whisperer has talked to me through pictures.

With big friend Noor and mommy at the Belgium coast

I had on one same day a consultation with the doctor and with the dog whisperer. Mom and dad were very happy with what the dog whisperer said. So much that I cannot write it down, but I for one am a very happy dog. The bad eating is not because I'm unhappy but they should not make such a big deal out of it. The dog whisperer had some tips on how else they could handle my food ritual. So from that day, mom and dad no longer paid attention to my food and make themselves not worry anymore, if I for once do not eat. But since than I am a good eater.
Further blood tests were all very good so about my physical health they do not have to worry.
Both the dog whisperer and my doctor thought independently that it could have something to do with heartburn so I have pills for that now.

Me in the snow

From that day in December, I completely changed! Really totally changed. It is just a miracle. I'm again cheerful, a tomboy, a little crazy, lively, cuddly. Mom and dad enjoy every minute of me.

Meanwhile, mom has discovered that the dog whisperer on the day of my so called extensive consultation has read this diary!! So she does not believe at all anymore that I have actually talked to this dog whisperer.
You could be able to feel cheated but that is not so. Because in any way whatsoever both the dog whisperer and the veterinarian helped me.

We listen to the crazy sounds that mom makes

For nine months I had not been eating too good and sometimes very bad. But from that one fateful day on 13 December, I completely changed. Why that was stays a mystery but we are all very happy. Mom and dad have lost all their worries on that day and have consciously and unconsciously a whole different attitude towards my eating. And the pills for heartburn will also have to do with it.
I for one am become a begger as worse as Noor! I 'm always hungry! I am now even more and more in the kitchen as Noor. Once someone is at the kitchen counter, I am there too.

During a nice walk on a snowy heathland

The whole story is too long to list here but that I literally changed 100% from one day to another is really the greatest miracle of 2012. Dog whisperer? Pills? Behavior of mom and dad? How can my eating habits totally change in one single day? A dog that never was interested in eating to a dog that loves and wants to eat anything and everything. And rushes to her food bowl whent it is placed in the stand. It's a mystery and it is a miracle, but we are all happy and that's the main thing.