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Diary of Pyrenean mountain dog Raya

(If you appoint a picture you will see the description)

15 July 2012


Most dogs will become a patient sooner or later. And almost two weeks ago I became a patient. My mom came to pick me up at my daycare and I was so excited that mommy was there and not dad, that I took the shortest route. In addition, I got stuck somewhere and I had a cut on my foot.
A long deep cut. He is 2 cm long and goes through the sole of my foot quite deep between my toes.

                                               Bathing in bath foam      

It hurts terrible. But I'm a tough girl! Usually you do not notice that I'm in pain. Meanwhile, we have already seen the vet four times in the last week and a half.
In the beginning I had to stand in the Badedas bath foam every day. That was delicious. Then I stood calm and relaxed with my foot in the warm foam. And I didn't want that it was then rinsed with cold water. That must also be done by using warm water.      

Wearing my sturdy shoes  

And I when I walked outside I had some shoes on.
But now I no longer may be in the Badedas. The wound is closed in itself but is staying wet a bit too long. There is not yet a skin over it and looks like a little like raw meat. So now I may really not cover my foot with anything at all anymore. It should heal in the air and mom and dad should be regularly dry my wound and put ointment on it.

I'm such an easy patient. Really the easiest one you can imagine. "Do I need a sock? Then I wear a sock." "Should they touch my painful foot? Then go ahead." "Can not I play outside? Then I just be lazy on the couch." "Should I wear a cone? Then I'll just put a cone on my head."

I think the cone is not so nice but if I must I wear it.       

And the cone is basically not even necessary because I do not lick my foot. But that's the only thing that is absolutely not allowed. Therefore I must wear the cone anyhow when they cannot keep a close eye on me.
But now we are tired of it. Hopefully it really heals within a week. Noor gets really a little depressed because she cannot play with her girlfriend. Poor Noor. And poor me.     
But what a great patient I am. Mom and dad have often said that I am such an incredibly relaxed and easy dog ​​and that is now reflected.     
Then there is a video put on the internet recently. It is of the Young Dog Day of the breed club. I run some laps in it somewhere with uncle Aad and with daddy.
But the best thing is at 0:45 minutes where you can see how I relax my head on my big friend Noor her back. Mom thinks that it is so adorable. And at 1:51 minutes prof. Meutstege examens me to see if I have Patella Luxation. And I did not. My knees are totally fine.
Here is the video of that day.      

18 June 2012

I finally start to mature a little. I think that's because I am a woman now.
Since we returned from vacation I suddenly eat very good. However, I remain picky. I want something different each meal. So a few times a week I get fresh meat. And I can eat three pounds per day of that. As long as I am on the thin side I can eat as much as I want.

But how delicious meat may be, I have enough of it after a few meals and then I want kibble again. We have always at least five flavors and brands in stock for me. And then I get a choice every meal. They give me two or three flavors to choose what I want. And this way I eat very well.
I usually eat about half a bowl. And then I start to linger a little. If they ignore me I eat a little again. Then I get a chewing treat that takes me about 20 minutes to finish. And then I go on again with the kibble.

Cuddling with mommy

Also I start to change behavior. I am much more affectionate. Mom and dad find that very cozy. And I seem to be even quieter in my research and playing urge. And so Noor and I may now sleep together in the living room during the night. We no longer have to stay in the hallway. And knock on wood .... so far so good.

Also we may stat together in the living room as mom and dad are shortly away from home. They do have put away some stuff but there is still very much around. And that's fine. They have only 1 time found a destroyed candle in our bed.

Female drink her first glass of alcohol, champagne, to celebrate my world!

And when we came home from vacation it turned out that someone decorated our gate. Especially for me!

And then mom and dad cleaned out the pond two months ago. And since then I have not been in the pond. (Knock on wood!!)
Is this also part of my changing behavior? Or did I just found that rotting stinking mess delicious and do I think clear, clean water is not interesting?
Time will tell.

5 June 2012

We are back from vacation. After we had been in Salzburg, we have spend another night in that hotel and the next day we drove to our home in Valais in Switzerland.
We had a great time! There were sheep and goats and I have stared my eyes out.
I always wanted to play with the sheep but unfortunately they held me tight to my harness when we had to walk through the meadow.

Here you see a movie of the path through the sheep meadow that we need to walk to our car.

Playing with Noor in the garden

And then on the third day of the vacation I became a woman. Mom and dad had agreed that I needed to wait until after the vacation but yes, I am stubborn.
But mommy had already taken that into account and I had panties with me. Generally you do not need those but on vacation I must sleep in the bedroom and I love to lie in bed very much.
So at night I was wearing panties. And that went very well.

Those peculiair Valais goats during our daily evening walk

But I thought it was all very strange what happened to me and so I was a bit upset. I was quite timid and just wanted to lie in the shade. Therefore, I have not played much with Noor because I had no interest and if we went in and play then Noor sniffed and she often wanted to play the boss instead of just play.

Playing with Noor in the snow                                               All of us in an alpine meadow

Only in the second weekend I wanted to play with Noor. Mom thought it was nice to see how nature and my instincts still run their course. Because I would stand still nicely. And Noor liked playing the role of male, but she didn't do a really good job.
And I challenged her and danced for her and made all kinds of crazy jumps. And then we started cuddling together. We were really very sweet to each other.

I like fast flowing streams even more than a bisse

But if we were going to make walks I had a lot of fun. Then I forgot about that strange things were happening to me. I walked in the bisses and climbed mountains. And there was snow!
Much more snow as I have ever seen in my life. I had to play and roll in it. It was wonderful! Especially on a walk which was also very hot, it was so nice and cool!

On the viewpoint Stand

On the viewpoint Stand

Before the vacation I already had bad eating habits. During the vacation it was a drama. It might had something to do with the combination of vacation and my heat. I really wanted nothing. Mom and dad were desperate. Just ignore it they say. But I was never fat and they were afraid I would get far to skinny. And nowhere in Valais there was fresh meat or tripe. And even the Renske meat that we had with us not always fancied by me.
So they experiment with whipped cream and soup in my kibble. But I'm not crazy. I took a piece in my mouth, sucking all the good stuff off and spat it on the floor.
So they chopped my kibbles into flour with a hammer. And then they mixed that with the cream or soup. But I'm not a fool. Then I could not suck on the kibble and so I ate nothing.

With mommy

But that did not take the fun out of my vacation. Not at all! On walks, I was so fanatical and I've enjoyed it an awful lot. We'll come back often.

Here you see a movie of our garden and how much we all enjoy it there.

20 May 2012

Today is a very memorable day. Yesterday mom and dad packed to go on vacation.
And we arrived at a hotel where many other dogs were. We went to sleep and the next day we went to a show. But this was no ordinary show. This was the World Dog Show in Salzburg. Because it was this time in Austria and there was a Czech judge, there were now many dogs from eastern Europe. That's something different. That is a reason, we went there. To also see some other people. Some old friends and some digital acquaintances.

Running for place 1 and 2. The ring steward is already holding my cup in his hands

Mommy was not nervous because she did not expect to win anything here. But once it began she surely got the jitters. But it went very well. I stood really neat and ran laps very well. Then the group was divided and me and mom had to stand on the side. So than mommy thought that we were at the best four. And in the dog show world that is called "placed". We found that all very wonderful. Placed on a World Dog Show! That was what she secretly hoped for.
Then the judge went to the others so then mom thought that we perhaps were not placed. But that was not true. The others had to leave the ring. So we were in the top four! We thought that was wonderful. Then we had to run laps.

The numbers 1 to 4 of the junior class

Then the judge pointed at two dogs who had to stand at the signs of 3 and 4. From that moment on mommy went a little on autopilot because she could not believe that now we had to go for number 1 and 2. So we did our very best and we needed to run more laps. And then the judge congratulated us because we were first! Mommy almost fainted but she couldn't. Because we had to stand at the sign with the 1. Mommy got a big cup in her arms. And the ring steward asked her what number I actually had. Because mom lost that somewhere in the ring and she was wearing Noor's number now. So it was a bit busy and mommy still could not pass out. And there were some nice pictures to be taken still so I had to really stand nice as well.

             I am Junior World Winner 2012!!!

And then we could leave the ring with a big cup. Mommy was completely mixed up. Because if you win the junior class at a World Dog Show than you may hold the title Junior World Winner for the rest of your life! And that's really a beautiful title that many people would like to have. Mommy does not know all the results but as far as she knows for the last 10 years it has never happened that a Dutch Pyrenean mountain dog got the title Junior World Winner. And she knows no results of even longer ago. Who knows if it ever happened before?

Tired but very happy                                                            The three female titles: Trulli World Winner, Tytti Veteran
                                                                                                     World Winner and me Junior World Winner

We were there together on the show with the ladies of the Finnish Kennel Chenespace. That is the kennel where Noor's father has lived his entire life. And the other two female titles went to their dogs. So together we had the three female world titles in our hands! That was cause for much joy and it was a day that we will never forget.
I was also in the final ring. That was unfortunately not so well organized so we could not run a lap of honor. That was a pity but it was still an exciting experience to be in the final ring on a World Dog Show.

All in left upper corner we stand, in this huge final ring

Yes there we are! On the floor and on the giant screen.

And we should not forget that Noor also competed. Noor competed with the adults and there were therefore no expectations. But Noor was still 3rd in her class! And that's also a great performance at a World Dog Show. Noor did so well! She made such beautiful long strides. Noor is just like an American athlete. She peaks at times when it matters. We are so proud of her!

My certificate of the World Dog Show                                     Back at the hotel room where we all slept very well.

13 May 2012

I have not written for a while. That's what happens when you get older. Then there is not as much to say as in the beginning.
But now we must surely say something. My natural mom has babies again and I was allowed to visit.
The first time they were tiny and I went safely on the guest bed and looked at them. I found the babies are very nice but was also afraid that I would break them.















Washing the puppy                                                                                   Very fond of puppies

But today they were a little bit bigger. I had to get used to them a little and then suddenly my mother instincts came surfaced. Mom was really quite touched. Because I was not just sweet for the puppies. I pretended I was their mother! I went instinctively to wash the puppies as if I was their mother. And I went to them so that they could play with me and cuddle with me.
I seem completely cut out to be to become a mother. Oh dear!

It seems that my destiny is to become a mother
It seems that my destiny is to become a mother

8 April 2012

I am already quite a mature lady now. Although I still need to get some more buttocks says my mom. Strange lady she is!
But the little puppy is finally gone, although my mom would not mind if I had stay a puppy forever. I also really become quite stubborn. Even more than Noor they think.
And here in my own property I have become a real barker. I love to go on the high hill to sit or lie down (there is now quite a well-worn path to the top.) From there I can see over reed mats that shield the fences and watch the neighbors. And there I am regularly barking at my neighbor Aibo.

And during a walk I do more and more peepees. Not because it is so necessary, but to say: "Raya was here".
And then there's something very special to me. Mommy has never seen a dog that loves pillows so much. I am also for sure a real princess. I'm not just resting with my head on a pillow. No, I lay myself down in the pillows. I also use the pillows to be as comfortable as possible. Ideally, I put my head between a couple of pillows. We may show it with pictures. Because mom can't stop taking pictures of this behaviour. She find that so cute.




And then the eating habits of mine. I seem to be almost like a human child. I walk all day behind my mom or dad to get a treat, but normal food I don't want. I'm just someone with a very sweet tooth. If it is not good enough then I will eat just noting. Ah yes, a real princess takes care of her weight.
And then again there are days that I'm extremely hungry. Then I can eat two portions in a row. Basically I get my food just twice a day and if I don't eat they take my bowl away.
But yes, if I do it twice in succession then they are nervous and I get a snack or more in between. And I eat treats very well.
Or they try it with another flavor. Because that is also clear: I do not want the same food every day.

17 March 2012

Today I have earned my first real title! I do very well at shows lately. And I have become first in junior class three times in a row and therefore I am, just one year old, already Dutch Junior Champion! Mommy and daddy are even prouder of me than they already were.
I am now officially a beautiful girl. And I've also been very much on track to become (adult) Dutch champion. I need only three-quarter point. But that is only possible after you're 27 months old. The kennel club really believes in me. Because they already gave me the title of Dutch Champion. That is a mistake of course because I'm too young and I do not even have a Dutch pedigree yet. But I have already twice received the diploma and letter that I may apply for the champion cross.
Mome and dad hope of course that they have a visionary there.

11 March 2012

Today we celebrated my birthday. And I saw almost all my brothers and sisters again. Only Kyrene could not come. But otherwise we were all there. And we are all first class rascals. All equally enthusiastic and passionate and we all can kiss like the best. Mom was very happy to hear that I am not the only one who has stopped eating much since the fast growth is over.
Apparently that's a bit in our genes. Others are still eating large portions though. But we are all beautiful and sweet. I look a lot like my sister Jayda. Both of us are slender dolls. But Jayda has already "become a woman" and I have not. I really noticed that. And then I went on to climb on Jayda. Mom didn't believe her eyes. Her little baby-Raya suddenly with this strange behavior. Yes mom, get used to it, your baby is slowly becoming a real lady. And I learned this behavior from Floyd and Noor, where Noor was telling about in her diary.


In this photo are (almost) all my brothers and sisters: from left to right Thjedda, Conan, Raya, Kai, Caine, Kosmo, Jayda. Only Kyrene is missing.

We all went for a walk together. Well, then we form a large white group for sure. For many of us have a Pyrenean mountain dog as a house friend so that was a big white scenery there.
Of course we had to make a group picture. And then we went barbecuing. Well, I had to stay in the car with Noor. And we did not mind. We were so tired of the impressions that we just have slept in that car.
We find it all great that mommy Marina and daddy Aad organized a birthday party. Thank you for your hospitality!

With two of my three sisters, f.l.t.r. Raya, Thjedda, Jayda

8 March 2012

Today I am exactly 1 year old! Heep Heep Hurrah!
And I'm a big girl now. Not as big as my friend Noor but that is not so much different anymore. On my first birthday I am 67cm tall and I weigh 35.5 kg. Mom finds that a bit too thin but I just do not eat more. Yes, I do like to eat treats. But while I'm still growing I should eat healthy food says mom.


To celebrate my birthday, my mommy made ​​two movies. One with pictures and one with moving images.
Click here for the movie with the pictures
Click here for the movie with the videos

28 February 2012

How much dirty-fellow pictures do you want of me mom? I happen to be a piglet and I will always remain that!


11 February 2012

I am not a fussy eater. But I only eat when I'm hungry and/or if I find it good. Mommy find it very important that my food has the best possible composition but also analytical constituents for my growing legs. So there are not many brands that qualify.
And I am now really fed up with the Eukanuba puppy kibble. Always having the same food in front of my nose, ugh. And I still need a lot of food! That's because I'm outside a lot where I have a lot of exercise. And it's also very cold so it takes more energy to keep warm. But the consequence is that I get a big bowl of food in front of me. Then I start to sigh and get restless as I still have to eat it. And especially in the morning I regularly eat just nothing. I am now a bit spoiled since they put liver pate or tripe through my kibble. For now I'm starting to get a bit too thin for my age and that is not good.

And it turns out that I love variety. Sometimes they give me a bowl with everyday kibble that I really don't want to eat. But if they change that for a different brand than I immediately have appetite . Until I've had enough of that brand as well. Fortunately, I am almost 1 year old. Then I do not need puppy food anymore and there is more variation in adult food.

Occasionally we get Carnibest raw meat. Well, that's always a feast. I never have to hesitate over that. But recently we got 30 kg RopaDog raw meat for free in 15 different flavours because other people wanted to try it out with their dog but he did not eat it. That's healthy, but many dogs do not like it. Mom thinks that too much meat is too fat but for a short while it won't be a problem. I need to put on a little weight anyway. There are also berries and herbs in it and it smells and tastes very special. And you have to really chew on it. Much more than on Carnibest. Noor, the food monster first class, does not eat it! If this is presented to her she hesitates and eats it with much aversion. Noor! Our Noor who always finishes everything in a minute. It takes fifteen minutes for her to eat a few hundred grams. She thinks it is so filthy! But I find it very tasty. Because we have so many flavours every meal is also different. Only the lamb/horse I do not like so well. I left a bit of it. And when I'm done then Noor always sees I have left over something. And she ate the lamb/horse! So if she gets it in her own bowl than she finds it incredibly disgusting. But if she can steal it from me than she does not know how fast she should get it. Silly girl!

5 February 2012

Mommy made a separate page about shows so it does not all need to be in my diary. But today is surely a noteworthy day. Mommy stayed at home with Noor and I went to Eindhoven with dad. There were also my first mommy Marina and first daddy Aad. And of course I had to greet them enthusiastically. My brother Kosmo was there too! Whom I had not seen for a very long time.

Uncle Aad went with me in the ring. And then I won! I won of all the Pyrenean mountain dogs that were there! And so I was Best of Breed. Or BOB. The first BOB of mom and dad on a big show. So mom jumped in her car to watch me in the finals. For the first time any of us was in the adult finals! There I was no longer selected by the judge. But that was fine. Mom and dad were still very proud of me. Even prouder than they are every day already. And now they call me Bob while my name is just Raya.

4 February 2012

Yesterday there was finally my first real snow! It was not super thick so I was not immediately crazy, run through it or play with it. But I thought it was weird. I looked like a bloodhound. I did nothing but walk around with my nose on the ground. The entire property.

And when I was finished I went to eat the snow. Bite. And more bites. Bite bite. Bite bite bite! I was crazy with the bites. And then I had to run. And make curves, and then slipping on the bend. Cool man!

In this video you see me in the first snow of my life.

And Noor was also enthusiastic about it so she was playing. And rolling on her back. But I wanted to play and so I went running. And then she went running too. It was fun!

And today was a beautiful sunny day. So mom and dad decided that we had to take the opportunity to enjoy the snow and make beautiful pictures. So we did. We went to the National Park Loonse and Drunense Dunes. I was so nice up there! I still acted not over-enthusiastic but I needed to watch everything and we had a lovely walk.

And after that we ate in a cafe. I now had more trouble to sit down as Noor. But yes, I was really tired too so I went lying down anyway. It was a very nice day.

Here is a video of our trip.

30 January 2012

It is winter in the Netherlands at last. And mommy has always said that we would drain the pond. Because we expect considerable frost in the next week. And after frost it will thaw and mom is too afraid that I'll continue to step on the ice and fall through it. So now there is only a small layer of water. Well, water? It is muck. Because the pond should be cleaned a lot (so spring is now a good occasion). I don't understand any of it. Where did it all that water go? I even stood on the thin ice to investigate and promptly dropped to my belly in the mud.

And after that ice there was also some snow. Not enough to really know what it is. But surely enough to find it very strange to my feet.

29 January 2012

Today aunt Marina and uncle Aad came to visit. Actually they are my first mom and dad. And boy I do still know them very well. And they brought my brother Conan with them. After my half-brother had visited me earlier it was now my whole-brother that visited me. So yes, I had to show the pond again. And my mountain of course. Conan also liked the mountain. He does not have such a high mountain at home.

But it starts to be pretty cold so we are also inside a lot. And of course I had to ample hug aunt Marina and uncle Aad. I once learned "kiss kiss". And I remember exactly what that word means. I have extensively demonstrated that.

14 January 2012

My reputation as a seal is now very well known. I love that pond. I really adore it. I just cannot stay out of it. But never further as my belly. I do not like swimming. I always need to have solid ground under my feet. Biting in the water I find delicious. That makes little whirlpools and I must beat them with my feet.

