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MacThree's Khuddleigh "Raya"

Nicknames: Little one, Raya-baby, tomboy, grasshopper, dirty-girly

born: 08-03-2011, 06:16 uur at Rijkevorsel, Belgium

Noor appears to be a very social dog who likes to play with other dogs. As she gets older she seems to miss a companion more and more.
So we make the big decision to get a second dog. And because we cannot think of a sweeter dog than Noor we would like a dog from the same line.
And Noor's cousin Alta Colina's Gurine Gropa, or Caitlin, lives in Belgium at Kennel MacThree. And she was expecting puppies in 2011.
And so the grandfather and the grandmother of Noor, are the great-grandfather and great-grandmother of Raya.
Marina Nieuwenhuizen gave me the great honor to be present during delivery, and therefore I know Raya from her first breath.

From that first moment, I absolutely love this little white girl. She already had a great charisma, as little as she was then.

Then we were even allowed to think of the pedigree name of Raya! While this is normally done by the breeder. Of course it had to fit with the Celtic names of other MacThree-puppies. It became Khuddleigh. An imaginary version of "cuddly". Back than, and still, a word that gives no (other) hits when you Google it. The name was therefore completely unique.

And since we've talked about "Noor's girlfriend" for a year we wanted her every day name to mean "friend". We found such a name in Hebrew. And in other languages ​​it also means "queen". And that is: Raya.

Her experiences are written down in: the diary of Raya

The kennel where Raya was born:

Kennel MacThree