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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Raya

(If you appoint a picture you will see the description)


25 September 2011

I have a couple of fantastic days behind me. Just back from vacation, we got a visitor. It was a gentleman who is called Jukka. And we picked him up in Amsterdam.
I didn't know him than but Noor did. But I found him very sweet. And what was even more fun. We were all doing very nice things together.

For the first time in my life I have seen the sea. I found it a little scary at first. It was very big and very wet and the water tasted salty. And then there was something that is called waves. They came at you every time! But then I discovered something! Birds! In Switzerland my hunting instinct was already noticed . And here I was chasing the seagulls. I was so crazy that my mom did not dare to let me run free.
Normally I listen very well and I'll come when called. But those seagulls made ​​me mad. I was no longer afraid of the water and had to hunt through the waves like a submarine torpedo. So she was afraid that I just could not listen and would go too far.

And of course there are also dunes by the sea. Big sandboxes where you can dig into. Delicious. I loved it.

There is also a movie made of our sea trip​​. You can watch it HERE.


But the sea was not the only trip we took. The following they we walked in National Park Groote Peel and eat pancakes. And there I met my first mommy Marina. I went completely nuts when I saw her. Mom and dad Already knew that I can really freak out when greeting. Then I jump and squeal and cry and sing and dance and drink and then jump and dance and sing and cry and wheeze. And if Noor want to greet them too I jump in the middle. But than Noor is correcting me because she is the boss and needs to be greeted first (she thinks).
But when I saw my first mommy Marina I was just as crazy as like when mom and dad come home.

And I also saw my brother Conan. And Liesbeth was there. I stayed with her in July and still knew all those big dogs. I immediately went very submissively lying on my back. Mommy did not believe her eyes.

16 September 2011

A mountain terraceRaya op 'Stand'Today we did our last walk. We have looked for a new bisse but couldn't find it. And so we went back to the bisse of the chapel. We didn't mind that though. Because we find it a great bisse. A last view at our cottageIn the beginning of the vacation I had my reservations about a bisse, but not anymore. I splash in them as often as Noor does. And sometimes I am also crazy in my head. then I run and plunge. But that is not allowed untill next year, they say. And I also play with the water. Then I move my leg and try to catch the little whirls.
Today the bisse ended at a suspension bridge. It has those grills so you can look down very deep. And it was long, high and deep! Noor did not dare to step on it. And mom and dad neither. But I dared! So we went a bit but then mom quickly turned around. Yes, and when I walked on it Noor wanted to step on it too. So Noor has now learned something from me.
But we have not crossed the chasm. mom and dad found it enough and the bisse was gone from that point anyway.
So we went back to the car. I enjoyed this vacation so much. At first I found it a bit strange, but now the two weeks are over, I feel so at home here. I can not wait until next year. And I may walk even more than because my legs are fully grown by then.

14 September 2011

Bij MoosalpI'm just a puppy of 6 months old and so is the rule that I can walk for 30 minutes. And that's where mom and dad are very strict. We walk 30 minutes from the car and we will keep at least 30 minutes break and then we walk back. That is to save my legs.Drinking
That was enough in the first week of the vacation. But not anymore. Whether it's the healthy mountain air? Or maybe I already have processed all the new impressions and I am not so tired in my head anymore. But I have too much energy. And that's not good for my legs either. Because then I jump like crazy through the house and garden. I am completely nuts. Or I jump on Noor until she can no longer ignore me and starts to get crazy too.
Spelen met Noor in ons huisjeSo yesterday I was allowed to go on the big evening stroll. Because I always had to wait fifteen minutes after Noor had left. Then I cried and looked through the window. I need to stand on the seat of the chairs and with my frontlegs on the back to be able to look through the window. Noor goes for her evening stroll and I do NOT like that! And I already understood what we were going to do than. Then I walked to the end of the gravel path and then I could see Noor coming down from the mountain. And then I flew around her neck as if I had not seen her in a year. And then we walked back together.
Anyhow, every time mom and dad (or Noor) are coming through the gate that is a reason to jump up and greet them with great enthousiasm. Whether they are away for 2 seconds or 2 minutes. Whether they have been out of not. It doesn't matter. Someone who passes a gate or door is always reason to greet like madness.

What is that? Sausages?But since yesterday I may also go on the evening walk. And tomorrow we'll probably do a bit more walking. Because I just can not lose my energy and I get crazy then.
Also, I sometimes challenge Noor to play with me. I always pull hard on her ears and when she pulls mine I scream. And if I play with her​​, I sometimes growl really very challenging. Mom and dad wonder when Noor will set me straight. For Noor is still incredibly tolerant with me.

And then there's something else. I suddenly like to play with other dogs. When I see other dogs I start barking and then I jump and make lots of play movements. Previously, I was always waiting a bit but can it be different now that Noor is always around? Or would it just be because I have developed mentally the last few weeks? Especially psychologically they see me grow every day.

12 September 2011

In a lakeI would always want to live here. I like it here so much! A kiss for my momI've discovered the bisses along with Noor and I cannot get enough of them. I also love to walk with my legs through the water and drink while walking.
Waterfalls and rapids I still find a bit scary but I'm also very curious.

On the NufenenpassToday we have a found a bisse in the woods that formed a little lake. Op de FurkapasAt first I found it very scary because it was too much water and it went deeper. But once I dared to go in it made me craze too. At JeizinenMaybe this week we are back again with a long line so I can go swimming.

I am also a hunter. And there's really much to hunt. Hundreds and hundreds of crickets on the path to the cottage. And salamanders. That's weird stuff! And what about snails? Crawling around with a hard thing on their backs. I stare out my eyes and try to catch them.There are also some wasps so mom keeps an eye on me very well because she said I cannot hunt those. But I prefer to hunt crickets and salamanders. And at night moths. They look so strange when they fly in the lamplight. I even have to bark at them.

And of course, I roll myself in stinky smells like fox poop or things that mom and dad don't even see, but which I smell very well.

5 September 2011

Playing in the gardenWe have been here a few days and I love it here! I see so many new things. I think it's so beautiful here that I sometimes start to pull my leash which I never did before. This has probably two reasons. First, here I wear a harness and no collar. A harness pulls a lot better. And second, I just want to discover everything as fast as possible. I prefer to run up all the mountains. Or better yet, downhill. Because I find views amazing. I'm looking down and if it was up to me I would jump off a steep slope. That is why I have that harness. When I'm acting weird than they can at least hold better and I don't hang on my neck. And I can not slip out of my harness like a collar.

At the house I found my place though. Once I get the chance I lie on the beds. I think that's really delicious. And I can sleep wonderfully well. A week ago, mom and dad where tired of me not sleeping at night and now I sleep even longer than they.
I'm really suddenly changing. My little face is fuller. My behind too. No more sudden pees but I could just hold it until there is opportunity.
And I do not eat much. A princess on her sofaI ate three times a day 200 grams but I don't want that much anymore. Especially in the afternoon I have no appetite. Then I brush my teeth rather than I eat my food. I just let it stand. So now we are trying to figure out what is best for me now. Nothingto eat at lunch or just a little bit. Today I have not eaten lunch and ate my dinner rapidly.

I see so much stuff for the first time in my life. Like a waterfall. That murmurs a lot! And I wantto see it up close. Or a rock. Just a great rock in a plain. That's scary you know, for the first time! You have to really stand on your toes and go sneak to see what it is.
And then you have finally seen it and you are not afraid anymore Sleeping with Noorand then you see another boulder! Covered with moss! Well, that's really something quite different though.
And mom and dad were hoping for my first snow. But in September, all the snow has melted away! Normally, mom and dad are here very early in the summer and you can still drive to the snow but unfortunately not at this time of the year.

An evening stroll is a daily routine her. First dad goes away with Noor. Noor is allowed to go for longer walks. And then I always cry. And 20 minutes later I can go to and then we meet Noor and dad. It's always a great joy when we meet each other again.
And when we walk back on the path to our cottage Noor and I always have to scratch. We never have to scratch ourselves but if we walk back to the cottage we always get extremely itchy! Then we have to scratch every two meters.

3 September 2011

In SwitzerlandWow, all the things i have experienced! First I had a long dive in the car. Really, really long drive. And I just could not rest. I had to constantly look outside. And panting. For Noor was also still panting. And then it was very late and we arrived in a hotel. Mom and dad were afraid that I would pee at night on the carpet so I had to pee outside. They stood outside with me until 23:30 and I just did not pee. I cannot pee if I find everything so exciting. And then we went to bed. I was the only one who slept well. I enjoy lying under the bed. But dad was turning and Noor was panting.All together on the bed
The next day we went driving. And it took a long time. Until we finally drove up on a mountain. And then we stopped and we could get out. We went to a house. A house is really quite different than a hotel. We dogs always feel at home in a house but not in a hotel.

And you know what is so fun? We sleep all together in a bedroom. So I lie in bed with Noor. And mom and dad have to see where they can sleep.

28 August 2011

On the moor with big friend NoorI have now been a few times atI may be off leash so I can act crazy the day care center. Miss Anita thinks that I am really cute. And you can see the difference right there between me and Noor. Where Noor always loves to play with all the other dogs I am much more reflective. I love looking at the other dogs, and observe them. And sometimes I make a jolly jump At show in Lokeren with Noor as spectator Foto: Marina Nieuwenhuizenbut for the rest I am much more quite. I start to be a big girl of 5 months old
But I am a very cheerful and happy puppy. Mom and dad enjoy having me around so much. I am always happy and there's really always a smile on my little face. They just have to look at me and I roll myself on my back to cuddle.My favorite spot is under the curtains
And I'm really a very steroytype puppy, dragging all my toys one by one to my bed. Every day my bed is again filled with my toys. And I can play wonderful with all that stuff. I think that's great.

Well, I I am not spoiled with toysam not always happy. I find it terrible to be alone in my room. Then I really try to break out. But yet they say, I can be alone in the living room when I am one year old. Because I still can not really be alone with Noor in the living room. Because then we play too rough and then maybe my legs are broken and the interior has breakable stuff too.
With Noor in our forestFor example, I love the Bouncy Bone but in my room I just do not touch it. So if mom or dad get home I am crazy of happiness. So crazy that they now turn away on me because I really should do a little quieter. So that is now slowly a little better. Noor also stands for my room to wait. But she does not to greet me. She goes directly to the Bouncy Bone, and drags it out to to eat it.

Furthermore I drive mom and dad a little crazy. For though I am houstrained for a while but still often I have urinated inside in the morning. So now at night I sleep in the cage. That I do not mind. But between 5.00 am and 5.30 I have to pee. And then I scream, yell, scream, scream. And if they let me scream then I pee in my cage. So now they let me out but then they themselves can not sleep anymore. They really are starting to get some sleep problems.

20 July 2011

Sometimes I compete in a showMy mommy has been so busy with two dogs that she does not have time to publish my diary. Sometimes she thinks that it is not even necessary. Just look at Noor's diary and you know what I am going through. For many idiosyncrasies we develop at the same age.

On the other hand it is a pity because we may forget so much.
Like the one time I had to guear so terrible. I almost wet mypants but I had to bark. Because one early morning a man just suddenly came over our path to the house. What was that man doing there? Until he got closer and I saw that it was daddy! Then I needed squeaking and jumping like crazy.How did daddy get there? After all he was sleeping in the bed? I did not see him get up.

Friends for everI also once barked at the TV. I lay comfortably on the couch until I suddenly heard a dog barking. Inside our living room! I thought it was ridiculous and I had to bark. And I was even looking behind the television to see if maybe the dog was hiding there. Friends for ever

Furthermore I already changed my teeth. And there's only one that mom found. She is a little sorry for that. That's because I have given all my teeth to Noor. Because very often when we had played together outside then Noor came back with blood on her coat. And than mom knew that I lost a tooth in the woods while playing with Noor. And of course you can never find a tooth there.

Sleeping with daddyI have the curious habit to lie under the blanket in the car. IIk ben een heel stereotyp pupjestill am such a small little one that I can squeeze under the blanket and lie behind the front seats. I find it so nice and safe. But I can not do that and then my mommy complains to me that I must go. And I do that eventually. Then I crawl back in the back but still under the blanket. And then there is such a weird moving bubble that again makes Noor curious and sometimes she sits on it! (Which is me)
So now we have a new and different type of blanket and now I can not crawl under it anymore. That is not nice!

And I also have a very different habit than Noor. For Noor loves to roll on her back on the grass. And so one day mom saw me rolling in some plants. But it was a very different role than Noor. Noor rolls of fun and I roll with a kind of fanaticism, and I also roll my head in the ground. Thus mom went to look. And than she saw a old dead rotting toad! So I am one of those dogs that love to roll in smelly things!

10 June 2011

I 1-2-3 ..... still grow so fast. What I could not do yesterday that I can do today.
With three months I am 13 kg and 44 cm high, 3 cm and 2 kg less than Noor at that age. So mom and dad are very happy. Every week I get 1 kg heavier and 3 cm higher.

I now prefer to drink from the bowl of Noor. Every week, my own bowls are set higher.
And of course I now lie on the couch. Because that is where I belong as a full member of the family. Mom and Sleeping on the couch dad think that I am too young to go to the couch but hey, Noor is doing that also. And nowadays everything is said and done by that.

Mom has today once again decided to do write something in my journal. Because time flies. And with a puppy and a big dog it seems like there are only 12 hours in one day instead of 24.
But the diary is such a beautiful memory of Noor and she is afraid she will forget things. So maybe this part is someday expanded as there is something that comes to mind.

Apart from a dog I have traits from other animals. I've already got a lot of nicknames.
Monkey: Well that's obvious after my act in the puppy forest. Playing on the couch
Pig: Because I like very much to make myself wet and then roll in the sand. I love mud.
Grasshopper: because I really can jump. I prefer to jump from one-and-a-half meter away on their lap or from the ground straight into their arms if I could. I jump on Noor too, in my food bowl, on the sink, the fountain, the coutch, etc. etc.
Pigeon: Because I so often am cooing as Noor is "fleaing" my coast.
Suckling pig: Because I can scream like the best when I'm put in my cage or pen.

Meanwhile I have a new habit and it has success! I've learned to greet my mon and dad with great enthusiasm.
And though I need to learn that I should not jump and to stay low, they can not resist it. They only have to be five minutes outside, or that for me is enough to jump into their arms as they get inside again.
And then I squeal and jump and wag my tail. But very quickly I lie on my back to be petted on my belly. And I have to suck on their hands and give kisses.
Oh oh oh, it's such exaggerated ritual. But sooooooo cute!

5 June 2011

Today was my first lesson at the dog school. I had of course a few times watched Noor but now the tables are turned. And Noor had to watch now.
I already had Look how alert I can listen done very well. I had to sit for a treat but I What a very strange exercise could do that already. And I had to lie down for a treat. It's called "down". That worked well but I still found it difficult.
And I had to keep looking at daddy when kids came running along and cheering. That went well. But the slalom between posts I did not like. Still in the beginning it was OK but after a one-and-a-half lap I thought it was enough. Then I would bite my leash, the trousers of dad and yawning.
But just walking along through the field that I thought was fun.
And finally I had to learn "stay". That was weird! Then dad said "stay" and then he stepped forward with one leg. It was like dancing. And it went well. But every time he put his leg back than I wanted to go with him.

Then at one night I had a bladder infection. That was a tough night for me. And for mom. It started suddenly at 1 am. I just wanted to be outside. First I was one hour outside with dad. And every minute I had to sit down and pee. How good of me that I wanted to do it outside. But mommy still found it too much to stand outside for 6 hours Me in the night.
Mommy had subsequently cleared the whole computer room so that I could pee on the floor. And for herself a mattress on the floor. I'v been up all night. I really hardly slept because I had to pee every minute. Always a few drops. And sometimes I could sleep straight for half an hour.
So much helpful because when I woke up there was a little more pee so mom could do it in a jar.
And the doctor saw indeed a bladder infection. But not a from a bacterium but from an annoyance. So we had to break the cycle of constantly pressing and abdominal pain.
So I got Metacam. Luckily this was all over after one day. And after a few days I needed no more medication.
I've got a nice herring because mommy has learned that Omega-3 works well for inflammation. My favorite toy

So house training was a little difficult than.
Although it goes already pretty good with my house training, I find it still hard to hold my pee all night. So in the morning I'm in my cage screaming that I want out.
But mom and dad do not like dogs that scream in the cage. So I have to unlearn that.
So they only let me out when I lie nicely and if I do not hit the bars and stand and scream.
And I understand so well huh. When they enter the room I must do some kicking and screaming. But then they sit down with their backs towards the cage. And then I remember. Then I quickly lie down. And then I still may be a bit sad and sighing, but when I am silent then the door is opened.
And then I'm flying like a rocket. And I go crazy to greet them.

29 May 2011

With first daddy Aad in the ring Today I had Will the price be for beautiful or sweet? Or both?my first dog show. As we go on holiday with the Joho-day it seemed nice that I would do the Belgian club match. I'm just a little baby. Not even 12 weeks old. So we had nothing to expect.
But I was really good. Of course I went running in circles with Aad. It went very well. Sometimes I stood still while running.
But I saw a big bag of kibble at the sign with the one so I had to run nicely to get it. And I did! I was number 1. I just beat another baby of almost 6 months old.

And not to forget, every day playing with Noor And my brother Kai was the best male baby. And then we had run together and than Kai won. Mommy and daddy had to really think back at the Joho-day in 2009. When Noor and her brother Knoet had to run against each other for the best young dog. And then Noor won. And Noor was now against the same judge at the same time. Noor also did very well.
So I was without Noor at the show. But with three of my brothers. Daddy had been smart enough to bring our puppy pen. And we could enjoy playing with each other.

And of course we had lots of attention from the spectators. We have had a lot of fun. And I took a cup and a bag of kibble back home. And at home I saw my mom again. And of course Noor! Noor oh, I had missed you so. Noor showed me her gold medal that she had won that day. But I could show her a real cup!

And when I was bathed before the show I had to stay in the computer room. And there is a mirror. Well, what happened there can be seen here.

23 May 2011

Today I gave my mom the biggest fright of her life for what's concerned me. She had put me in Raya Shame! the puppy forest and than she entered the shed. She did it with NoAnd I'm also an expensive dog or which I really did not like.
A minute later she came out again and I hung there. In the fence! With my head through the bars. Mommy almost had a heart attack. She lifted me out quickly. Luckily I'm still small enough to not choke. I still fit between the bars of the porch also.
But I am a little Houdini, that's for sure.

Mom thought that daddy could not believe it and quickly got her camera. Then she hid behind a car and hop I went again. I made a small jump and grabbed the fence. And I pulled myself up with my legs and with my back legs I climbed step by step up until I had reached the end of the mesh.

Yesterday I stayed another day at MacThree Kennel . And I was escaped so mom had a hunch that I sometimes could be a rascal at that. And along with my big I am especially a cute little dog hobby for jumping against the walls of my puppy pen.
Mom knew that climbing Pyrenean mountain dogs do excist but she has always hoped And again, playing with Noor never to get one. She still thought, "No monkey!" And now we have monkey. Oh oh. I've heard that mommy and daddy are planning to make me really shocked when I would do it again. So I did not repeat that act (still).

I also discovered the ambush tactics. I challenge Noor but once she comes to me then I just want to crawl somewhere where she cannot reach. And I make a long nose and I will continue to challenge her from my hiding place. And so we get more and more wild until everything is flying through the living room. And then we need to stop.

21 May 2011

I do no longer need Noor to drink from the fountain Today I went with Noor to support her. Noor had an exam of the dog school. And when I'm around Noor is doing her best much more. Noor has passed with flying colors. And I can not wait to go school myself.
I have been a With my role model Noor couple of times to school with Noor and I stared my eyes out. I can really watch it there for an hour.
So many dogs and all so different from my mom! And if they must walk or run then I'm pulling on my leash because I want that too!

I've now become very independent here at home. I go further and further away from home to explore the woods. Usually in the footsteps of Noor of course. And I'm a real puppy. I drag all my toys from the basket in my bed. Then I take two minutes to play and I go get the next one. Me
The old and big toys of Noor I like the most. Also with me the Bouncy Bone and Bone Bristle are favorites. But that strange blue bouncy thing I love.
And empty bottles. I drag them anywhere. Mommy and daddy can no longer return them for deposits. Because Noor has now taken over my new hobby. She molests even half-full Coke bottles. We then turn the cap off and chew everything to pieces.
And flie curtain is now no longer safe.

And of course the old plastic flower pots. They are also great to play with. And shoes. Knock on wood but I have not destroyed one yet. Just dragged along. The same goes for laundry. As soon as something is lying around I drag it.
And especially the vest pockets and pockets where my "pee-pee-treats" are. Those I try to chew out. But so far I have not succeeded.

15 May 2011

The baby-puppy-classThe baby-puppy-classToday was my first day at the dog school. It's called the baby-puppy-class. And it's just fun for dogs up to 13 weeks. And also useful. For I have seen that not all dogs are big, white and hairy. There is also everything in between. And some are already bigger than me. They could play together. And I disagreed. I also wanted to play! I stood there pulling on my leash and barked.
I was allowed to play with the smaller babies. But they were a bit more cautious. I am already really a good girl. I went directly to the teacher so she found me an example of a human-oriented dog.