And then of course those aquatic plants. Tasty rotten roots and leaves. Very soft and slippery. I pull them out until the whole pond is empty. Mommy and daddy should still go thinking what they want with that pond because I make a mess of it. But that water is beautiful in the garden. So it is time for a kind of dog swimming pond. This is a fun project for spring.

And then I also got a visitor. It was family. Floyd came to visit! Floyd is also a son of my mother when he was still together with another man. He is my half-brother. We seem quite similar.
And of course I had to show the pond to Floyd. Who found it a little weird. But I just lured him into it. And since then he jumps at home in the water also when he sees a puddle somewhere.

Floyd did not understand so well that some things you just don't do with your sister. So I thought that it was not that nice. And when Floyd was a bit too wild then I found that not so fun. Then I'd hide myself. I was hiding under the porch or with mom. But soon Noor understood the situation. And she was so sweet to me! Really my great protector. If Floyd was too rough with me than she let him know that he had to bugger off. Then she put her paw on his back for example.
And he listened very carefully to her. Floyd knew he could play rough with Noor but not with me. Thank you, dear friend Noor!

8 January 2012

We have received visitors from Finland! Jukka I already knew a bit but Sari not yet. And I found them very sweet. But they stayed very short and we did not really done a lot of fun things together. But that will change. Because sometime in the future then we go on holiday to Finland. In a big car. Noor has already done that and it was very nice she says.

And then I have a weird habit that you must see to believe. And fortunately there are now pictures of it. I'm going to sit on the window sill regularly. And now you would think this is a big window sill, but that's not true. That window sill is 90 cm high, 74 cm wide and 18 cm deep. I look like a circus dog! With a leap I'm there and I sit down. And then I have a wonderful view of the carport and I can always see if mommy and daddy leave or come home.

25 December 2011

And now the year is almost over. The year that I was born. And when mom and dad have made the best choice in my life (and in theirs). I could live with them! And with my great friend Noor of course.
Noor and I always miss each other when we did not see eachother during the day. Then I'm not sure who I must greet first. Mom and dad or Noor.
And I am so happy. With mom and dad, with Noor, with my neighbor dogs with whom I enjoy to run and talk. With my huge piece of forest. With that lovely pond. And the sand where I can dig. That porch where you can lie back comfortably and dream.

Yes I am the happiest dog in the world. It's no wonder tha I always am such a happy and cheerful dog.
That's why I'm glad and happy to start the new year. And I hope 2012 is even better than 2011.

18 December 2011

Just some pictures of a sleeping me. But I'm not just sweet when I sleep. I am always sweet. But when I sleep you can see a bit of what a princess I've become. I now know that I am imporant too. So I do enjoy the best and most important place on the couch. But my place in the curtain is also not forgotten.


At night I sleep in the hallway nowadays. That's because I always wake up around six. And then I look through the house searching to find something to play with. And in some way that is never really something that was originally purchased as a dog toy.
So now I sleep at night in the hallway. Against the door of mom and dad's bedroom. Noor must stay in the living room.

Furthermore, I now also like sucking thumbs. Or that is how mom calls it. Noor has also done this for a long time. I want to keep the hand of mom or dad deep in my mouth. And than not bite them, but just a little nibbling. It's so nice!

5 December 2011

I had not forgotten. But when I was a little kid of 6 months Jukka from Finland came to visit. And now we have received gifts from Finland. Noor was quite close to the gifts at first so I did not dare to come near. Because I thought it was food and that is important to Noor. But it was no food, so I got a look too.
There was toys! I love that. I love playing with toys. And then there was a mouse pad in there. With a picture of me from about 3 months ago.Wow I did grow a lot. I hardly recognize myself.

28 November 2011

Nothing special. But mommy is just so in love with my appearance at the moment. This beautiful sweet little face, those beautiful eyes and still fluffy puppy hair waht makes my cute face so nice and wide. So luckily on a rainy day came a beautiful sunbeam that shined on us. And we wanted to pose. Here are some pictures from this series. So mommy will now always remeber how beautiful I was at (almost) nine months.


