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At first there was nothing … and than came Lot

About us…
LotIt is so prominent on the first place in the layout of this site. But actually, it is not about us, it's about the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.
There is a reason why this breed of dogs is so close to our hearts. And that is Lot. She came, saw and conquered…

We always wanted a dog but we lived in a small house and both worked daily.
However, when we bought a house on a large property, we felt that it was time to take a dog in the house.

As a child Maud always was reading dog guides and was fascinated by the Great Pyrenees. The pictures of huge white cuddly bears and lines as: "The dog thinks of his owner as his equal" and "A Great Pyrenees needs space, both physically and emotionally."
And when Hans was a child he asked Santa Claus each year to give him a dog, but he just got toys.

So when the time was right we went looking for a dog. We thought of many breeds, and finally decided on a German shepherd. NoorBecause they can be trained so well! (We had some loud laughs about that later on.)

But during Christmas vacation  of 1994 we decided to take a look in an animal-shelter in the neighborhood, knowing that we probably would take a dog home the same day.
So we walked along the cages and there was a Pyrenean Mountain Dog! That is a moment we will never forget.
The dog scratched her paw against the fence when she saw us and we were allowed take her for a walk. We have never seen a dog that ignored the people at the other end of the leash so much.

But we had no doubts. For us it was clear that this would be our dog. Unfortunately we could not immediately take her home. She'd been there for five days and she was picked up as a stray dog in the woods. The owner had another two weeks time to get her back. But the people of the shelter had the feeling that no owner would arise.
And fortunately for us that was the case. And exactly two weeks after she was brought inside, we went to collect her and she went back home.
How she did in the next years, you can read in the story of:


After we got her we read more about the breed. And we are now completely in love with it.
The appearance is great: such beautiful, soft white gentle giants. But even more fascinated is the nature of these dogs. You do not just take a dog in your home but you take a highly strong personality that has its own opinion.
More about this great, but also difficult temperament, can be read on the page: Noor and Raya

The breed

After a very long and happy life Lot died at the age of 14.
It is horrible to lose a loved pet.
And after knowing her we never want another breed anymore. And so we went to look for a new puppy.
You can read about her on the pages of:


Noor developed to a great social sweet dog. After eighteen months it was obvious that she is really a pack animal. That is why she went to the day care for dogs once a week, where she could play with other dogs all day long. But even that was not enough. We noticed that she really missed a companion. And so it happened that we went looking for a friend for Noor. In Kennel MacThree in Belgium a full cousin of Noor got babies and that is how Noor got her girlfriend. You can read about her on the pages of: