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Videos of Lot

The following movies are from YouTube

This is a movie of Lot who first sees the sea. Lot very much disliked it to be wet. So the fact that the sea was wet it was very very disappointing. It was once, but never again for her.

In the following video you can see that Lot really hated wet feet. Because she just had to chase the duck away, but did not want to get wet feet.

This is a funny movie of Lot in Drenthe. The grass was a bit taller than she thougth.

This is Lot at home.

This is a typical pyr video. It was made in Friesland. You can see how a pyr feels about "listening". At the command HERE make sure that everyone is looking, and then run in the opposite direction. Playing with a doll is no fun. "Mommy if you think that you should throw the doll away, then you must also pick it up yourself."

A very funny movie about Lot doing the dishes.

More movies of Lot on: YouTube