5 November 2011

I'm a dirty little doggie! My biggest hobby is to wade into the pond and then dig into the black sand. Noor is even inspired by me. She never goes in the water by herself but I do! And then I eat the water plants. Tasty rotten plants. Mom and dad have long given up to keep me from doing that. You cannot get the instinct out of a dog. And it cannot be too bad for me or I would have long been sick.

Here is a movie of my pond-adventures.

And now I'm a big girl. Those little bottles of water I used to play with are not so interesting any longer. Now I get those one and a half liter bottles. And then I turn the cap off and then I make them flat with my jaw. And I do not know whether there is soda in it or not. Even when it is still half full, when I get the chance I take it to the couch with me and turn the cap off. Fortunately for my mom and dad, so far they have always been there on time.


23 October 2011

I am more independent and do not always need Noor around me anymore. Sometimes Noor just stays inside on the couch and then I lay outside in the chair. Also, I can als challenge my neighbor Aibo very well on my own. Together with Noorit is even much better. Because Aibo is in love with me and wants to protect me. And he is always barking against Noor when she plays too rough with me. And than Noor gives it a little extra of course. And if Noor doesn't remember then I will challenge the situation myself.
I simply no longer have ears than to listen. Then they can call me whatever they want but then I fly through the forest. So if I get too crazy than I have to go inside. And then they already do that with the leash because at such moments I do not really succeed to listen.

But at the dog school I manage to listen very well. Because I had exams today. And of course I was successful. With flying colors even. I was among the top three in my class. But I am a sweet girl. Actually, I always listen very well. And certainly for a Pyrenean mountain dog.


But a I am also a little stubborn Because mom once was working in the pantry and I was so curious. But I'm also smart. So I jumped on the garden table outside the window and so I had a great view of the activities of my mom.

And for the rest I'm such a sweet lovable dog. I am always happy and cheerful. Everyone I meet thinks that I am very loving and open. I got a face to melt away. And several times a day I wash the ears of my great friend Noor. Noor finds that delicious.

Here is just a movie in which I am helping daddy to get rid of the leaves.

8 October 2011

I can now twice a week go to the day care. Because I find it so terribly to be locked up in the pantry. Mommy and daddy thought I would get used to it but I'm not.
I get there just a lot of stress.
But I cannot stay home alone in the living room together with Noor. Because we find each other so nice that we have to play a lot. And mom and dad are afraid that we are banging ourselves to something, or fall from the couch or destroy things.

Really I am not a destroying puppy. But I find it very fun to collect stuff. And if I've brought them to my laboratory I must of course investigate them. And now that I am bigger it is of course not entirely without damage.
My favorite collections include candles and various brushes. But otherwise I find pretty much everything on the kitchen counter very interesting. And if I want variety then I check out the tables in the living room or on window sills. And from time to time I also very interesting objects there that are to be investigated.

To give us a little comfort mom and dad have pyut a bed t in the pantry. And also to protect my legs. For we must look outside every time. When mom or dad come home there is a regular ritual. First they see the eyes above the sill of Noortje. Who stands on her toes to look outside. When Noor is finished than I take a leap with my front paws on the window sill and make myself as long as I can.
And sometimes I sit on the windowsill! It is really impossible to explain how strange it looks like if you're not there to see it with your own eyes. That window is 90cm high, 74cm wide and 18cm deep, and then an L-shape. And so there I am sitting on it! It is incredible but I can do it. Hence the bed under the window.

But one day mom came home to a big mess. A new bed completely to pieces! She had a deja vu, she said. I do not know what that is but it sounded bad. And since there is no bed for us anymore in the pantry.

I'm a water rat. And at the beach mom and dad did not dare to let me run free. So they decided on a sunny day to drive to a little lake where dogs allowed.
I loved it! There was another dog that I always had to follow so I ran far away. But then mom and dad walked the other way and I chose to stay with them.
I still had so much fun! Noor also liked the water. But I do not really dare to swim though. I do want to feel ground under my feet.
And I understand not so well how I should run through the water. I want always to walk over the water but I'm not Jesus. So I make silly jumps because I want to walk on the water instead of through it.

Of course there is a movie of that. You can wach it HERE.