With great friend Noor And then we had to walk through a ladder. That is to learn that we have hind legs. Because if we know we have hind legs then we run straight and that's better for the development of our organs.
But can I do not care. The Bouncy Bone I did it especially for those treats that I got. And as a do in a forest I am already used to the fact that I sometimes have to lift my hind legs.
And then we had also walk up and down on a shelf. And I had to run to daddy when he shouted "here". I did it very well.
But at the end of the lesson I was so tired that I just went to sleep. I was really still the smallest guppy. So than daddy has carried me to the car.

And bakc home I saw Noor again.
Yippee! I saw Noor again! Noor is my everything, my foster mom, my girlfriend, my climbing tree, my example, my teacher, my mainstay.

11 May 2011

Good play in the mud I completely surprised my mom and dad. I act as if I lived here for years. I am not homesick at all. Playing with a big bottle
My days consist of playing, eating and sleeping. If it is possible to play with Noor. Because we find each other so nice! Mommy and daddy had both hoped for it of course but they had never imagined we would find each other so sweet. We just can not stay apart. And that is also why they are so very busy right now. Because they do nothing but keep us apart. For I may not play so much and especially not as wild as Noor since it is not good for my legs.
But luckily I sleep much as well. As yoYes, we are who we say we areu would expect from a puppy. Noor was not like that.  But I can sleep for hours during the day. And then mommy and daddy can finally rest.
I also do everything that Noor does. I watch exactly what she does and thab I copy that.

And today we had our first reunion. That's because in Belgium, DNA must be collected from the puppies. And they were a little too late. So all the puppies must come together again as the woman should have to choose which pup's DNA has to be taken. Well, that was Kai.
Which has already grown a lot! We have all grown so much. And we had a great time playing together. I was a bit rough sometimes. What I do not dare with Noor, I do dare with my brothers. They are wimps! I pulled them under. Literally!

And here is video of me with Noor .

And here's another video of me with Noor.
Mom and dad can not get enough of making movies of us. We are such a great couple together.

6 May 2011

Noor asks if I want to play Last night I slept well. I had to do two pees in the night. And in the morning I saw the big dog again. Her name is Noor, they say.
And those people are called mommy and daddy. Mommy had slept with me on the couch. I thought that was nice.
Noor and I found each other very much. But we differ so much in size. We can not play together too much and definitely not too wild.
With dad in the puppy pen So when mommy came home she had a few fences with her. And she made a round of. It's called a puppy pen. I must sometimes rest in there and to keep me apart from Noor.
But I would prefer that they put Noor in there. For she is the one who knockes me down while running, not the other way.

So if I sit Together with Noor in our bed in the pen I can really scream! I want out, out! But mom and dad have put a chair in there. And then they sit there and read. And I find that very enjoyable. Then I fall asleep quickly.

And they even fall asleep also. For, oh oh oh it is tiring with two dogs in the house.
Luckily, Noor and I are very nice and so we play together very much. But I can also challange Noor terribly and then she gets a little crazy. Then she gets too much adrenaline.
And then I must in the pen and they go play with Noor. And they let her run up and down the garden. Like mad! And I want to play. But that I should not. In a year they say. How long will it be: one year?

Here's a video of the first day with Noor.

5 May 2011

Farewell to my hometown I've moved! All the way from Belgium to the I become a forest dweller Netherlands.
What an experience. Those people I had seen so often came back. Along with that dog that I had seen so often as well. And then they went with me sitting on a wall. And there were lots of gifts. And my mommy Marina had to take pictures and cry a little. Then I had to go in a With dad on the couch cage in a car.
I did not like that My mainstay Noor
so much. But luckily that dog that looks so much like my mom went in the car too. But I found it quite exciting. And I needed to cry a little in the car.

But it took so long and at one point, I fell a sleep. And so we whizzed on. BuDrinking at the fountaint after more than one hour we suddenly turned and turned. This is called a roundabout, they say. And we turned and turned. There were five in a row. And the fifth was just too much.
So I threw up in the cage. We were only three kilometers from my new home.

So I was glad we arrived. I was not scared in my new home. Luckily I had the big dog with me which guided me a little.
They have a forest there. And there is a little piece for me with a fence around it. There is also a couch. I love to play there. And lots of toys in the house. And you know, there's also a fountain to drink from. Well is not that great?! I do not need a bowl.

Here's a movie of my first steps into my new house .